How to Take Your 2021 Ford Bronco Doors Off

How to Take Your 2021 Ford Bronco Doors Off

"A guide to getting your rig ready for open-air excursions."

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The door removal process for the 2021 Bronco is easy enough to finish in a few simple steps. This guide will show you how to take the doors off your Bronco and reattach them when you're done off-roading. We'll also go over the Ford Onboard Storage Kit in the cargo area and your other door storage options.

Bronco Door Removal

All 2021 Ford Bronco trims use the same door removal process, whether you have a 2-door or 4-door model. The necessary tools come with your 2021 Bronco, so you'll be ready to go doorless whenever the mood strikes. The 4-door Broncos should come with door bags for the front and rear doors. For 2-door models, you might have to buy your own set of door bags.

Please Note: The front doors are over 50 lbs each and the rear doors are over 40 lbs each. Use proper lifting techniques while removing the doors to avoid strained muscles.

Necessary Tools

  • 13 mm Hex Socket Wrench
  • Door Bags
  • Lower Hinge Alignment Pin

Step One: Prepare Doors for Removal

Roll the windows all the way down and push the side view mirrors forward and out of the way of the doors. Open the doors to the fully extended position.

Bronco Door Removal Step 1

Step Two: Remove the Bolts

Using the 13 mm hex socket wrench, remove the two (2) hinge bolts. The top bolt faces down and the bottom bolt faces up.

Pro Tip: Store the bolts in the zippered pouch inside your Bronco’s included toolkit so you don’t lose them.

Bronco Door Removal Step 2

Step Three: Unplug Wiring Harness

Locate the wiring harness connecting the door to the frame. Move the connector cover to the side and unplug the harness from the frame. The cover is spring-loaded and weather-sealed, so it will snap into place as soon as you let go.

Bronco Door Removal Step 3

Step Four: Remove the Door from the Hinges

Slide the side-specific door bag onto the door and zip the top of the bag closed. Use the handle at the bottom of the door panel and the door bag’s handles to lift the door off the hinges.

Bronco Door Removal Step 4

Step Five: Securely Store the Door

Zip the door bag closed and store your door in the cargo area or garage. Repeat these steps for each door and you’ll be trail-ready in no time.

Bronco Door Removal Step 5

Bronco Door Installation

Installing the doors on your Ford Bronco is as easy as taking them off. You’ll be back on the road, and street legal, in five simple steps.

Step One: Prepare Bronco for Installation

Push the side view mirrors forward. Wipe any debris or dirt away from the exposed hinges to avoid damage or misalignment. Screw the alignment pin onto the lower hinge. Don’t overtighten the pin or it will be difficult to remove once the door is in place.

Bronco Door Removal Step 14

Step Two: Prepare Doors for Installation

Unzip the door bag enough to have access to the hinges without bag interference. Slip the two fender defenders in place, one on the door and one on the front fender.

Bronco Door Removal Step 16

Step Three: Lift Door Onto Hinges

Align the door to the fully open position and use the lower hinge alignment pin to set the door in place. Unscrew the alignment pin and retrieve the bolts and hex wrench to complete the install.

Bronco Door Removal Step 18

Step Four: Install Bolts and Reconnect Wiring Harness

Thread the bolts in place by hand and tighten with the 13 mm hex wrench. Open the wiring harness door and reconnect the plug for power window function.

Bronco Door Removal Step 20

Step Five: Remove Door Bag

Remove the door bag and fender defenders. Open and close the door a few times to ensure proper alignment and operation. Repeat these steps for each door.

Bronco Door Removal Step 22

Storing your 2021 Bronco’s Doors

If you’ve chosen to go with the 2-door model, your best bet for storage is a safe space in the garage. If you have the 4-door model, the Ford Onboard Storage Kit lets you take the doors with you. Here’s how it works:

  1. Hand-thread the included eye-bolts into the pre-existing nuts on the rear pillars of the cargo area. To make it a little easier, you can use the handle of the door toolkit’s hex wrench to tighten them.
  2. Bronco Door Removal Step 23

  3. Identify the numbered straps and use the diagram on the harness to attach straps 1-4 to the cargo rings and eye-bolts.
  4. Bronco Door Removal Step 7

  5. Wrap the narrow strap around all of the rear headrests. Then, clip and tighten it.
  6. Bronco Door Removal Step 8

  7. Flip the harness over the backseat to keep it out of the way while you store the doors.
  8. Bronco Door Removal Step 9

  9. Slide the doors into the cargo area in the order specified on the door bags. The driver-side rear door goes in first against the back seats, followed by the driver-side front door and passenger-side front door. The passenger-side rear door goes in last facing the tailgate.
  10. Bronco Door Removal Step 10

  11. Retrieve the harness from the backseat and secure straps five and six to the eye-bolts. Then, attach straps seven and eight to the remaining cargo hooks.
  12. Bronco Door Removal Step 24

  13. Tighten all the straps down and you’re ready to hit the trail.
  14. Bronco Door Removal Step 12

Aftermarket Door Options

No aftermarket doors have dropped for the 2021 Broncos yet, but there will be options from dealers and aftermarket retailers soon. Hopefully the doughnut doors Ford showed off when they debuted the Bronco are in the mix!

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How to Take Your 2021 Ford Bronco Doors Off

Getting your Bronco ready to enjoy the outdoors has never been easier. Follow this guide for a perfect door removal and installation every time!