1974 Ford Bronco Details and Specs

1974 Ford Bronco Details and Specs

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The 1974 Ford Bronco is one of the most popular model years of classic Bronco. 1974 was nearing close to the end of the first generation of Broncos, so it was considerably less rough around the edges as previous model years were. Additionally, the competition from Chevy and AMC was growing steeper, so Ford had to do all they could to keep the Bronco competitive.

1974 Ford Bronco: The Most Popular Bronco?

Besides the attributes of the 1974 Bronco itself, its current popularity can also be attributed to the fact that is was the best selling year of classic Broncos, selling over 25,000 units. After 1974, sales of the Bronco began to slump, so this particular year is the first generation’s high-water mark of sorts. Because of their sales success, you are more likely to come across a 1974 Bronco than other years.

Classic Broncos have become quite the hot vehicle, and their values are steadily rising. In 1974, the Bronco's starting price was $2,194 ($11,399 in 2019 dollars) and today it can be sold for prices reaching into the low $40,000s.

Vintage Orange Ford Bronco

Even though the Bronco is an innately rugged vehicle, classic Broncos are around half a century old. It’s hard to find a clean example of an original first-gen Bronco that hasn’t been meticulously restored or restomodded. For that reason, clean 1974 Broncos are in many ways the golden Bronco specimen to track down.

A big reason for the post-1974 sales slump had to do with the tightening emissions requirements of cars and the OPEC oil embargo. Several options were not sold specifically in California for this reason. The 200 c.i.d. I6 engine and the 4.11 rear axle gearing weren’t offered there starting in 1974. Additionally, the 1974 Bronco is the last year sold without a catalytic converter. That being said, any 1974 Bronco project will surely have to install one in order to keep up with modern emissions requirements. Regardless, the Bronco’s engines were further detuned in 1975, so the 1974 Broncos feel palpably stronger than their successors.

1974 Bronco Transmission and Gearing Info

Classic Raven Black Bronco

There were minor changes to the 1974 Bronco, most of which had to do with the transmission. In order to keep pace with the Bronco’s competitors like the Chevy Blazer and the GMC Jimmy, the three-speed C4 automatic transmissions were offered for the first time in 1973. In 1974, most of the kinks with this transmission were ironed out, making it a more desirable Bronco overall. Below are the gear ratios for this transmission.

  • 2.46
  • 1.46
  • 1.00

For the 1974 Bronco's manual transmission option, Ford used their 3.03 three-speed, which was the same transmission as previous years.

  • 2.99
  • 1.46
  • 1.00

The 1974 Bronco came with a Dana 44 axle in the front, and a Ford 9-inch axle in the rear. The transfer case is a Dana 20 with a low range gear ratio of 2.34:1. Below are the varying rear gear ratios offered on the 1974 Ford Bronco.

  • 3.50
  • 4.11
  • 4.50

The 1974 Bronco fixes a few minor issues that customers were reporting having with their transmissions. This mostly entailed reworking the J handle shifting mechanism to make it less difficult to shift gears. In addition to this, a lighted transmission gear selector was added on 1974 Broncos.

A few things were recent for the 1974 Bronco, but not entirely new. In addition to the C4 transmission, a Saginaw power steering system was implemented on the 1973 Bronco. This combined with the C4 automatic transmission contributed to the 1974’s strong sales figures.

1974 Bronco Engine Options

Vintage Red Ford Bronco

The oil embargo threw a wrench into Ford’s plans for the Bronco. 1974 was supposed to mark the beginning of the second generation of Bronco, but those plans had were halted as to not run afoul of fuel efficiency and emissions standards. This delay is visible in the second generation Bronco’s incredibly short lifespan. It only lasted from 1978 to 1979, making it a difficult Bronco to track down.

The base engine offered on 1974 Broncos was the 200 c.i.d. engine (the same one that wasn’t sold in California), making 84 horsepower at 3,800 RPM and 151 pound-feet of torque at 1,800 RPM. All in all, these power figures are relatively underwhelming, especially when held up to modern standards. But that being said, modern engines like the Coyote 5.0 fit like a glove under the hood of a '74 Bronco.

Below is a list of the engines that were available on the 1974 Ford Bronco. Keep in mind that while some of the same engines were sold throughout the Bronco's first generation, their power ratings aren't necessarily the same. Many of the engines were detuned in the early '70s to keep up with emissions requirements.

First Gen Bronco Engine Options
Engine Type Displacement Horsepower Torque
Inline 6 170 c.i.d. 105 @ 4,400 rpm 158 lb-ft @ 2,400 rpm
Inline 6 200 c.i.d. 84 @ 3,800 rpm 151 lb-ft @ 1,800 rpm
V8 302 c.i.d. 200 @ 4,400 rpm 282 lb-ft @ 2,400 rpm

1974 Ford Bronco Dimensions

Here are the physical dimensions of the Ford Bronco. The overall shape and size of the Ford Bronco did not change throughout the first generation, so the following stats also apply to all other years of classic Bronco as well.

1974 Bronco Stats at a Glance
Dimension Value
Length 152.1”
Width 69.1”
Height 72.2”
Wheelbase 92”
Curb weight 3,560 lbs

1974 Ford Bronco Paint Colors

Below is a list of the colors offered on the 1974 Bronco. Among these colors, Ivy Glow, Burnt Orange, Pastel Lime, Village Green, Samoa Lime, Bold Orange, Sandpiper Yellow, and Gold Glow are all new colors for this year. Seapine Green, Winter Green, Durango Tan, Royal Maroon, Bright Lime, Bahama Blue, and Tampico Yellow are all paint colors that were discontinued for the '74 Bronco.

  • Raven Black
  • Wind Blue
  • Chrome Yellow
  • Wimbledon White
  • Ivy Glow
  • Sequoia Brown Metallic
  • Midnight Blue Metallic
  • Candyapple Red
  • Limestone Green Metallic
  • Light Grabber Blue
  • Burnt Orange
  • Hot Ginger Metallic
  • Pastel Lime
  • Village Green
  • Samoa Lime
  • Bold Orange
  • Gold Glow
  • Sandpiper Yellow

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1974 Ford Bronco Details and Specs

The 1974 Ford Bronco is the most popular year of classic Broncos. There are a variety of reasons that this particular year sold better than all the rest.