Anchor Room Complete Front And Rear Light Tint Kit Mustang US-Spec EcoBoost/ GT 2018-2022

Anchor Room:
98% of 100


  • 3 Mil Thickness Tint Film
  • 20% Visible Light Transmission
  • A.K.A 80% Tint
  • 21 Premium Pieces In Total

Anchor Room Complete Front and Rear Light Tint Kit for 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022 EcoBoost and GT US-Spec Mustangs.

Your brand new 2018-2022 Mustang is pretty awesome straight off the showroom floor, but if you're looking to give is a more custom appearance, then this Anchor Room (18FM_FR) Complete Front and Rear Light Tint Kit is exactly what you need! Order your upgraded tint kit today from CJ Pony Parts!

Features and Benefits:
- 3 mil Thickness Tint Film
- 20% VLT (Visible Light Transmission) a.k.a 80% Tint

Complete Light Tint Kit Includes:
- 21 Premium Quality USA-Made Pieces in Total
- Two (2) Headlights
- Two (2) Amber Corner Lens Tint
- Two (2) Front Side Markers/Fog Lights
- Two (2) Mirror Markers
- Three (3) Driver Side Tail Light Pieces
- Three (3) Passenger Side Tail Light Pieces
- One (1) Third Brake Light (For Coupe models)
- One (1) Third Brake Light (For Convertible models)
- One (1) Reverse Light
- Two (2) Lower Bumper Markers
- Two (2) Rear Side Marker Lights

*Fits Fastback and Convertible models.
*Not intended for use with 2015+ Shelby GT350/GT350R or 2020+ Shelby GT500.
*The tools needed to successfully complete the installation of this Tint Kit are as follows: Application Fluid and a Spray Bottle (DAK), Squeegee, Microfiber Towel and a Heat Gun.

You know you want your brand new GT or EcoBoost Mustang to stand out from the pack, so these direct-fit light tints are the perfect way to set you apart! You'll receive a complete kit composed of 21 premium-quality pieces of dark-colored tint, which will provide you pony with that black-out, aggressive look. You'll have computer-cut pieces to tint your pony's headlights, taillights, third brake light (on select model), front bumper marker lights and fog lights, side mirror marker lights, rear side marker lights, rear bumper lower marker lights, and the reverse light. The complete American-made tint kit will install with simple tools, but professional installation is recommended if you've never applied a decal or light tint before (see note below). Hurry up and customize your pony's exterior with this kit from CJ's! Order yours now!

Tech Tip: The Amber Corner Lens Tint will help hide the amber reflector in the headlights - use it on its own to retain 100% light output from your headlights or place it over top of the headlight tint for a more sinister look.

Please Note: Although this Tint Kit can be a do-it-yourself installation with patience and the proper tools, we highly recommend for installation to be completed by a professional. This kit is ONLY designed for use with 2018-2022 Mustangs built for sale inside of North America that do NOT feature the clear “Euro” lenses.

California Residents: Proposition 65 Warning

Installation Videos

Video Transcript

Today, we're gonna add a little bit of contrast to our 2018 Mustang GT by tinting all of our lights.

This custom tint kit's gonna fit your 2018 Mustang GT or EcoBoost. Now the tint's gonna be pretty self-explanatory where it goes. But there are two options for the headlights. You have this tint here. Now this'll tint the entire headlight. Now this is probably gonna look the best. But you will lose a little bit of light output. Now if you don't want to lose the light output, it includes these as well. What these are gonna do is tiny the orange reflector and basically the corner lights of your headlights. So you don't lose any light output. But you still get a little bit of a blacked out look. For the third brake light, you have these two options here. This one here, the thinner one will be for your Fastback Mustang. The larger one here will be for your convertible.

Now it doesn't matter where you start. In our case, we're gonna start with the front here and do our marker light fog lights and our headlight and also, on this car, I'm actually not gonna do the whole headlight. We're just gonna do the corner tint here to keep the headlights so we don't lose any kind of light output with it. Now when you're starting on this thing, the first thing you want to do is make sure the lenses are completely clean, especially this time of year if you're driving outside. Also, if they're cold, let them warm up or give them a quick pass with the heat gun just to warm the lenses before we install the decals. What I'm gonna show you now is a way to install it. It's not saying this is the 100% the correct way. I know there's professional tinters out there that can do a better job than me and I'll be the first to admit I'm actually not that good at this. But if I can do it, you probably can too. Now what we're gonna do is take some of this fluid here.

Now what this is, this is water, a little bit of soap and a little bit of alcohol mixed in with it. We're gonna spray right where we're going to be putting the tint. Next, grab the tint from the page. Now, be careful. Everything is labeled as driver. Everything on this side is driver, except for this one here. So just make sure you get the correct one and it's just a sticker. So just peel it off.

