Borla Cat-Back Exhaust System ATAK 3" Stainless Steel With 4" Polished Tips Focus RS 2016-2018

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  • Aggressive Exhaust Tone
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • 3" Mandrel Bent Piping
  • Includes Mounting Hardware
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Borla Stainless Steel 3" ATAK Cat-Back Exhaust System with 4" Polished Tips for 2016, 2017 and 2018 Focus RSs.

If you want your brand-new 2016-2018 Focus RS to really roar down the street or track, than you need to upgraded to this complete Borla Stainless Steel 3" ATAK Cat-Back Exhaust System with 4" Polished Tips (140730), now available to purchase here at CJ Pony Parts!

ATAK Cat-Back Exhaust Kit Features:
- Direct Bolt-On Upgrade System
- Full Stainless Steel Construction
- Mandrel Bent 3" and 2-1/4" Exhaust Piping
- Aggressive Borla ATAK Muffler
- Dual 4" Round Rolled Angle-Cut Tips
- Includes All Necessary Hardware and Instructions

Please Note: This system has a mounting location for the factory electronics that control the OE exhaust valve, but does NOT include a new exhaust valve. This avoids any warning lights on the dash while providing maximum flow at all times.

This direct-fit cat-back system is constructed from premium-quality, mandrel-bent 3" stainless steel piping for improved durability and longevity on your new performance machine! Borla put years of engineering and research into their ATAK system to ensure that you are getting both measurable power gains and a great sound, so you can rest easy knowing that this is the perfect upgrade for your new Focus RS. The dual 4" polished tips will give your RS a more custom feel and appearance that your original exhaust can't even compete with. You'll love the aggressive roar this upgraded system provides your new Ford vehicle, so what are you waiting for? Swap your restrictive stock exhaust with this assertive system from CJ's today!

Tech Tip: For maximum performance gains, please consider picking up one of the Borla Downpipe options that are available for your Focus RS, see 60631 (Off-Road) and 60646 (High-Flow Catted).

Your new Focus RS is a performance-driven machine. With more power, a sophisticated AWD system, and some serious mechanical and electronic performance upgrades, Ford's Focus RS is in the running to become one of the best top-performing small cars ever available in North America. Here at CJ Pony Parts, we know and understand your love of performance vehicles. We're here to help you customize and optimize your new RS to provide the best driving experience possible. Browse our selection of new Focus RS parts today!

Order this upgraded Borla (140730) Stainless Steel 3" ATAK Cat-Back Exhaust System with 4" Polished Tips for your new 2016, 2017 or 2018 Focus RS today from CJ Pony Parts!

California Residents: Proposition 65 Warning

Installation Difficulty


Intermediate skill is required for this installation.

Installation Videos

Video Transcript

By now, it's no secret that we're fans of the Focus RS. We've done a lot of videos on this vehicle, showing you how to take a great car and make it even better. One that we've found a lot of RS owners like to do is change out their exhaust system. I've done several videos showing you different exhaust options, but what I've personally been looking forward to is the Borla ATAK. I love the sound of the ATAK on other vehicles and can't wait to hear how it sounds on the RS. Today we're going to install this on our 2016 Focus RS.

Now the attack is going to be Borla's loudest system for the RS. It stands for Acoustically-Tuned Applied Kinetics. What that means in the real world is you're going to drive around with the system at moderate throttle, it actually sounds pretty good, but it's not terribly loud. You'll have no drone whatsoever on the highway, but when you get on it it's going to get a lot louder, a lot more aggressive sounding.

This system here is made of 3 inch stainless steel back to the muffler, then 2-1/2 inch stainless steel out to the tips. The tips for our particular system are going to be a 4 inch polish tip, but also available with a 4 inch carbon fiber tip as well. This will work with the factory exhaust control motor that's going to plug in and work just like original, however there is no valve. This will be wide open all the time.

For this installation a lift or a jack and jack stands, 3/8 ratchet, 5/16 socket, 15mm socket, 16mm socket, small flathead screwdriver, and an exhaust hanger removal tool.

