Mustang Scott Drake Black 6000rpm Rally Pac (1965) Installation Instructions

Tools Required:
  • Screw Drivers
  • Volt Meter
  • Utility Knife
  • Zip Ties
Install Difficulty:
  • Difficulty
  • Moderate Project
1. To begin installing your new Mustang Scott Drake C5ZZ-10B960CBK Black 6000rpm Rally Pac, remove the driver’s side sill plate and kick panel.
2. Removal of the kick plate provides access to the back of the courtesy light switch. Push the switch through its mounting hole.
3. Recommended: Using a voltmeter, remove and test the plugs to determine which side is “hot.” Normally, the “hot” side will be the connector with the green/yellow wires. Be careful not to touch either connector to a grounded surface during this step.
4. Once the “hot” wire has been verified, disconnect the negative terminal of the Mustang battery.
5. The Under-Dash Rally Pac Wiring Harness provided with the kit has a light blue/black wire with a spliced green/yellow wire on one end. Push this portion of the harness through the mounting hole from the back and connect as shown.
6. Push the connected wires through the mounting hole and re-install the courtesy light switch.
7. Connect the ground wire (black) with the loop connector to a secure grounded location. The fuse panel bolt screw was used in this example.
8. Place protective cloth over steering column, and remove Mustang instrument panel.
9. Locate the instrument panel light circuit lead (to the right side of the hole created by the removal of the instrument panel). The lead should have a wide connector with receptacles for three male connectors (the light circuit for the radio may occupy one of these locations). Connect the black male connector with the purple/black wire (last remaining wire at this end of the harness) as shown.
10. The ignition wire provided with the kit is a short black/red wire with a loop connector. Secure the loop connector to the back post of the ignition switch as shown.
Mustang Black 6000rpm Rally Pac Install Image
Mustang Black 6000rpm Rally Pac Install Image
11. The coil wire supplied with the kit is black with a loop connector on one end and a green female connector on the other. Attach the loop connector to the NEGATIVE terminal on the coil as shown. Feed the end of the wire with the green connector through any convenient hole in the firewall.
Mustang Black 6000rpm Rally Pac Install Image
12. Re-install the instrument panel (at this point, you may want to temporarily reconnect the negative terminal to ensure the instrument panel is illuminated and no lights are blown or out of position).
13. Mount the Rally Pac. In this example, a small piece of foam weather-stripping was added to the Scott Drake C5ZZ-3676-A Rally Pac Mounting Bracket to make the finished installation snug (a thin piece of rubber strip is included in the kit for this purpose- but the foam made the finished installation more secure). The strap is attached with two Phillip head screws, and the back of the Rally Pac should be almost--but not quite--touching the instrument panel.
Mustang Black 6000rpm Rally Pac Install Image
14. Connect the under-dash harness, ignition and coil wires to the harness from the Rally Pac. Two red connectors go into the wide red connector from the Rally Pac (the one with three openings). One blue connector (from the courtesy switch) goes to the blue connector from the Rally Pac. One black male connector (from the ground) goes to the black female connector from the Rally Pac. The coil wire (female green connector) hooks up to the green connector from the Rally Pac, and the ignition wire (male black connector) hooks up to the female black connector.
Mustang Black 6000rpm Rally Pac Install Image
15. Reconnect the battery’s negative terminal. The clock should begin to operate (if the clock stops when the door is shut, you have hooked into the wrong slot at the courtesy switch--pull out the switch and swap connections). Turn on the lights, and the Mustang Rally Pac should illuminate. Start the engine, and the tachometer should indicate RPMs. Congratulations!
Mustang Black 6000rpm Rally Pac Install Image