2019 Mustang Colors and Paint Codes

2019 Mustang Colors and Paint Codes

Last Updated June 12, 2023 | Andrew Boyle

When the refresh of the S550 debuted for the 2018 model year, many enthusiasts were taken aback at the Mustang’s new face. Some liked it, some loved it and some couldn’t stand it. However, in due time, everyone came around to the Mustang’s new aggressive personality that perfectly matches the Gen 3 460 horsepower Coyote screaming under the hood. Though there aren't many changes for the 2019 Mustang, a few new colors were introduced.

Last year, Orange Fury was the hot color used in most of Ford’s marketing materials with the debut of the Mustang’s mid-cycle refresh. This year, however, there are a couple of new colors on the palette that really bring a new look to the Mustang. A great example of this is Need For Green, which is all-new for 2019. Reminiscent of the early '70s “Grabber” colors, Need For Green stands out from the crowd by a long shot. For 2019, however, Ford has deleted Royal Crimson, Triple Yellow, and Lightning Blue from the color palette.

Check out some of the colors on the 2019 Mustang that you’ll see rolling around in a neighborhood near you soon enough! If you're one of the many who is patiently waiting for GT500 colors, don't forget to check out our list of 2020 Mustang paint colors. Though we expect there will be a lot of overlap with 2019's paint schemes, there are already a few new paint colors that we're excited about.

If you are interested in upgrading your 2019 Mustang, be sure to check out our 2019 Mustang parts page

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2019 Mustang Colors
Paint CodeColor
B5Dark Highland Green*
AJNeed For Green*
E7Velocity Blue*
G1Shadow Black
J7Magnetic Metallic
L6Kona Blue
NLOrange Fury
PQRace Red
RRRuby Red Tint
UXIngot Silver
YZOxford White

*new for 2019 model year.

Dark Highland Green

Unique to the Bullitt Mustang, Dark Highland Green has a ton of history dating back to the '60s. This car was originally spec’d out for the 1968 movie as a stripped ‘67 Fastback with a 390 cubic inch V8 under the hood and a four-speed on the floor. Times have changed a bit since then, but the essence of the Bullitt Mustang is alive and well with Ford’s latest limited edition release of this iconic car!

2019 Mustang Dark Highland Green

Ingot Silver

To many commuter cars out there, silver can be a rather boring color. That isn’t the case with the 2019 Mustang, especially in a California Special. Ingot Silver is very well complemented by the perfect amount of black accents such as wheels and tires, black exhaust tips, or stripes. You can’t go wrong with this perfect color for the 2019 Mustang.

2019 Mustang Ingot Silver

Kona Blue

Originally a special edition color for the 1,964 limited edition Mustangs created in 2015, the overwhelming love for Kona Blue pushed Ford to make it a standard color in 2018. Carrying over to 2019, we couldn’t be any more excited to have Kona Blue onboard for this year.

2019 Mustang Kona Blue


Being around for the past few model years, Magnetic Metallic is a tried and true combination on the Mustang. In completely stock form, this color makes the lines of the Mustang look incredibly aggressive and almost sinister at many angles. Pair that with a good set of lowering springs and some wheels and you’ve got yourself the meanest-looking Mustang on the block!

2019 Mustang Magnetic

Need For Green

Similar to Orange Fury for the 2018 model year, there has been hype around this particular color getting added to the Mustang’s palette of color choices. Similar to the Camaro’s Krypton Green, Need For Green really brings back the bright colors we all remember from the muscle car era of the '70s. And we fully welcome it!

2019 Mustang Need For Green

Orange Fury Metallic Tri-Coat

Orange Fury was a super hot color for the 2018 model year. And we don’t see that stopping for the 2019 crowd. Needless to say, it’s clear the reason why this color is so popular - it pops! If you’re driving through the suburbs at night this color pops brightly off the streetlight. The same goes for a bright sunny day, that’s why we’ve nicknamed our Orange Fury 2018 GT, Cheese Whiz!

2019 Mustang Orange Fury

Oxford White

White is one of those colors that is always offered on a vehicle. This particular shade of white, Oxford, is truly a bright white. When the car is clean, this color pops from across the parking lot and truly accentuates the curves that Ford designed into the 2019 Mustang to stand out. You can’t go wrong with Oxford White on your 2019!

2019 Mustang Oxford White

Race Red

It just wouldn’t be a Mustang if a bright red wasn’t offered. That’s exactly what we were thinking when we saw Race Red for the first time on the refreshed Mustang. Race Red stands out like a sore thumb...and in a good way! We can’t wait to see more Race Red Mustangs on the road!

2019 Mustang Race Red

Ruby Red Metallic Tinted Clearcoat

Ruby Red is quite similar to Royal Crimson except it's a bit brighter. In all lights, Ruby Red is a bit more classy than it is aggressive when compared to Royal Crimson. This is due in part to the fact Ruby Red looks almost like a jewel, as the name implies, whereas Royal Crimson has the tendency to look much darker. Nonetheless, Ruby Red Metallic looks great on the 2019 Mustang!

2018 Mustang Ruby Red

Shadow Black

Just like Oxford White, you can’t have a Mustang without offering black! The shade of choice is Shadow Black which has been around since the 2016 model year. For those brave souls that choose to buy a black car (and clean it!), you truly can’t go wrong. It just looks amazing and sinister all in one package.

2019 Mustang Shadow Black

Velocity Blue

Velocity Blue has been somewhat overshadowed by the hype around Need For Green on the 2019 Mustang. Mostly because that type of green has really never been seen on the Mustang in recent history, so obviously there is a lot of talk about that color. This is unfortunate because after seeing Velocity Blue in person, I'm in love! It's got a little more pearl behind it than Lightning Blue did and a little bit more of a 'candy' look. You'll see this car coming down the road from afar (basically as soon as you hear that signature Mustang rumble) and it will look killer with the right black accents. Well done, Ford!

2019 Mustang Velocity Blue

Image Credit: Ford.com

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