Mustang Grille (1967) Installation Instructions

Tools Required:
  • Phillips Head Screw Driver
  • 1/2-inch Wrench (crescent and socket)
  • 5/16-inch Socket Wrench
  • 3/8-inch Wrench
Install Difficulty:
  • Easy
  • Easy Project
1. To start the installation of your new Mustang grille, you need to remove your existing grille. If your car has one, it removes in the exact opposite of these installation instructions. Before removing the grille, it may be easiest to remove the pony corral and bars on the grille first. These are bolted onto the grille and hood latch support and will require either a 5/16-inch or 3/8-inch wrench to remove. The grille in this car wasn't even the correct grille, wasn't completely installed, and had been removed years ago at the start of the restoration.
2. Using a 1/2-inch wrench, remove the two Mustang hood bumpers as well as the two bolts from the hood latch support.
3. Using a 5/16-inch wrench, remove the screws holding the top corner of the grille to the back of the Mustang headlight bowl. Many cars may not have these screws in place after all the years.
4. Using a Phillips head screw driver, remove all the screws from the bottom of the Mustang grille that screw it to the rear tabs on the wide grille molding.
5. The grille is now ready to be removed. It is easiest removed at an angle, pulling the driver's side up while sliding the entire grille to the left, the carefully pulling the driver's side of the grille out. The rest of the grille can now follow.
6. First do a test fit of the new grille. The grille angles to a point in the center, however this grille did not have the same angle as the nose of the car or the original grille, so it had to be adjusted. To do this, I laid the grille on the ground and placed a metal bar just off center of the grille to hold it down. I then carefully pulled up on one end of the grille to bend it more. It does not take much effort to bend, so don't bend too much too quickly. I compared to the original grille until the angle was just right.
Mustang Grille Install Image
7. Next, you may want to paint your grille as the black EDP coating is not a durable coating long term. Because I wanted a different, more contemporary look, I sprayed this grille with a silver primer and then sprayed it with an aluminum colored paint.
8. Install clip nuts for the screws on the rear tabs of the wide grille molding. You can use your existing nuts, or purchase a new Mustang grille mounting hardware kit. Keep in mind these clip nuts have side to side adjustment.
Mustang Grille Install Image
9. To install the grille, hold the grille at an angle with the driver's side of the grille up in the air and drop the passenger's side of the grille into the opening and slide it in behind the headlight bucket as far as you can go. You will have to push the driver's side of the grille in now with a slight amount of force, but it will clear the headlight bucket on the driver's side, and then it can be dropped into place.
Mustang Grille Install Image
10. With the grille in place, check the fit. If it needs side to side adjustment, adjust the previously installed clip nuts accordingly so they will line up with the screw holes in the grille.
11. Using a Phillips head screw driver, screw the bottom of the grille to rear mounting tabs of the wide grille molding. The heads of the screws in my hardware kit were a little small for the screw slots in the grille, so I had to use some small washers on the screws. It may be necessary to remove the horns to allow more room. The horns are removed with a 1/2-inch wrench. Remember to disconnect the wire from the horn first.
Mustang Grille Install Image
12. Next use a 1/2-inch crescent wrench to replace the front hood bumpers through the top mounting tabs on the grille.
Mustang Grille Install Image
13. Bolt the grille to the Mustang hood latch support brace with a 1/2-inch wrench. Make sure to add clip nuts to the hood latch support if it doesn't already have them. These are also included in a grille mounting hardware kit.
Mustang Grille Install Image
14. Screw the top corners of the grille to the back of the headlight buckets. Make sure the tab on the headlight bucket has a screw clip nut. Place one of the special nuts on the back of the Mustang grille as shown and use a 5/16-inch socket to screw it in place. Here again I had to use a small washer under the head of the screw.
Mustang Grille Install Image
Mustang Grille Install Image
15. Your new Mustang grille is now installed.
Mustang Grille Install Image