Best Red Mustang Colors

Best Red Mustang Colors

Last Updated June 14, 2023 | C.J. Tragakis

Red is one of the most popular Mustang colors. Even the original Mustang's designer, Gale Halderman, agreed there was just something special about a red Mustang. There have been plenty of Mustang years without yellow or green, but there has always been at least one shade of red. It was tough to narrow it down, but we’ve compiled 10 of the best Mustang reds ever offered.

Red Shade

Torch Red

Offered on 2002-2010 Mustangs, Torch Red was a very popular color. Thanks to its long lifespan, this color is well-known among New Edge and S197 owners. It offers a classic look, especially when paired with a set of white racing stripes.

Torch Red Mustang

Race Red

Ford discontinued Torch Red in 2010, clearing the way for Race Red in 2011. Brighter than its predecessor, this color stands out in the sunlight. Race Red is vibrant and fun and has remained a standard color throughout the S550 generation. Another popular S550 red is Ruby Red, which was offered from 2014-2019. It’s a deeper shade that’s a bit more subtle, but Race Red edges out the win with its bright shine.

Race Red Mustang driving along road

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Red Candy Metallic

Red Candy Metallic was only offered for four model years: 2010-2013. This color is special, due to the way the paint changes in different lighting conditions. Red Candy isn't as bright as some of the other Mustang shades, but it definitely can shine. It reminds us a bit of Laser Red, but slightly more pinkish and glossy. This color looks especially good when paired with black accessories.

Red Candy Metallic Mustang rear view

Lava Red

Lava Red looks completely different depending on whether you're seeing it during the day or at night. At night, Lava Red almost looks dark brown or black. In sunlight, the red flake glimmers. This color is certainly rare and unique, but it's also stunning in its own right. It’s noticeably darker than even Crimson Red, the 40th Anniversary Mustang exclusive color.

Lava Red Mustang with silver rockers sideview

Rio Red

Rio Red often gets ignored. While the color is a lot flatter than some of our other favorites, that's part of the charm. This sporty shade of Mustang red is loved by many SN95 owners. It’s popular, with a long run that lasted from 1994 to 1999.

Rio Red SN95 Mustang

Poppy Red

You simply can’t talk about red Mustangs without bringing up Poppy Red. Offered only in 1964.5 and 1965, Poppy Red is one of the most notable Mustang colors of all-time. Pictured here on a convertible, you really can’t go wrong with this classic combo. The slight orange tint makes it sporty and sleek.

Poppy Red Mustang Convertible <>

Playmate Pink

Playmate Pink, often incorrectly called “Playboy Pink,” is one of the rarest Mustang colors of all time. It’s definitely pink, but pink is a shade of red, and this list would be incomplete without this famous hue. Available in 1967 and 1972, only two Playmate Pink Mustangs were ever officially produced. However, several customers were able to custom order a pink Mustang. These classic Mustangs are as unique as they are rare.

A bright pink classic Mustang

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