2021 Ford Raptor News and Information

2021 Ford Raptor News and Information

Last Updated September 30, 2019 | Sam Padgett

The new Ford F-150 Raptor is right around the corner. In 2021, the newest update to the top of the line Ford truck will be released, and, based on the spy shots that we have seen so far, this new Raptor is going to be heavily upgraded from the 2017 Raptor. As more news continues to trickle out about the latest evolution of Ford’s ultimate truck, we will keep you updated here on CJ Off-Road.

F-150 Raptor Front End

One of the most prominent features on the Ford Raptor is its heavy-duty suspension that’s tuned to conquer the most treacherous terrain easily. The Raptor’s Fox Live Valve shocks are able to automatically adjust their damping rate on the fly to keep the Raptor’s ride absurdly smooth, even at high speeds. These shocks do seem retained on the 2021 Raptor, but there also look to be some big changes to its overall suspension setup.

2021 Raptor Suspension Changes

Similar to what we’ve seen with the F-150 EV prototypes, this particular Raptor prototype (spotted by KGP Photography and Truck Trend) is sporting a unique suspension system for a truck. Noticeably absent from the spy shots of the 2021 Raptor are rear leaf springs, the defacto form of suspension on most trucks.

The rest of this prototype Raptor’s suspension set up is concealed in these spy shots, but the lack of leaf springs is telling. Additionally, a Panhard bar can still be spotted despite Ford’s suspension camouflage. This further backs up the theory that this new Raptor will have a five-link suspension set up, making its already very responsive and smooth ride even more pronounced.

The bar for the Raptor’s suspension has been set high, so whatever ends up being behind the veil of this test mule is surely going to perform fantastically. Be sure to continue to check out CJ Off-Road for continuing updates as we learn more and more about the 2021 Ford Raptor.

New Ford Raptor Suspension

A Raptor With A Supercharged V8?

There are a series of intriguing rumors floating around about the 2021 F-150 Raptor as well. In particular, there have been some suggestions that this upcoming Raptor could come with a V8 engine. Given the Raptor's status as the top performance truck, it would likely be given the 5.2L Supercharged V8 engine that we’ve seen on the Shelby GT500.

Hidden 2021 F-150 Raptor Suspension

Previous Raptor models have come with V8 engines before, like the veritable 6.2L V8 that was offered on the first-gen Raptor. This rumored V8 engine is more than just a high displacement 8-cylindered engine. It would make an absolutely unheard of amount of horsepower and torque. Beyond that, a supercharged V8 makes all of the sounds that both truck and pony car enthusiasts love to hear.

This is quite an enticing idea, especially considering that similar things are being done to the Raptor’s competition. The Ram Rebel TRX comes with a supercharged V8 (the famed Hellcat motor) of its own, giving it an impressive amount of power on tap as well.

While it’s exciting to imagine a supercharged V8 powered F-150 Raptor, this future is far from confirmed. One of the reasons that this suggestion has legs is that the current generation of F-series trucks is coming to a close and a super-charged Raptor would be a fitting closer.

The Raptor name has seen other recent use in Ford's truck lineup recently, as the Ford Ranger Raptor put Raptor level performance in a smaller package. There is the chance that some sort of Raptor Bronco could be in the cards for the 2021 model year as well.

Information is still being released about the upcoming Bronco, so the idea of a potential 2021 Raptor Bronco is still unconfirmed. Regardless of whether or not it's being planned at this given moment, the idea of a Raptor Bronco is exciting to entertain.

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2021 Ford Raptor News and Information

A new Ford Raptor is going to be released in the 2021 model year. While not too much is known about this truck yet, some big changes are surely on the way.

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