Best Shades Of Mustang Red

Best Shades Of Mustang Red

Last Updated February 5, 2020

There’s absolutely no question that Red Mustangs are the best Mustangs. Although we have an affinity for many other of the Mustang colors, there isn’t a color out there like any shade of red available on the Mustang. From Playboy Pink to Torch Red and Rio Red, there are so many great shades of red that just look darn good on the Mustang! Here’s just a small list of our favorite red Mustangs from 1964-1/2 all the way to present.

Red Shade

Playboy Pink

Starting off with perhaps the most uncommon shade of red to be seen on a Mustang: Playboy Pink. The Playmate Pink Mustang is one of the rarest Mustangs out there; there are few true pink Mustangs to have survived. While there is such rarity and buzz around the Playmate Pink Mustangs, the actual story behind the car is still somewhat rumored even today. Nonetheless, the Mustang in Playboy Pink is certainly a unique sight to be held.

Playmate Pink Mustang

Torch Red

Offered on Mustangs from the factory throughout the 2002-2010 model years, Torch Red was the color to have. Offering the classic look, especially when tastefully paired with a set of white racing stripes, Torch Red is a well known color among many New Edge and S197 owners thanks to the long span of time that Ford offered this color.

Torch Red Mustang

Race Red

After Ford discontinued Torch Red in 2010, the 2011 model year brought on a host of changes including the Coyote Engine along with Race Red. Almost brighter than Torch Red, you surely can’t miss a Race Red Mustang cruising by, especially in the sunlight. Still offered today on the Mustang, Race Red is surely a color that isn’t ignored by anyone.

Race Red Mustang

Red Candy

Red Candy Metallic was only offered for four model years: 2010-2013. This color caught our eye to to the unique shades of red it portrays in the dark versus in direct sunlight. Red Candy on its own really isn’t an aggressive color in comparison to other red Mustangs, but it is a unique color that should be recognized for the multiple shades that shine through depending on light levels.

Red Candy Metallic Mustang

Lava Red

Lava Red takes things to the next level when it comes to difference in color between night and day. At night, Lava Red almost looks like a very dark brown, or almost black. Whereas in the day, the red flake glimmers in the sunlight to remind you where the “Red” part of “Lava Red” stems from. Some love this color due to its uniqueness and rarity, and some hate it, but here at CJ’s, Lava Red also made it to our Top 10 Mustang Colors Of All Time!

Lava Red Mustang

Rio Red

Some may consider Rio Red the underdog since there aren’t many that talk about it when it comes to red Mustangs. But this stunning shade of red lies somewhere in between a Red Candy and Race Red if you had to nail it down. This classic shade of Mustang Red is loved by many with SN95 Mustangs due to its long running of 1994-1999 model years before it was transformed into a darker Laser Red in 2000.

Rio Red SN95 Mustang

Poppy Red

You simply can’t talk about red Mustangs without bringing up Poppy Red. Offered in 1964-1/2 and 1965, Poppy Red is one of the most noteable shades of red offered on the Mustang in its over half-century of existence. Pictured here on a Convertible, you really can’t go wrong with this classic combo. Not to mention, it’s also on our Top 10 list as well!

Poppy Red Mustang Convertible

Image Credit: WildWillyWalker Photography,,, Mustangs Daily, SVTPerformance

Best Shades Of Mustang Red

The most popular color of the Mustang since its inception in 1964 has by far been the shade of red. With over 20% of Mustangs leaving the factory bearing this eye-catching color, red screams look-at-me while surpassing the bar set so high by the throaty V8s under the hood. But which shades of Mustang red are the best?

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