Ford Maverick Parts You Can Get from a Mustang

Ford Maverick Parts You Can Get from a Mustang

Last Updated June 12, 2023 | Meghan Drummond

On April 17, 1970, Ford introduced the Maverick. It had been six years to the day since the Mustang had debuted. In many ways, the Maverick seemed related to Ford’s first pony car. The small, sporty two-door hatch had a sharp turn radius and sharper looking appearance packages.

That year, the Maverick outsold the Mustang. 579,000 Mavericks sold in the first year. Though this classic Ford car wasn’t even in production for a full decade, over 2 million were produced

The Maverick was intended to be an import-contender. Ford positioned it to topple the Hondas and Beetles that were gaining popularity. Despite its success and aspirations, the Maverick had a short run. In 1977, Ford dumped the Maverick.

Because of the Maverick’s short run, the aftermarket never grew the way it did for the Mustang. This has left vintage Maverick owners in a tough spot. There’s no denying the classic appeal of the Maverick. It’s a restoration candidate for anyone who loves the lines and looks of golden age muscle cars. It can be challenging to find parts though.

A black sporty fastback with white grabber stripes
Maverick Grabber

Ford Maverick Auto Parts

There aren’t many businesses that specialize in selling Maverick parts. Luckily, it’s possible to cobble together restoration parts from Ford’s other vehicles. In particular, classic Mustangs share many parts with the Maverick. The Mustang’s significantly more developed restoration catalog can help Maverick owners. Knowing which Mustang parts will work can make it easier to find Maverick parts online

Disclaimer: The parts below are cross-compatible according to our research and other enthusiasts’ statements. It’s always worthwhile to do some investigating of your own though. Early Ford vehicles are famous for tiny quirks, which adds to the uncertainty of finding parts that fit.

Ford Maverick Engine Parts

The Maverick’s engine is one area with plenty of available parts. Though Ford made modifications to their engines, they used similar designs throughout. The Maverick’s 170, 200, 250, and 302 CID engines share lots of parts with their Mustang equivalents.

The 170 CID Thriftpower from the Maverick is like the Mustang’s U-code engine. This engine was only offered in 1964.5, but many of its accessories fit the 200 CID engine that replaced it. The Maverick’s 200 CID engine is also able to use these parts and is similar to the Mustang’s T-code engine.

In 1971, when Ford added the 250 and 302 CID engine options for the Maverick, they advertised that the engines were borrowed from the Mustang. This is great news for parts compatibility!

Having shared engines means a lot of other parts can be shared as well.

An orange Maverick with black side stripes in front of a mountain
Maverick GT

Oil Systems

Oil systems are more particular to the engine than to the vehicle. Since the Mustang and Maverick share engines, they can also share many oil system components. The oil filters, oil caps, oil sender switch, and oil pans are compatible within engine displacements. The only trick is avoiding oil caps printed with the word “Mustang” but otherwise, almost every part of the oil system is interchangeable.

Ignition Systems

While oil systems tend to stay the same, some ignition system parts are different between the Maverick and Mustang. Most ignition system parts are compatible though. The Mustang and Maverick’s ignition coils were identical. The upgraded ignition coil can be installed on either. One thing that’s different is the battery tray, but the battery cables still work. There are battery cables for the 170-200 CID engines, as well as for the 250-302 CID engines.

Unfortunately, exhaust manifolds and intake manifolds aren’t as easy. The gasket’s easy to fit, but the manifolds themselves have minor size variations. Though these are partially determined by engine, underhood space is also a relevant factor.


Because the Maverick had smaller displacement engines, only a few alternators work well. The Maverick’s used a 55 amp alternator. Many other Ford vehicles used similar alternators, including early Mustangs.