We're gonna spray a little bit of fluid on the sticker itself.

Okay, so you're gonna line it up.

All right, now we're gonna use a little bit of heat just to get it to start to adhere. We can start working out some of the bubbles we have.

Make sure you have a squeegee. A felt tip will work even better. That way, you won't damage the vinyl. If you do get some tiny bubbles, do not worry about it because, trust me, they will come out eventually. Just try to make sure you don't have any really large ones. If you don't have a heat gun, a hair dryer works fine as well. If you're using a heat gun, make sure you keep it on low so you don't damage the vinyl or the paint.

Now the same process with the marker fog light.

All right, moving on now to the side mirrors if your car is equipped. Again, be very careful to make sure you grab the correct decals because they are labeled and they are very similar looking. You don't want to waste your time trying to put the wrong one on.

This one's probably the easiest one to do. Make sure you don't get a bubble right here in the middle.

All right. Now we can move on to the rear of the car. Okay, moving onto the rear bumper, we're gonna start here with the reflectors on the side.

It's easy to tell when you're getting close with these because the embossed numbers and the part number will actually start to come up through the vinyl.

We're gonna move on now to the rear reflectors and then the reverse light.

Moving onto the reverse light, again, same process.

Now we left the taillights until near the end on purpose because honestly, this is the hardest part of the installation. The 2018 taillights are very intricate. There's a lot of different curves and different levels and different planes that make putting on the vinyl kind of a challenge. Now when you're doing the taillights, there's a couple things I can tell you. First of all, you will need heat. Other places, you can kind of get away without it. This is not one of those places. You'll need a heat gun or a hairdryer to make these curves to make the vinyl actually bend. Now if you do make a mistake doing this, which is very possible, the manufacturer includes instructions where you can get replacement stickers for just the taillights for far, far less than a new kit. As usual, we're gonna start with the application fluid. Now what you're gonna do here is sort of get it as centered as possible. Now start with this flat section back here. We want to make sure it lines up with everything first.

Once we have that, we're actually gonna use a little bit of water to clean off some of the fluid and get it to start sticking.

Basically, you want to concentrate right here. The center section, where there's no corners yet. You just kind of want to brush it with heat. Don't use too much because it will cause the vinyl to wrinkle. Once you have that, we're gonna start with this piece right here. Just give it a little hint. Might even be able to use your finger here. Squeegee will fit as well. We're gonna start by making sure this is stuck pretty good. All right, now this is the hardest part. This angle here is the sharpest angle. What you sort of have to do is with a little bit of heat and your finger, is just work this over.

Now with that pretty much seated, we're gonna work our way down. Get that pushed in and then work the panel down a little.

Again, I’m really only spraying water on here so I don't damage the vinyl as I just kind of stretch it out with my fingers here. You want to start in the middle and start working this curve over. Just a little bit of heat and roll it.

Again, don't worry about real tiny little bubbles. They will absolutely come out if they're out in the sun a little bit. Make sure there's no big creases, no big fingers and take your time. Repeat the process with the other two lenses. Now if you're done with the taillights, this part's gonna seem easy. The last part is gonna be the third brake light. The only thing with this, if you have an extra set of hands, it's easier if you have somebody on both sides of the car to line it up.

And your installation's finished. When it comes to tint, a lot of people ask about the light output. So we're gonna show you the light output starting in the back. First, we're gonna show you how it looks like with your headlights on and then now with the brakes on. As you can see, it's still plenty of light output.

Now like I mentioned in the introduction, there's gonna be two options for the headlights. Now over here on the driver's side, we did the tint that basically is gonna go over the orange marker light and kind of black out the headlight. Now the other option is gonna be the full tint. It's gonna basically tint the entire headlight and it does give it a sinister look. But your light output's gonna go down very noticeably with that tint installed. Now here's a comparison of the headlights lit up, the tint versus no tint. Now as you can see, a huge, huge difference in light output. Here, you can see the light output against the wall. Now I'm gonna cover-up the driver's side headlight and use just the passenger light and you can see how much the light output changes. The tinted headlights do look good, but if you're gonna drive your car at night, I would not suggest it.

Tinting the lights definitely adds a nice, custom touch to our 2018 Mustang and by adding a little more black to it, it works really well with our orange fury paint. Now as far as the installation goes, the only tools required is gonna be a squeegee and a heat gun and as far as time, I'm actually not gonna give you one. This is an install where you definitely want to take your time and make sure everything is done properly. Before you know it, you'll be back on the road.

Vehicle Fitment

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