Best Green Mustang Colors

Best Green Mustang Colors

Last Updated June 14, 2023 | C.J. Tragakis

Red, white, blue, and black are some of the most prominent colors for the Mustang, as they are for many cars. The rarity of green only makes it that much more special to see. But in the Mustang’s early years, green was a very common color. There were three different shades of Mustang green offered in the 1964.5 model year, and the color remained prominent throughout the first generation.

Although we only see one or two green colors, if any, for each modern Mustang, it’s still a great shade. We’ve compiled 10 of our favorite Mustang greens of all time.

Green Mustangs

Highland Green

One of the most iconic cars ever seen in a film, the classic Bullitt Mustang, is famous for its Highland Green color. This is the most famous green offered on the Mustang, and one of the most well-known colors overall. It was originally only available in 1968.

In the most acclaimed movie car chase scene of all time, Steve McQueen sped through the streets of San Francisco in a Highland Green 1968 GT390 Fastback. The paint color soared in popularity as a result of the movie. In 2001, Ford partnered with Warner Brothers to offer a special edition GT with the Bullitt nameplate and iconic color to go along with it.

The Bullitt Mustang and the Highland Green paint code reappeared in 2008 and 2009. It was also resurrected again for the 2019 model year, with the very similar Dark Highland Green. Though it’s not quite the same, Guard (also called Guard Green) is a close cousin that was only available from 2015-2016.

Mustang from Bullitt

Dynasty Green

Dynasty Green was only offered from 1964.5-1965, but it was a popular color at the time. It’s more like turquoise and is the most bluish-green on our list. Much lighter than the Cascade Green option, Dynasty Green closely resembles Pagoda Green.

Roughly half of the original 1964.5 colors did not carry over into 1965, with Dynasty Green being the only original green left. Some other great shades of Mustang green emerged during the first generation, including Ivy Green, Dark Moss, and Diamond. But Dynasty Green remains a highlight of the pony car’s early years and is still popular among classic auto enthusiasts today.

1965 Dynasty Green Mustang

Grabber Green

In 1969, Ford released a number of Grabber colors, including Grabber Blue, Grabber Orange, Grabber Yellow, and of course, Grabber Green. The Grabber Green Mustang only lasted from 1969-1971.

Grabber Blue and Grabber Orange returned in the S197 Generation, with Grabber Blue also making an appearance in 2017. We haven’t seen Grabber Green since, making it a rare and noticeable color that stands out at classic car shows. Grabber Lime, which originally ran in 1971, returned in 2020 as a call-back to its vintage predecessors.

Picture of Grabber Green Mustang

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Calypso Green

Following the 1976 model year, the only green color available until 1991 was the special edition Deep Emerald Green on the 1990 7-Up Mustang. Those that desired a traditional green Fox Body Mustang would have to wait until the 1991 model year. The hiatus finally ended with the stunning Calypso Green. Also called Bright Calypso Green, it was only available from 1991-1993.

Another turquoise shade, this color was a terrific blend between blue and green. It’s the perfect choice for pony car enthusiasts that also enjoy the ocean and all things aqua. It’s a rare standout, and one that people nowadays can hardly believe came from the factory.

Calypso Green Mustang

Electric Green

Just in time for the new millennium, Ford ran their Electric Green color from 1999-2002. This bright shade really highlighted the New Edge Mustang’s sweeping lines.

Electric Green represents the perfect marriage between light and dark green, and the popular color became a cornerstone of the second half of the SN95 generation. In fact, Electric Green is one of just four colors offered for the original 1999 SVT Cobra. It was not available on the Cobra starting in 2001, but by then, Electric Green had established itself as one of the premier color choices of the time.

Electric Green Mustang GT

Gotta Have It Green

In one of the more creative and out-there color choices, Ford offered Gotta Have It Green, a bright, highlighter green, from 2013-2014. It had been a long time since a green this sharp and bright graced the Mustang, and fans fell in love. You can’t mistake this color for anything else.

Gotta Have It Green Mustang

Need For Green

Not a single bright or medium green Mustang was available for the first half of the S550 generation. But to build excitement for the 2019 model, Ford unveiled the Need For Green color. Akin to the Orange Fury hype for 2018, Need For Green quickly established itself as one of the poster colors for the 2019 Mustang. The attractive shade could be found on much of the promotional material leading up to the vehicle’s release in late 2018.

It bears a striking resemblance to the Camaro’s Krypton Green, but Need For Green has formed its own identity. Ford fans were more than eager to welcome in a brighter shade of green after such a long absence. It was only available for 2019, making this color stand out even more.

2019 Mustang Need For Green

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