Now obviously our RS already had an aftermarket exhaust system on it, so we removed it prior to the installation. We're going to give you a quick rundown though on how to remove the factory exhaust system then begin our Borla installation.

To remove the exhaust the first thing you want to do is remove the actuator for the active system. Make sure you don't damage it. You're going to unplug that and unbolt that and put that aside. Now you can remove the exhaust. To do that, like I said, you do have to cut it. What you want to do is go right here is front of the rear axle, right in this section here. You're going to cut that down the middle, that way you can separate the two pieces and remove the exhaust.

Okay, so the first part of the installation is going to be the most frustrating. Now you already have your exhaust system off. You have to put a pipe in here and get this clamp seated properly and make sure this extension piece here is lined up in the keyway before you tighten it down. Sometimes it's easier to use a small screwdriver. This can be a little frustrating.

Borla makes it easy, thankfully, by giving you a short extension piece. The piece we're installing is just this here, makes it a lot easier to get that on there instead of a large pipe. Then once you have it seated properly you can tighten it down. Again, before you do that though, make sure that keyway is in the correct location and the bolt is aligned where it should be.

The front piece installed, we're going to move onto both mid-pipes. Now it's a two-piece design. We'll start with the front pipe here. The front pipe has this resonator in the middle, kind of looks like a header collector, but it's designed just to get the sound the way we're looking for. This is going in the stock hanger, connect to the front pipe and then we'll put the next pipe on the back.

Like I mentioned, it's a two-piece mid-pipe. Now we have found, though, before you put the second piece on, it's actually easier to put the over axle pipe in place, then they'll slide together a lot easier. Before you put the mid-pipe in place you're going to put a clamp over both the front and the back pipes. We're going to put it in, line it up, and then slide the clamps over the ends. At this point you'll want to snug up the clamps. Don't tighten them all the way because we want to have some movement for adjustability, but snug them to keep the pipe in place.

Now we can move onto the rear section. We're going to put a clamp on the muffler. Now we're going to put up into place and attach the over axle, and then attach it to the factory hangers. Now the factory exhaust control motor is going to go into the other exhaust pipe right in front of the tip here. I want to make sure when you install this, this piece here has to be in those groves so it will open and close it. Like I said, there is no valve in this. This is wide open all the time. This is going in there so basically the computer can make the adjustment it thinks it's making so no lights come on your dash and everything works normal. We just have only one volume with the ATAK.

The easiest way I've found to do this is turn this counterclockwise, and put this on top. What you'll have to do is grab a small screwdriver, put it in there while pushing down in it, slide the middle thing over. It'll pop in and you can install the nuts. Now we have the factory valve mounted to the tip, now we can actually install this pipe. Put the clamp on and put it up into place. Again, just snug everything up for now, we'll go back later, go through the whole thing and align it.

Alright, so now we're going to start in the front, go back through, tighten up the clamps and adjust the whole system. Alright, so once everything is tightened up and the alignments good, your installation's finished. As we've come to expect from Borla, the fit and finish was top notch. Now let's hear how it sounds. Definitely we were expecting from the ATAK much louder, has a nice pop to it. Now we'll take it out on the road and hear how it sounds driving.

The one thing I can always say about the Borla ATAK systems, we did it on the Mustang, we put them on the truck and now on the RS, it's loud. I mean the ATAK is designed to be that kind of a system. It is Borla's loudest system. If you're looking for volume and you definitely want people to hear you coming the ATAK is a good way to go.

But the nice thing about this system, and pretty much all Borla systems, is you go to highway speeds, it's quiet. You can hear it a little bit, but you're not getting that drone. Even normal driving it's not terribly loud. It has a good sound to it. I mean you can hear it. It's not a stock system. It's not like the crap they play through the speakers. But it's when you downshift, you get on it, it's going to get loud. I mean you really do hear the system. That's the way these systems are designed. If you're looking for a system that as a daily driver isn't that bad, but it can be loud when you want it to be, the ATAK is really a perfect choice.

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