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If you're looking for some new seats for your Mustang, you have dozens of options to choose from. However, if you want new seats and upholstery with the best in terms of quality, comfort and style, check out the products from Procar. CJ Pony Parts offers Procar products for any Mustang on the road, giving you lots of choices to get the perfect seats. Check them out and order today!

The seats in your Mustang might not be the first part that comes to mind when you think about upgrades, but they should be, because they play a huge role in your experience when you’re in your car. Similar to the way your tires are the only part of the car the touch the pavement, the only physical connection you have to your car is through your seat and controls. The right choice in seating can not only add style to your Mustang’s interior, but it can also mean the difference between feeling connected to your car and being left out in the void, which is why each model from Procar is painstakingly engineered to give you the support and tactile feedback you expect from a car like the Mustang.

Procar’s Attention to Detail

With more than 30 years of experience, Procar has become one of the top choices for aftermarket automotive seating. Procar claims that no other aftermarket seat can come close to their quality, as they offer superior style, comfort and quality compared with the competition. With classic, clean lines on each product, CJ Pony Parts agrees that Procar products will look like they were meant for your Mustang.

Each product from Procar features easy installation, coming with custom mounting brackets or seat track adapters for each of the Mustangs on the road, giving you the ability to install these beautiful Procar seats in your Mustang all by yourself and will save you money in the long run, especially versus reupholstering your existing seats. Here are a few of the different Procar seats and accessories you’ll find available at great prices through CJ Pony Parts:

Rally Series Procar Seats: These high-back seats feature aggressive bolstering and modern technology that will support you in the twists and turns and ensure that your car’s interior looks factory-fresh for years to come. They’re styled to look like the high-back racing seats used in sports cars of the 60s and 70s, with durable black vinyl exteriors and available velour inserts. You’ll be able to keep the vintage feel you want and enjoy the support of modern bucket seats.

Rally Series Lowback Procar Seats: While they might give up a little support for the head and neck, these are the closest thing you’ll find to a period-correct low back seat like those found in most pony cars during the 60s and 70s. Procar has outfitted them with a tough black vinyl exterior that holds up to the elements and years of abuse, and they use the same modern construction you’ll find on their high-backed cousins.

Procar Seat Kits: If you need to replace all of the seating in your Mustang, why not spring for one of these multi-piece kits from Procar? They include both passenger and driver’s side front seats as well as a bench piece for your company in the rear. Just like the individual Procar pieces, these kits include all of the hardware you’ll need to get your new seats installed without visiting a mechanic.

Procar Racing Seats: Procar seats made their name not just by creating exceptional equipment for restorations, but also by building some extremely high-quality equipment for the racetrack. If your Mustang regularly sees duty at the track, replacing your pedestrian street seats with some four-point ready Procar race buckets will keep your mind in the game when the g-forces get intense.

All of the products from Procar feature an all-steel, TIG-welded frame, which is electrostatically coated for strength and durability. In addition, every Procar seat uses premium grade fabrics and stitching, which will stand up to years of wear and tear in your Mustang. Each Procar seat also features ergonomically shaped cushions that are made with hi-density, injection-molded foam, which ensures comfort along with the proper support that you expect in any Mustang seat. Every Procar product is made in the United States of America, right in the 42,000 square foot facility in Redondo Beach, California.

CJ Pony Parts offers dozens of Procar products for every one of our Mustang customers. Front seats are available in a variety of styles, from more comfort focused seats that are perfect for street driving, to racing seats that are meant to provide comfort and safety as you tear down the track in your Mustang. Order your new Procar seats from CJ Pony Parts and take advantage of free same day shipping on most parts, plus easy online ordering. Check them out and make your order now!