Maverick and Mustang Engine Parts
Compatible Part Mustang Years Maverick Years Notes
6-Cylinder Exhaust Manifold Gasket 1965-1973 1970-1977
8-Cylinder Exhaust Gasket 1965-1973 1970-1977
Ignition Coil 1965-1973 1970-1977 Yellow Top
Upgraded Ignition Coil Compatible Compatible Pertronix Flame Thrower
Alternator Brackets 1965-1969 1970-1977 Only Compatible with V8 Models
3-Row Radiator 1969-1970 1971-1973 Fits 250 CID Engine, or 302 CID W/O AC
Water Pump 1965 1970-1972 Only for vehicles w/o AC
Oil Filter 1965-1973 1970-1977 White Autolite Filter
Oil Filter 1965-1973 1970-1977 Ford Motorcraft Filter
Oil Pressure Sending Unit 1966-1973 1970-1977
170-200 CID Oil Pan 1965-1970 1970-1972
170-200 CID Battery Cables 1968-1969 1970-1977
250-302 CID Battery Cables 1972-1973 1970-1977
6-Cylinder Valve Cover 1965-1973 1970-1977
12" Oval Air Cleaner Assembly 1965-1985 1970-1977 2 and 4-Barrel Carb models
Valve Cover 1965-1985 1970-1977 For 260, 289, 302, and 351 CID Engines
Hooker Headers 1964-1973 1970-1977 255-302 CID Engines
Oval Air Filter 1965-1973 1970-1977
6-Cylinder Spark Plug Wires 1965-1973 1970-1977
8-Cylinder Spark Plug Wires 1965-1973 1970-1977
Distributer 1965-1973 1970-1977 302 CID Engines
Alternator 1965-1973 1970-1977 All Engines
Heater Core 1967-1973 1970-1977 With Air Conditioning
Heater Core 1969-1970 1970-1977 Without Air Conditioning
Battery Hold Down Clamp 1967-1970 1970-1977
Starter 1965-1973 1970-1977 302 CID Engine Only
Starter Solenoid 1965-1973 1970-1974
Ignition Switch 1971-1972 1970-1977

Ford Maverick Transmissions

The Maverick used a C4 automatic transmission and a three and four-speed Toploader through all seven production years. These transmissions were also used in many classic Mustangs. That means there’s no shortage of parts.

Unfortunately, many Mavericks have a column-mounted shifter. Floor shifters were available as a factory option, and those models have more cross-compatibility. Other Maverick owners have converted their transmission to a floor-shift.

Parts of the transmission, like pans and valve bodies, should be fully functional.

Manual Transmissions

The Maverick shared the early Mustang’s Toploaders. These transmissions had a 1/16” 10-spline input shaft and 28-spline output shaft. They were available in both a three-speed and a four-speed.

When using Mustang Toploader parts for a Maverick transmission, only use parts designed for Mustangs with a V6 or small-block V8. Big block V8 Mustangs (those with an engine that had greater than 427 CID) used a Toploader with 31-spline output shafts and an input shaft with a slightly larger diameter.

Automatic Transmissions

A brown four-door Maverick Sedan
Maverick Sedan

The C4 transmission was the sole automatic transmission for classic Mustangs and Mavericks. It’s important to note that the C4 had several changes over the years. Most notably, in 1970 it changed to a 26-spline input shaft from a 24-spline. The input shaft diameter also changed from .788 inch to .839 inch.

This means a 1970 Mustang and Maverick would have the same C4, but you wouldn’t necessarily be able to use parts from earlier C4 transmissions.

Clutches, Flywheels, and Flexplates

The engines and transmissions of early Mustangs and Mavericks are similar. But you need to operate with caution where these points connect. Items like bellhousings weren’t always the same.

Fortunately, most clutch kits, flywheels, and flexplates will be cross-compatible. Mavericks equipped with a 170-200 CID engine used a 9” clutch. Mavericks with larger engines used a 10”.

Transmission Components

For most of the transmission’s accessories, common sense will prevail. The Mustang did not come with a column-mounted shifter, so there aren’t parts to make that compatible. Shift knobs are cross-compatible though. Some other parts, like the automatic shifter cover, also fit.

Maverick and Mustang Transmission Parts
Compatible Part Mustang Years Maverick Years Notes
3-Speed Manual Transmission Rebuild Kit 1965-1873 1970-1977
4-Speed Manual Transmission Rebuild Kit 1964.5-1973 1970-1977
Performance C4 Transmission 1970-1981 1970-1977 26-Spline Input Shaft
C4 Rebuild Kit 1970-1981 1970-1977
C4 Transmission Pan 1965-1981 1970-1977
9" Clutch Kit 1966-1973 1970-1977 For Six-Cylinder Engines
1 1/16" Input Shaft
C4 Dipstick 1965-1973 1970-1977
C4 Flexplate 1964.5-1973 1970-1977 157 Tooth
10" Clutch Kit 1966-1974 1970-1977 For 8-Cylinder Engines
1 1/16" Input Shaft
Torque Converter 1970-1973 1970-1977 26-Spline Input Shaft
Automatic Shift Cover 1969-1970 1970-1976 Black
Automatic Shift Cover 1971-1973 1970-1976 Chrome
Automatic Shift Knob 1965-1973 1970-1976 Available in Several Colors

