11 Best 2018 Mustang Colors

11 Best 2018 Mustang Colors

Last Updated June 12, 2023 | Andrew Boyle

Finding the right color to outfit your new 2018 Mustang in can be difficult. Especially if you’re sitting there with an order sheet and not sure what the car may look like till it’s already being unloaded off the truck for you.

On top of that, if you have your Mustang on the way, you’ll want to pick up some touch-up paint with the appropriate paint code. Some of the older colors, like Ingot Silver, still have the same paint code, UX. But Orange Fury, which is new to the 2018 Mustang, has the paint code, NL. So, be sure to check for the correct paint code when getting touch-up paint for your new Mustang. If you're curious about the 2019 Mustang paint colors, be sure to check out our other article!

If you're looking to upgrade your pony car, check out our 2018 Mustang parts page.

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2018 Mustang Colors
Paint CodeColor
G1Shadow Black
H3Triple Yellow
J7Magnetic Metallic
L6Kona Blue
NLOrange Fury
N6Lightning Blue
PQRace Red
RRRuby Red Tint
R3Royal Crimson
UXIngot Silver
YZOxford White

Ingot Silver

Some people out there are neutral color type people when it comes to Mustangs. With Ingot Silver Mustangs, the right aftermarket parts can make them look incredibly aggressive! We’re sure that Roush will be coming out with a host of options to add onto your 2018 Mustang like a hood scoop, spoiler, heat extractors, side scoops and more. All of which can add that aggressive, yet tasteful touch to any Ingot Silver 2018 Mustang.

2018 Mustang Ingot Silver

Kona Blue

Kona Blue has been around on the Ford Mustang since the 2010 model year. Being a popular blue for a few years until Deep Impact Blue made it’s debut in 2013 with the S197 refresh, Kona Blue was longed for by many enthusiasts when the 2015 Mustang made its appearance on the Detroit Auto Show floor. Ford listened and offered Kona Blue as one of the two special colors for the 2015 Mustang Limited Edition cars, paired with Wimbledon White. Here we are in 2018 and Kona Blue is going to happily be offered as a standard color - and we couldn’t be happier!

2018 Mustang Kona Blue

Lightning Blue

If Kona Blue is a bit too boring for you when it comes to your sinister-looking 2018 Mustang, then maybe you can spice it up with Lightning Blue! Lightning Blue is awfully similar to the Blue Candy color you see on Ford Focus’, just a bit darker. Being a carryover color from the 2017 model year, it’s a no-brainer that Ford kept this color onboard for the next model year. It’s been incredibly popular and certainly looks great on the GT350 as well!

2018 Mustang Lightning Blue


The 2018 Mustang simply looks killer in Magnetic. Being a darker, more earthy tone, this color compliments almost any body accents you throw at it and looks especially sinister when some tinted windows are thrown into the equation. There’s no question that with the right parts, racing stripes, or even in stock form that Magnetic can look beautiful in almost any light.

2018 Mustang Magnetic

Orange Fury Metallic Tri-Coat

Ford has seemed to crown Orange Fury as the color of the year for the 2018 Mustang. Almost any marketing material involving the 2018 Mustang GT and EcoBoost has the Mustang dressed in Orange Fury Metallic Tri-Coat front and center. Much like the Competition Orange of the 2015-2016 model years on the S550, Orange Fury is quite difficult to photograph, especially in varying lighting situations. When the car is under artificial light indoors, the color almost looks like a School Bus Yellow. However, when you pull the car outside, the deeper Orange (almost pearl look) pops through and shines brightly under natural light.

We’re looking forward to seeing what new Orange Fury 2018 Mustang owners do to accessories and modify with this hot, new color.

2018 Mustang Orange Fury

Oxford White

Offering white is a must on essentially any year Mustang. There’s just something classy when you see a decked-out white Mustang GT. The best part about this color is that Oxford White truly leaves a blank slate for its new owner to really take their build in a direction that suits their personality. If you want to change the color of the heat extractors? Go for it! Custom powder-coated wheels in a Candy Red or Lime Green? Also an option! The opportunities are endless with Oxford White, so it’s definitely a contender for one of the best color options out there.

2018 Mustang Oxford White

Race Red

Race Red is perhaps one of the most iconic colors for the Mustang out there. Think about it! When you think a Mustang, how often does a red Mustang come to mind? With that said, Race Red is a viable option for anyone’s 2018 Mustang! Regardless of what you plan to do to your S550, there’s no doubt that a Race Red 2018 Mustang will turn heads no matter what’s done to the car.

