AMK Products Master Body Kit 1967

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  • OEM-Style Replacement
  • 444 Total Pieces
  • Factory Correct Hardware
  • Direct-Fit Replacement
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AMK Products Master Body Kit for 1967 Mustangs.

This Master Body Kit from AMK Products includes 444 total pieces of factory correct, OE style fasteners that are required to properly reassemble your 1967 Mustang's sheet metal in one convenient kit! This kit is specifically assembled for all 1967 Mustangs, except 1967 Shelbys.

AMK Products' Master Body Kit includes individually packaged sets of hardware for various applications on your 1967 Mustang. Each package is thoroughly labeled so you know exactly where it goes on your Mustang. The individual sets of hardware also include the total number of pieces that are required for the specific application. The main finish for all hardware in this kit is black phosphate, which is factory correct. Some other finishes are included where necessary.

Master Body Kit Includes:
- Battery Tray: Hex Screw/Conical Washer Assembly, U-Nuts (6)
- Rear Bumper Guard Mounting Brackets: Hex Screw/Conical Spring Washer Assembly, Shims, U-Nuts, Sealer (8)
- Rear Bumper Guard Pads: Stamped Nuts (6)
- Front Bumper Guards: Hex Screw/Conical Washer Assembly, Padded U-Nuts, J-Nuts (8)
- Rear Bumper Guards: Hex Screw/Conical Spring Washer Assembly, Phillips Pan Head Screw/External Tooth Washer Assembly, Padded U-Nuts (8)
- Cowl Braces to Cowl: Hex Flange Screw/Conical Spring Washer Bolt Assembly, Flange Nuts (8)
- Exterior Door Handles: Phillips Pan Head Screw/External Tooth Washer Assembly, External Nut/Washer Assembly (4)
- Door Hinges: Hex Screw/Conical Washer Assembly (24)
- Door Latch Strikers: Phillips Flat Head Screws (4)
- Door Latches to Door Shell: Phillips Flat Head Screw/External Tooth Washer Assembly (6)
- Fender to Pillar Brackets: Hex Screw/Conical Washer Assembly (2)
- Fender Extensions: Studs and Serrated Flange Nuts (12)
- Rear Fender Splash Shield Brackets: Hex Screw/Conical Washer Assembly, J-Nuts (4)
- Front Fender Splash Shield Seals: Nylon Retainers (10)
- Fender Splash Shields: Hex Washer Head Sheet Metal Screws (14)
- Fenders: Hex Screw/Conical Washer Assembly, J-Nuts, Caged Nuts, Washers (48)
- Floorboard Hole Covers: Phillips Pan Head Sheet Metal Screws (8)
- Grille: Hex Screw/Conical Washer Assembly, Hex Washer Head Sheet Metal Screws, Nuts (10)
- Grille Supports: Hex Screw/Conical Washer Assembly, J-Nuts (12)
- Headlight Doors: Stainless Steel Phillips Flat Head Screws, Nylon Nuts (12)
- Hood and Hinges: Hex Screw and Conical/Conical Spring Washer Assembly, J-Nuts (14)
- Adjustable Hood Bumpers: U-Nuts, Jam Nuts and Rubber Bumpers (8)
- Hood Latch and Catch: Hex Screw/Conical Washer Assembly, J-Nuts (5)
- Hood Latch Support: Hex Screw/Conical Washer Assembly (3)
- Single Exterior Door Mirror: Stainless Steel/Chrome Phillips Oval Head Screws, Rivet Nuts (4)
- Quarter Panel Ornaments: Large Stamped Nuts with Sealer (8)
- Quarter Panel Extensions: Studs, Nut/Conical Spring Washer Assembly, Flat Washers (26)
- Shock Tower Braces: Hex Screw/Conical Washer Assembly, Serrated Flange Nuts (24)
- Stone Deflector: Hex Screw/Conical Washer Assembly, Stud Bolts, J-Nuts (10)
- Trunk Latch and Striker: Hex Screw/Conical Washer Assembly (5)
- Trunk Lid and Hinges: Hex Flange Screw/External Tooth Washer Assembly, Screws, J-Nuts (14)
- Front Valance: Hex Screw/Conical Washer Assembly, J-Nuts (16)
- Rear Valance: Clipped Head Bolts, Phillips Pan Head Screws, Nuts (15)
- Front Bumper: Stainless Steel Capped Bolts, Nuts, Crush Washers (22)
- Rear Bumper: Stainless Steel Capped Bolts, Nuts, Crush Washers (16)
- Front Bumper Brackets: Hex Bolts, Split Washers (8)
- Front Bumper Brackets at Fenders: Hex Screw/Conical Washer Assemblies with Teeth Under Perimeter Edge, U-Nuts (4)
- Rear Bumper Brackets: Hex Bolts, Conical Spring Washer Assembly, Seals (16)
- Headlamp Adjusters: Adjuster Nuts, Screws, Springs (10)

Buying individual sets of hardware for your 1967 Mustang can be expensive and time consuming if you're not sure which hardware you need. This Master Body Kit makes it easy by including, roughly, 85% of the original, factory correct hardware that specifically fits your 1967 Mustang. With a Master Body Kit from AMK Products, you will not only save time and money, but you will have the confidence knowing your 1967 Mustang is going to be restored with the finest factory correct hardware on the market.

AMK Products produces the most factory correct hardware for your classic Mustang. No matter what kind of Mustang you're building, there's no company better for nuts and bolts than AMK Products!

*Not for use on 1967 Shelbys. A specific kit for all 1967 Shelbys is available (MBK3S).

California Residents: Proposition 65 Warning

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