Ford Maverick Suspension Parts

There are some Mustang suspension parts that are compatible with the Maverick. The vehicles’ curb weights were similar and both had a double-wishbone style front suspension. This means that upper and lower control arms will be an easy fit. The three-bolt ball joints used by the Mustang will fit Mavericks, but the four-bolt is exclusive to Mustangs. Aftermarket accessories that connect to these parts should also fit, but information on exact fitment is limited.

Other suspension parts, like coil springs, can fit but not without modification. Maverick owners have reported that they needed to cut down the springs in order for them to fit. In some cases, they cut the springs down by as much as an inch.

Unfortunately, many other suspension components will not fit. The Mustang and Maverick’s frame shape is different, which means connection locations are different.

Mustang sway bars won’t work at all. Monte Carlo bars and export braces need to be heavily modified.

Mustang and Maverick Suspension Parts
Compatible Part Mustang Years Maverick Years Notes
Front Lower Control Arm 1968-1973 1970-1977
Front Lower Control Arm 1968-1973 1970-1977 With Jacking Tab
Front Upper Control Arm 1967-1973 1970-1977
Upper Ball Joint 1965-1973 1970-1977 3-Bolt
Lower Ball Joint Gasket 1965-1973 1970-1977
Upper Ball Joint Boot 1965-1973 1970-1977
Ball Joint Wedge 1965-1970 1970-1977 Improves Camber
Lower Ball Joint Boot 1965-1973 1970-1977
Control Arm Grease Fittings 1965-1973 1970-1977
Coil Springs 1967-1971 1971-1977
Coil Springs 1965-1966 1970 (all), 1971-1972 w/o AC
Coil Spring Insulator 1965-1973 1970-1977
Lower Control Arm Bushing 1967-1973 1970-1977
Coil Spring Saddle 1965-1973 1970-1977
Lower Control Arm Camber Bolts 1967-1973 1970-1977
Front Shocks 1967-1970 1970-1977
Sway Bar End Link Kit 1968-1973 1970-1977
Sway Bar Bushings 1965-1973 1970-1977
Inner Tie Rod End 1970 1970-1974
Outer Tie Rod End 1970-1973 1970-1974
Power Steering Pump 1967-1970 1970-1974 For Six-Cylinder Models
Power Steering Seal Repair Kit 1965-1977 1970-1977
Power Steering Pump Adjusting Bracket 1967-1970 1970-1977 For Six-Cylinder Models

Ford Maverick Exhaust Parts

Exhaust components typically require modification to work. Tailpipes need to be bent, pieces need to be shortened. Headers may list both Mustang and Maverick as compatible vehicles but end up requiring lots of modification.

A full exhaust system swap seems to work best. Of course, there are also a ton of universal parts, like mufflers and exhaust tips.

Ford Maverick Brake Parts

It shouldn’t be too surprising that a lot of Mustang and Maverick brake parts are cross-compatible. The engine power and wheels were similar, though wheels themselves usually won’t fit.

Mustang and Maverick Brake Parts
Compatible Part Mustang Years Maverick Years Notes
Brake Shoe Link Pin 1965-1993 1970-1977
Brake Shoes for 10" Brakes 1965-1982 1971-1977 Rear Brakes
Brake Shoes for 9" Brakes 1965-1970 1970-1972 Front Brakes
Brake Shoes for 10" Brakes 1965-1973 1970-1972 Front Brakes
Brake Shoes for 9" Brakes 1965-1973 1970-1972 Rear Brakes
Brake Shoe Adjuster Kit 1965-1973 1970-1975 Front Passenger's Side
Brake Shoe Adjuster Kit 1965-1973 1970-1975 Front Driver's Side
Drum Brake Wheel Cylinder 1966-1973 1974-1975 Rear Driver's Side
Drum Brake Wheel Cylinder 1966-1973 1974-1975 Rear Passenger's Side
Drum Brake Wheel Cylinder 1965-1972 1970-1975 Front Driver's Side
Drum Brake Wheel Cylinder 1965-1972 1970-1975 Front Passenger's Side
Brake Master Cylinder Boot 1965-1973 1970-1973
Parking Brake Cable Pulley 1964-1968 1971-1975
Parking Brake Cable Equalizer 1967-1970 1970-1977

Maverick Exterior Parts

One of the aspects that draws people to the Mustang and the Maverick is their unique appearance. Tragically, that means there aren’t a whole lot of parts that will fit both vehicles. The physical dimensions of features like exterior windows, and many other subtle style cues, make sheet metal fitment difficult.

