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Mustang Body Side Mirrors

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Body Side Mirrors

Even if you are driving down the highway by yourself in your Ford Mustang convertible or coupe, you are never truly alone. Your Mustang Body Side Mirrors are present to assist you in making turns, lane changes, or any other type of maneuver on the road. Additionally, if you are looking to back out of a parking spot, your trusty Mustang body side mirrors will let you know whether or not it is ok to begin your journey home. CJ Pony Parts offers a diverse selection of Ford Mustang body side mirrors, as well as the necessary mounting hardware to bolt them in, so that you can keep a close eye on what is happening around and behind you while driving.

When you rush out of the house in the morning to get to school or work, you could always use one last check to see if you missed a spot shaving or if your makeup is on correctly. Thankfully, your vehicle is armed with a pair of Mustang body side mirrors, so you can touch up your face before driving away from your home. As important as they are in protecting your appearance, the Mustang exterior mirrors are even more essential in keeping you safe when your makeup is done and you start driving. Ford Mustang body side mirrors alert drivers as to what is going on in the neighboring lanes, as well as behind them.

When you decide that it is time to change lanes or make a sudden turn in either direction, your trusty mirrors will let you know whether or not it is safe to do so. When you have arrived at your destination, a quick glance in your Mustang side mirrors can reassure you that you are looking your best. In essence, your body side mirrors protect you before, during, and after your trip!

Like every part of your Mustang body and sheet metal, your exterior mirrors are subject to damage from other cars or road debris. Because of its location on the car, your body side mirrors are sometimes in the line of fire, especially in those narrow parking garages. Additionally, exposure to the elements can cause the glass of your exterior mirrors to crack, which could lead to potential blind spots.

It is not safe to drive around with any obstruction to your vision, particularly in bad weather situations. If your original Mustang body side mirrors have suffered an insurmountable amount of damage to either the glass or to the body of the mirror, it is time to replace them. New exterior mirrors will not only keep you safe while out on the road, but will also add some curb appeal to your classic pony car.

View the Best Mustang Body Side Mirrors at CJ Pony Parts

Ford Mustang body side mirrors come in all sizes, shapes, and colors, giving muscle car owners plenty of choices. CJ Pony Parts would love to help you customize your exterior mirrors the way that you like. CJ’s features a wide selection of Mustang body side mirrors, both large and small, for either the driver’s or passenger’s side. The fine folks at Scott Drake supply CJ’s with body side mirrors in either black or chrome, complete with the latest in remote technology. Many of the remote Mustang mirror kits come with the necessary cables and mounting hardware so that you can control your exterior mirrors while sitting comfortably inside your car.

If you are looking for a more distinct look for your classic pony car, CJ’s bullet large base exterior mirrors might be your best bet. These exterior mirrors are larger than the average Mustang body side mirrors, but its unique base will cover the standard original mounting holes on all 1965-1966 Ford Mustangs.

Like any new car part, Ford Mustang body side mirrors will require a certain set of hardware in order to properly install them. CJ’s features a number of different tools and mechanisms to secure your new Mustang body side mirrors in place. If you have decided that it is time to replace your Mustang exterior mirrors, it would be wise to replace the padding as well. CJ’s offers a wide selection of molded plastic mirror pads, so that you can properly mount your mirrors on your vehicle. In addition to the pads, CJ’s offers sets of stainless steel screws, as well as mounting nuts, so that your Mustang body side mirrors remain exactly where they need to be.

While you are in the upgrading mindset, CJ’s is loaded with body and sheet metal and exterior trim parts to help make your First Generation Mustang look new again. Once you have finished shopping around for Ford Mustang body side mirrors, check out CJ’s array of Mustang door hinges, exterior body door handles, fenders, and spoilers!