2018 Mustang Race Red

Royal Crimson Metallic Tinted Clearcoat

We’re kind of surprised that Ford is offering both Royal Crimson and Ruby Red under the same year. Being similar in color, these options can appeal to the same type of buyer. With that said, Royal Crimson Metallic Tinted Clearcoat is certainly an interesting color depending on what light you’re looking under. In the dark, this color almost has a hint of brown to it, but under direct sunlight, the deep, dark red shines through and looks especially good with polarized sunglasses for some reason. Royal Crimson on the 2018 Mustang is an intriguing color for sure!

2018 Mustang Royal Crimson

Ruby Red Metallic Tinted Clearcoat

Ruby Red has been the go-to color for dark red fans since the 2013 model year on the Ford Mustang. There’s a reason for this… it’s a beautiful color! Ruby Red Metallic Tinted Clearcoat is classy no matter which way you look at it and paired with the right aftermarket modifications, it can look incredibly aggressive. Picking up the Performance Package with the 19” black wheels already gets you halfway there!

2018 Mustang GT Ruby Red

Shadow Black

You can’t offer a Ford Mustang without offering the classic Shadow Black! Switching from a regular Black to Shadow Black for the 2017 model year, this particular black has a little bit more of a gray or ghost-like hue to it. Which, in our opinion, makes it look even better than the outgoing black for the 2016 model year. We have no doubt that Shadow Black will look great on the 2018 Mustang.

2018 Mustang Shadow Black

Triple Yellow Tri-Coat on the 2018 Mustang

In some ways, yellow has almost seemed like an outcast over the past few years of the Mustang. This could be for various reasons, such as Ford not really using this particular color in much of their marketing material. The S550 looks great in Triple Yellow, though! Paired with some good looking black accents like wheels and mirror covers and you have yourself a head-turning 2018 Mustang build!

2018 Mustang Triple Yellow

News on the 2018 Mustang Colors

Orange Fury 2018 Mustang Photographed Outside!

After seeing this photo of two 2018 Mustangs in the new Orange Fury paint, thanks to Mustang6G user disneyfun1, we have an idea of what this color will look like in sunlight. And it certainly is quite different than what Orange Fury appeared to the eye and camera lens under the bright fluorescent lights of the Virginia International Auto Show back in February.

Not going to lie, this new color looks much better under some real sunlight, rather than the artificial light everyone saw from the auto shows. Regardless, we are very excited to see this new color, among other colors like Royal Crimson and Lead Foot Gray, out on the roads this Fall!

2018 Mustang Orange Fury Outside

Lightning Blue & Royal Crimson Photographed

Thanks to @joeyde313 and @toastedpirate on Instagram, we are able to see a couple more photos of the new colors being sported on the 2018 Mustang. And we have to say, these colors are definitely growing on us! At first, it seemed as though Royal Crimson was more of a traditional, Ruby Red-type color. But when paired with black accents such as the black wheels, the 2018 Mustang can look quite aggressive dressed in Royal Crimson!

2018 Mustang Royal Crimson

2018 Mustang Lightning Blue White Stripe

Royal Crimson, Shadow Black and Lightning Blue 2018 Mustangs Spotted

The all-new 2018 Mustang is getting spotted more and more now that it’s officially been debuted and the days and months of 2017 are marching by quickly. Thanks to Mustang6G user Jarstang, we are able to get more familiar with the look of this newly redesigned 2018 Mustang.

As you can see from these photos, there are a couple new styling cues that could be a clue of what will be available down the road on the 2018 Mustang order sheets. For example, on the Shadow Black EcoBoost, you can see that there are silver accent stripes that run along the body line across the fender/door and rear quarter panel. Similar to the already popular 2015 Mustang Side Stripes, you can see the similarities between the two options.

You can also see from the side profile of the Royal Crimson EcoBoost (which is a classy color, by the way!), that it’s sporting the 2015-2017 Mustang EcoBoost Performance Package 4-Piston Brakes. If they’re sticking to that ideology, these wheels could be the wheels you would get with the Performance Package on the EcoBoost for 2018. However, it has the same pedestal spoiler as the rest, so it could go either way.

2018 Mustang Royal Crimson Front

2018 Mustang Shadow Black

2018 Mustang GT Lightning Blue

Image Credit: Ford.com | Autoweek.com | Mustang6G.com

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