There are a few exterior parts that are cross-compatible though. Wheel bearings, exterior door handles, and door locks usually work. These parts are small, but they’re also the most likely to need replacing during a normal restoration project.

Some of these parts won’t bring your Maverick to Concours correct, but they look great and are appropriate to the era. You can keep your Maverick’s retro-appeal and have a functioning door handle at the same time.

Mustang and Maverick Exterior Parts
Compatible Part Mustang Years Maverick Years Notes
Wheel Bearing 1970-1973 1970-1977
Magnum Wheels 1965-1973 1970-1977
Exterior Door Handle 1967-1968 1970-1977 Chrome
Door Lock Set 1970-1973 1970-1973
Trunk Latch 1967-1970 1970-1972
Trunk Latch Catch 1969-1970 1970-1977
Trunk Lock Extension Rod 1967-1973 1970-1977
Tailight Parking Lights 1965-1973 1970-1977
Windshield Wiper Motor 1967-1973 1970-1977
Brake Lamp Switch Never 1970-1977 Bronco Part

Maverick Interior Parts

Can you imagine any successful carmaker designing a completely unique bevel for their interior switches? Of course not! It would be a huge waste. Ford frequently used similar or identical interior parts in all its vehicles across a year.

Other parts can work if you’re willing to stray from your Maverick’s original equipment and put in some work. Many dedicated restoration artists have managed to fit 1969 Mustang seats inside their Maverick. They’re not a perfect match, but compared to sagging seats, they’re a big upgrade.

Mustang and Maverick Interior Parts
Compatible Part Mustang Years Maverick Years Notes
Window Crank Knob 1968-1973 1970 Black
Window Crank Knob 1968-1973 1970 Clear
Automatic Shifter Seal 1969-1973 1972
Headlight Switch 1965-1972 1970-1977
Headlight Dimmer Switch 1965-1973 1970-1977
Windshield Wiper Switch 1971-1973 1973-1977 For Mavericks without Intermittent Wipers
Steering Column Tube Bearing Sleeve 1968-1993 1970-1977
Steering Column Bearing 1967-1993 1970-1977
Door Latch Rod Retainer 1967-1973 1970-1977
Door Lock Knobs 1968-1973 1970-1977
2-Spoke Steering Wheel 1968-1969 1970-1977 Center Design Is Different
194 Bulbs 1965-2004 1970-1977
LED 194 Bulb Replacements 1969-1973 1970-1977 Aftermarket LED Replacement
194 Bulb Sockets 1969-1993 1970-1977

What Mustang Parts Won't Work on a Maverick?

The Mustang’s shared part compatibility with the Maverick allows for a much-expanded part catalog. Unfortunately, not all parts are cross-compatible. Though it’s good to know which parts fit, it’s just as important to know which parts absolutely won’t work. Sheet metal is an obvious example. A body panel for a Mustang will need major modification to fit a Maverick.

Other parts that join to the frame also are incompatible. Sway bars are a good example of this. Though some have managed to make Mustang sway bars fit into a Maverick, the process was complicated. Monte Carlo bars and export braces suffer from a similar incompatibility. There are some reports of front and rear bumpers working with substantial modification. It looks remarkable when done well. But without welding equipment and tenacity, it’s probably not worth attempting.

Green and Black Maverick
1970 Maverick

Finding Maverick Parts

There are a lot more parts available to restore your Ford Maverick beyond the ones listed above. If you know the specifications of your parts well enough, you can use the Mustang and Bronco aftermarket. Because these vehicles had a longer run, they have more expansive parts available today.

If you’ve decided to restore a Ford Maverick though, knowing the automobiles that share parts with yours will make finding parts easier. Guides on restoring Classic Mustangs, like the ones we share on our YouTube channel, can also be beneficial.

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