cp-e Blow Off Valve Kit Exhale With Black Tial Q Blow Off Valve Focus RS 2016-2018

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  • Direct Fit Upgrade
  • Improved BOV Sound
  • Sold As A Kit
  • Durable Anodized Finish
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cp-e Exhale Blow Off Valve Kit with Tial Q Blow Off Valve for all 2016, 2017 and 2018 Focus RS.

Want a better sounding blow-off valve? Gain some added durability to match. This cp-e Exhale Blow Off Valve Kit includes the Tial Q Blow Off Valve.

Features and Benefits:
- 2-3/4” Piping
- Aluminum Pipe Construction
- Allows Use of Aftermarket Blow Off Valves
- Tial Q Blow Off Valve Included
- Adds a Methanol Bung
- Replaces Factory Plastic Cold Charge Pipe
- Powder Coated Black Finish
- Made in the USA

This Exhale blow off valve kit from cp-e will provide your Focus RS with better sound, reliability, and beauty. The 2-3/4” piping is constructed from aluminum for a durable design that will provide better airflow. It allows for the use of aftermarket blow valves and even includes a methanol bung 6” from the throttle body.

This kit comes with a Tial Q BOV that is CNC machined from billet aluminum right here in the USA and has a beautiful black finish. The Tial Q BOV provides that unique BOV sound that everyone loves and is great for all levels of boost! A CNC made flange is welded to the pipe for the best fitment of the BOV and will include everything necessary for installation.

This Trial Sport Q 8 PSI Blow Off Valve is CNC-machined from 6061 Aluminum. The 6061 Aluminum provides strength and durability which will provide years of everyday use. The internal valve stem and guide are lubricated to prevent the internals from getting damaged. Once the Tial Sport Q 8 PSI Blow Off Valve is CNC-machined a hard-anodized coating is applied for superior wear resistance.

California Residents: Proposition 65 Warning

Note: This item is not CARB (California Air Resource Board) exempt and is not legal for sale or use in the state of California.

Installation Videos

Video Transcript

Aftermarket blow off valves are one of the most common upgrades for the Focus RS, not just because they sound awesome, but when increasing the boost, the factory valve can actually leak. This Focus RS behind us already has an aftermarket blow off valve, but we're going to take it a step further by installing the cp-e Exhale Blow Off Valve Kit.

This cp-e Exhale Blow Off Valve kit comes with an upgraded aluminum cold side charge pipe with a flange for a tie-up blow off valve, and also eighth inch MBT Meth injection bung. It's going to flow better than the factory cold pipe and the Tial blow off valve is going to sound awesome and it'll be much stronger than the factory valve so it won't leak. It comes with everything you need for installation, and today we're going to be installing it on our 2016 Focus RS.

Tools you will need for this installation:

A lift or a jack and jack stands

1/4" ratchet

7 millimeter socket

8 millimeter socket

10 millimeter socket

11 millimeter socket

3/8" ratchet

T-30 Torx bit

5 millimeter hex key

5/32" hex key

10 millimeter wrench

Trim removal tool

Phillips screwdriver

Snips or cutters


The first thing that we need to do is get access to the cold side pipe, so you need to get the car up in the air, and then remove this felt under tray. There's eight T-30 Torx bolts and then four clips holding this felt under tray on. Then remove the under tray.

With the felt under tray removed, we can now remove the plastic under tray. Then remove these clips along the front. In the wheel well area there's another T-30 Torx bit and a clip that you have to remove as well. Then remove the under tray.

There's an 8 millimeter bolt on each side of the intercooler that you need to remove.

With both bolts from the intercooler removed, push forward on the intercooler, it's only going to move a little bit, then you can get a 7 millimeter socket on this hose clamp right here. Now we're loosening this to remove the cold pipe from the intercooler. Now we can move up top.

Remove the engine cover. Remove the hose clamp connecting the cold pipe to the throttle body. Remove the cold pipe from the intercooler. And then pull it down from the throttle body. Grab the 2-1/2 to 2-3/4" coupler, put a hose clamp on it and then put the 2- 1/2" side on the throttle body. Grab the 2-1/2 to 2-3/4" 90-degree elbow, put a hose clamp over it, and put it on the intercooler.

For video purposes, we're going to show you how to install the Tial blow off valve on the cp-e intercooler pipe. It's probably going to be easier to install the blow off valve once the pipe is on the car, but for the video we're going to show you how to do it on the table.

Take the V-band flange and put it around the flange on the intercooler pipe. Put the pipe onto the blow off valve. Install the barb-fitting on top by putting a washer on the banjo-bolt, sinking it through the fitting, then another washer on, and thread the banjo-bolt up top. You're not going to make this super tight just yet because you are going to have to clock this to fit it properly.

Install the pipe into the throttle body coupler, and then to the intercooler. And tighten up the clamps. Use a T-30 Torx bit to remove the factory map sensor on the intake manifold. Install the provided barb and plug in the map tap, and put the map tap into the manifold, then put the map sensor into the map tap. Then use the provided longer bolt to secure everything in place.

We can now plug in the vacuum line from the map tap to the Tial blow off valve. Then run the hose down to the blow off valve. With the vacuum line coming down to the blow off valve, we can see about where it's going to, so now we're going to put the barb right about there to make it as straight of shot as possible. So we'll flip this up, tighten it, and then put the hose on. The hose is just a little bit too long, so we're going to trim it, and slide it on to the barb.

Now whether you have a factory, or an aftermarket blow off valve, you have to replace it now since you've just installed the Tial blow off valve, so we're going to remove it and put on the cp-e block off plate. Get the hose out of the way, remove the hose clamp. With the last bolt removed, we can remove the blow off valve.

All right, since we're removing the blow off valve, we need to plug the vacuum hose right here, and we're actually going to use the bolt that we took off from the factory map sensor, and we're going to put that into the hose, with the hose clamp.

Make sure both O-rings are installed on the block off plate before you install it, and then put it where the blow off valve was. Tighten up all the bolts.

Don't forget to reinstall the bolts in the intercooler, and then install the under trays. And your installation is finished.

Our cp-e Exhale Blow Off Valve kit is installed. To no surprise, fit and finish was absolutely perfect, it sounds great. Installation should take about two hours, and before you know it, you'll be heading down the road.

Vehicle Fitment

This product will fit the following Focus years:

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