What Is the Grabber Blue Mustang?

What Is the Grabber Blue Mustang?

Last Updated August 8, 2023 | Andrew Boyle

Grabber Blue is one of the most iconic Mustang paint colors of all time. First introduced in 1969, the color gained widespread popularity throughout the early ‘70s, particularly on that era's Boss 302 pony cars. Grabber Blue has continued to be a much-loved color to this day, having been reintroduced to new generations of drivers.

Mustang enthusiasts were ecstatic when Grabber Blue first made its triumphant return in 2010. Grabber Blue had a continuous run from 2010-2014, and since then has only returned for the 2017 year. Though Ford has no shortage of beautiful blues for its Mustang, few have as dedicated a following as Grabber Blue.

Grabber Blue Paint History

Grabber Blue Boss 302

Grabber Blue was first offered exclusively on Shelby Mustangs for the 1969 model year. The reaction was immediately positive and the following year Ford made it an option for all pony cars, as well as on the Falcon and certain heavy trucks.

In 1973, a Light Grabber Blue — also known as Bright Blue in the company's promotional literature — was introduced. Following that, Grabber Blue disappeared from the Mustang lineup for many years, until it was reintroduced in 2010.


According to Ford's official statistics, blue is second only to red as the most popular color in Mustang history. In recent years, however, black has come to eclipse all others as the preferred color of new Mustang buyers. Only time will tell if this trend continues.

Finding Your Mustang's Paint Code

The paint code for your Mustang will most likely be clearly printed on the driver's door VIN Plate. In some cases, such as on certain special editions or other one-offs, no paint code will be listed. If there is no paint code listed on your VIN plate, call your dealer for more information.

From 1969 to 1971, the Grabber Blue paint code was J. For the duration of the ‘70s, the paint code was either 3F (original Grabber Blue) or 3N (Light Grabber Blue). When Grabber Blue was reintroduced in 2010, it went by the paint code CI.

The 1970 Boss 429 Mustang

One example of how a Grabber Blue Mustang can capture the imagination of drivers everywhere was at a recent auction of a 1970 Boss 429. The auction, held by Barrett-Jackson in January 2012, ran to a final selling price of $247,500 — at the time, the highest amount ever fetched by a Mustang.

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