What Is the Mustang Limited Edition 600?

What Is the Mustang Limited Edition 600?

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The Mustang Limited Edition 600 was a unique variant sold in the Philadelphia area for the 1969 model year. During the late ‘60s, Ford attempted to boost sagging sales of its signature pony car with a series of regionally specific special editions, usually outfitted with a special paint job and some additional cosmetic flourishes. 600 signified Ford’s sales targets for the special model, although the promotion fell short of its goal, only moving 503 units.

About the Limited Edition 600

Mustang Limited Edition 600

The Limited Edition 600 was one of many special edition Mustangs released by Ford in the late ‘60s. With increased competition from Dodge and Chevy’s pony cars, the company set out to increase its market share with a series of unique offerings geared to different areas of the country. Other examples include the 1967 Limited Edition 400, exclusive to the metro Chicago area, and the Ski Country Special, sold only in Colorado.


The Limited Edition 600 package was available on any hardtop or sportsroof Mustang. Notable features included special badging and choice of two custom colors — Flower Power Red or Groovy Green — a hood scoop, wheel covers, and special tape stripe. The Limited Edition 600 was heavily promoted by dealers in the Philadelphia area with a series of (very 1960s) newspaper ads. The launch of the Limited Edition 600 coincided with the nationwide “Mustang Stampede” promotion.

Identifying a Mustang 600

Aside from the specific 600 badging, located on the front fenders, the easiest way to tell if a 1969 Mustang features the 600 package is by checking the driver’s door VIN plate. Like all regional color variants, the 600 won’t list a paint code. As well, the DSO (Dealer Service Organization) code will begin with 16 — signifying that it originated in Philadelphia — and end with 2783, 2784, 2785, 2786, 2787 or 2788.

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What Is the Mustang Limited Edition 600?

The 1969 Mustang Limited Edition 600 was only available in the Philadelphia area. This Mustang featured special badging, choice of two custom colors, a hood scoop, wheel covers, and a special tape striping. About 503 Mustang Limited Edition 600s were sold, falling short of its 600 sales goal.