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As all Mustang owners know, a smooth-handling ride is one of the most important aspects to the driving experience. And while every Ford Mustang was originally built with a great suspension system, it’s important to keep suspension parts and components up to date. With any Mustang, there are a lot of options to think about when upgrading or repairing suspension components. Once you find someone who offers quality components, along with your desired performance and ride quality, ordering is easy. At CJ Pony Parts, we offer the perfect solution, as there's really only one suspension manufacturer that meets these criteria. BMR Suspension has performance and street components, each with the highest quality and wide selection of model years. Order now.

Smooth Out That Ride

While suspension systems primarily serve to create a smooth ride, they also protect the many vital components of your Ford Mustang’s engine. Without this, many of the engine parts wouldn’t survive the bumps and wear and tear of daily driving.

Because of this, your Mustang’s suspension system and parts should always be in tip-top shape. And at CJ Pony Parts, you can’t beat our selection of BMR suspension parts.

Our BMR Suspension inventory includes, but isn’t limited to:

• Panhard Bar Tubular Adjustable With Polyurethane Bushings
• Rear Lower Arm Control Relocation Bracket, Pair
• Rear Sway Bar Relocation Kit
• Rear Lower Control Arms
• Rear Upper Control Arm Mount
• Lowering Springs, Red Powder-Coat Set
• Subframe Connectors Tubular V6/GT
• Tubular With Lowered Motor or Standard Motor Mounts
• Strut Tower Brace V6
• Differential Bushing Kit
• Rear Anti-Roll Bar Xtreme Kit
• Full Length Subframe Connectors Coupe/Hatchback
• Front Sway Bar 1-3/8” GT/V6
• Driveshaft Safety Loop

BMR was founded in 1998 at a time when it was difficult for consumers to find the suspension products they needed. No other manufacturer offered innovative designs, quality construction and an affordable price, except the newcomer to the market...BMR. Seeing this void in the market, BMR turned it into their business philosophy and has worked hard to serve their customers' needs ever since. Every BMR suspension product is made in the USA, in their facility near Tampa, Florida. Every BMR product features American-made COM and chrome-moly steel, and every product is fixture-welded on site to maintain a consistently high level of quality. Both powdercoating and assembly are also handled in-house, allowing BMR to control every aspect of the manufacturing process, which translates into higher quality for the customer.

Another big plus for BMR customers is their testing philosophy. BMR currently owns a large test fleet that features a variety of models, allowing them to design, develop and test every product in-house before they ever hit the road on a customer's car. Currently, the BMR test fleet includes a number of popular models, past and present, including several Mustangs. By committing to these principles and techniques going forward, BMR promises their customers that they will continue to meet their goals of providing innovative, quality and affordable products far into the future.

All the BMR Suspension Parts You Need

CJ Pony Parts offers many products from BMR for our customers. These products include most everything you'd need for your Mustang's suspension, from control arms, sway bars, panhard bars, springs and K-members, to a wide variety of non-suspension parts for your Mustang, including driveshaft safety loops, engine mounts and radiator supports. Check these BMR products out on the CJ Pony website today and make your order there, or by giving the sales team a call now.