Brian's 1978 Mustang II Monroe Handler & King Cobra Mustang II

Brian's Story

Brian has owned Mustang IIs as far back as the summer of 1993. With the internet came a new way to look for parts and groups of fellow Mustang II owners. It was online in 1997 that Brian saw a picture of a Monroe Handler Mustang for the first time.

This special edition Mustang was a collaboration between Monroe Shocks and Hot Rod Magazine that showed off Monroe's handler suspension. The original was just a one-off production, but it was so popular they produced six more for giveaways.

Brian always loved the 70's widebody look and the colorful paint scheme of the Monroe Handler. In 2011, he was able to have a replica Monroe Handler built and painted in lime green with purple decals. Sadly, he had to let that car go.

But in May 2020, luck struck and he was able to find one of the original six Monroe Handlers for sale on eBay. Needless to say, he bought it. This winter, it will go into the shop for some touch up work and to bring some life back to the original, 43-year-old paint.

To learn more about these super-rare Mustangs, check out our article on the Monroe Handler.

The Project