Best Yellow Mustang Colors

Best Yellow Mustang Colors

Last Updated June 14, 2023 | C.J. Tragakis

Yellow is one of the rarest colors to see on a car. It’s bold and bright, turning heads in any situation. The Mustang wears yellow especially well, and it’s been a paint option since the first model year. Although not many choose yellow for their own car, it’s a color that enthusiasts really enjoy seeing.

From the first generation all the way through the S550 redesign, we’ve highlighted some of the best shades of Mustang yellow.

Yellow Mustang colors

Sunlight Yellow

Sunlight Yellow was one of the 19 colors available for the 1964.5 model year, and its brief tenure is remembered fondly. Sunlight Yellow was one of the two yellow options for 1964.5.

The other hue was Phoenician Yellow, which was used in a number of promotional materials for the pony car’s 1964 debut. Unlike Sunlight Yellow, the former carried over to the 1965 model year. Phoenician Yellow wins in terms of longevity, but that makes Sunlight Yellow that much more special.

Sunlight Yellow Mustang

Springtime Yellow

Named for the time it debuted, Springtime Yellow became a color option in 1965 for the 1966 and 1967 model years. This pale yellow color quickly gained momentum, and its popularity carried through the summer.

It was the only yellow color for ‘66 and ‘67, apart from some gold shades and Breckenridge Yellow (the Ski Country Special color in ’67). Springtime Yellow remains one of the most prominent pale yellow Mustang colors of the first generation.

Springtime Yellow Mustang

Grabber Yellow

For the 1969 model year, Ford unveiled a quartet of "Grabber" colors, including Grabber Blue, Grabber Orange, and of course, Grabber Yellow. At times, it was referred to as Grabber Bright or Bright Yellow.

Grabber Yellow debuted as a Shelby Mustang only color in 1969 and carried over into 1970 and 1971. In ‘71, it took the place of Competition Yellow as the primary shade of yellow used on Mustangs. Though it was a fairly short run, this distinct paint code is synonymous with several special edition pony cars of the time. These included both the Mach 1 and the iconic Boss 351 Fastback.

Grabber Yellow Mustang

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Medium Yellow Gold

It is not 100% yellow, but because of its place in cinema history, it’s only appropriate to include this color on our list. If you’re an auto enthusiast, you’ve probably seen the original Gone In Sixty Seconds film, featuring a modified 1971 Fastback named "Eleanor."

The Eleanor Mustang has taken on many forms, including a Shelby GT500 in the Gone in Sixty Seconds remake. But the original Medium Yellow Gold paint code set the tone for years of notoriety. The Mustang was available in Medium Yellow Gold in 1971-1974. The color was also called Goldenrod or Prairie Yellow.

Outside of a two-year stretch from 1966-1967, the Ford Motor Company did not produce another gold Mustang until the 1997 model year. Though it’s not as renowned as the Bullitt’s Highland Green, Medium Yellow Gold is certainly one of the most famous Mustang colors ever.

Medium Yellow Gold Mustang

Zinc Yellow

As the Fox Body era drew to a close, bright yellow Mustangs became a growing trend, replacing the outgoing pale shades of yesteryear. Zinc replaced the outgoing Chrome Yellow, which enjoyed a brief run as the signature light Mustang color from 1998-1999.

Zinc Yellow ran from 2000-2003. Less than 1,000 Zinc Yellow units were produced in 2000, as it was a special color for the Spring Feature GT Mustang. Zinc Yellow was a primary option for 2003 Cobras, as well as the newly-revived Mach 1.

Zinc Yellow Mustang

Screaming Yellow

The bold Screaming Yellow color delighted Ford fans from 2004-2006. Screaming Yellow bore a striking resemblance to Chrome Yellow. It replaced Zinc as the principal bright color option. While many colors were confined to one generation, Screaming Yellow was used on both the SN95 and S197 Mustangs.

Because it was around for the tail end of the New Edge era, Screaming Yellow was a color choice for both the 2004 Cobra and the Mach 1. Ford continued to use the color on the Focus and several trucks before ending its run in 2008.

Screaming Yellow Mustang

Triple Yellow

Following the 2006 model year, yellow Mustang fans had to wait five years before they could see their favorite color on a Ford muscle car again. The return was short-lived, however, as Yellow Blaze lasted just two years, and School Bus Yellow was available only on the Boss 302 in 2013.

That all changed in a big way in 2015 when Ford introduced Triple Yellow. A true tri-coat, it’s as bright as Canary Yellow (1993-1995), with even more depth. It looks amazing when paired with black decals and dark wheels. Triple Yellow lasted from 2015-2018.

2018 Mustang Triple Yellow

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