2019 Mustang Details & Specs

2019 Mustang Details & Specs

Last Updated February 5, 2020 | Chris Cervenka

The 2019 Mustang will be hitting the streets later this year. But the buzz around the pony car’s latest model year has been going around for a while now. Back in December, Ford proudly announced the return of the Bullitt Mustang with the unveil of both the original car from the Steve McQueen movie and the pre-production 2019 Mustang Bullitt prototype. With the unveil of the original car, the news of the old and new Bullitt took the world by storm across hundreds, if not thousands of media channels. Rightfully so, there is certainly a lot of history to be told about the original Bullitt Mustang.

Moving forward, Ford announced the return of the California Special for the 2019 model year. Dating back to 1968, the GT/CS is one of those packages that takes the look and feel of a spec’d out GT and turns the knob up to “11” with a more plush interior, subtle exterior upgrades and more. We can’t wait to see what else is in store for the 2019 Mustang as it seems Ford just doesn’t stop when it comes to the industry-leading innovation and technology with America’s favorite pony car.

2019 Mustang California Special

2019 Mustang California Special Convertible

Ford recently announced the return of the California Special variant of the Mustang for the 2019 model year. Being a limited edition run, similar to the Bullitt, the GT/CS is aimed to mirror the aesthetic styling cues of its 1968 model year grandfather with all of the modern appointments we know and love in today’s Mustang.

The history of the California Special Mustang falls back after its unveil in 1964 where many dealers across the country were customizing and modifying the Mustang for purchase by fans right off the showroom floor. One of these dealer customized Mustangs came from California and caught Ford’s eye. By 1968, they put a limited number of these California Special Mustangs into production alongside their standard production models. They featured a Shelby-inspired spoiler, custom tail lights, twist-lock hood fasteners, a signature decal on either side and more to set these GT/CS Mustangs apart from the rest.

The 2019 Mustang GT California Special features the same trademark fading stripe that runs along the door from the 5.0 fender emblem to the side scoop along with the blacked out grille featuring the tri-bar running pony emblem and unique wheels, interior accents, a decklid panel and more. The 2019 Mustang California Special is aimed to stand apart from the rest to pay homage to the original which hit showroom floors over 50 years ago.

2019 Mustang

2019 Mustang Bullitt

If you call yourself a Mustang enthusiast, then there’s no doubt that you’re a stranger to the Bullitt Mustang. With the original hailing from the 1968 movie classic, Bullitt featuring Steve McQueen and a ‘67 Mustang Fastback with a 390 cubic inch V8 under the hood, this car instantly became a classic for the past half-century. With other Bullitt Editions from 2001 and 2008, Ford decided to bring it back for 2019. With more power, stealthy looks and those bright red Brembo brakes, you’ll instantly know when a Bullitt is coming up on your rearview mirror. And it goes without saying that you better get out of the way!

It truly doesn’t get much better than a 6-speed manual transmission and 475 horsepower at your right foot. Feast your eyes on the 2019 Mustang Bullitt!

2019 Mustang Bullitt Rear

2019 Mustang Colors

It goes without saying that our car defines our personality. A large part of that is the color of your ride. With that said, Ford has added three new colors to the 2019 Mustang color lineup. You can find these awesome 2019 Mustang paint codes listed below.

  • Dark Highland Green (NEW)
  • Ingot Silver (UX)
  • Kona Blue (L6)
  • Lightning Blue (N6)
  • Magnetic Metallic (J7)
  • Need for Green (NEW)
  • Orange Fury (NL)
  • Oxford White (YZ)
  • Race Red (PQ)
  • Royal Crimson (R3)
  • Ruby Red Tint (RR)
  • Shadow Black (G1)
  • Triple Yellow (H3)
  • Velocity Blue (NEW)

2019 Mustang Rev-Matching, B&O Play Audio & Active Exhaust

Rev-Matching Capability

Technology has been a huge topic regarding the 2018 Mustang refresh from the engine, interior, suspension, transmission(s), and more. With that said, they kept the ball rolling for the 2019 model year with the addition of Rev-Matching capability for Mustangs equipped with the 6-Speed Manual Transmission and Performance Package. This means when you go to downshift as you’re coming up for the next turn, there is no need to “blip” the throttle anymore as the 2019 Mustang will do that for you and get you at the perfect RPM for your next gear. Pretty cool, right?

B&O Play Audio System

And for those 2015-2017 Mustang owners out there who may even have the optional Shaker Pro sound system, sometimes the audio quality just isn’t 100% there. I know I personally have the Shaker Pro in my 2015 GT, and in my personal opinion, the mids and highs are lacking at points depending on what genre of music I’m listening to. With that said, it looks like Ford engineers agreed which is why they switched it up and started working with Bang & Olufsen to develop the 2019 Mustang audio system.

Bang & Olufsen as a nearly century-long history of delivering high-quality audio to the world. So for the 2019 Mustang, you can expect a 10-channel amplifier producing 1,000 watts across 12 high-performance speakers from the B&O Play audio system.

Active Exhaust For The EcoBoost

When the 2018 Mustang rolled out to the world early last year, it was said that the EcoBoost would receive similar dual exhaust to the outgoing 2017 model year. However, the GT would, for the first time, receive quad-tip exhaust with the option of an active exhaust system that allows you to choose the volume of your exhaust note.

This left many EcoBoost owners upset because they wanted the same ability on their EcoBoost. Although it’s not the iconic sound of 8 cylinders firing in a symphony of sound, the EcoBoost has a unique exhaust note of its own that owners would like to flaunt. Ford heard their cries and now this option is available on 2019 Mustang EcoBoost models as well!

Image Credit: Ford

2019 Mustang Details & Specs

With the 2018 Mustang refresh come and gone, we’re already looking ahead to the 2019 model year for America’s favorite pony car. In early 2018, with the unveiling of the original Bullitt Mustang alongside the all-new 2019 Bullitt Mustang, Ford never turned the knob down after the unveil of the refreshed Mustang. Now, we’ll see the return of the California Special, a package that dates back to the '60s.

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