2021 F-150 Color Options

2021 F-150 Color Options

Last Updated June 13, 2023 | Meghan Drummond

In 2021, Ford released their fourteenth-generation F-150. To mark the occasion, they created a great roster of colors for America’s favorite pickup. The 2021 F-150 paint lineup sees some old favorites returning. It also sees a few brand-new shades as well as the retiring of others. Here's the color lineup for the 2021 Ford F-150.

2021 Ford F-150 Colors
Space White Pearl A3
Star White Pearl AZ
Stone Gray Metallic D1
Lucid Red Pearl D4
Formerly Rapid Red
Velocity Blue Metallic G1
Guard Metallic HN
Antimatter Blue Metallic HX
Kodiak Brown Metallic J1
Iconic Silver Metallic JS
Lead Foot Gray JX
Carbonized Gray Metallic M7
Race Red PQ
Smoked Quartz Metallic TQ
Agate Black Metallic UM
Oxford White YZ/Z1

New 2021 F-150 Colors

Antimatter Blue

We can’t wait to see this one in person. The paint chips make it look almost black. While a black with blue undertones is always an eye-catcher, it’ll look especially striking with the Blue Interior Accent Package. It’s likely that this paint color will look bluer in person. If the blue is contained in the paint’s metal flake, it won’t show in chips as well as it will on a sunny day.

Antimatter Blue Ford F-150 with chromed silver accents

Carbonized Gray Metallic

A dark, serious gray, Carbonized Gray is a worthy successor to the outgoing Magnetic. Magnetic has always been a popular choice just because it suits so many builds and lifestyles. This dark gray looks great with any combination of accessories and seems equally suited to off-roading and on-roading.

Carbonized Gray Metallic Ford F-150 with chromed silver accents

Space White Pearl

Let’s all hope Space White Pearl looks better in person. The name might be entirely too close to “Star White Pearl” but the color is baffling. The paint chips at least don’t seem white at all. It’s more like a light gray with a pearlescent sheen.

The name is also a mystery. Space isn’t white. Did they perhaps mean “white space” and someone was supposed to fill in the blank with a real color?

Not all paint colors can be hits, and this one looks like a dud.

Space White Pearl Ford F-150 with chromed silver accents

Returning F-150 Paint Colors for 2021

Oxford White

Oxford White is returning, to the surprise of no one. This base white has been part of the F-150 lineup since 1992. Like a blank canvas, Oxford White can be whatever you want it to be. Its plain color allows for individuality. Decals and accessories have been used to create some truly outstanding Oxford White pickups.

Oxford White Ford F-150 with chromed silver accents

Star White Pearl

Star White Pearl is the luxury paint choice of 2020, and it’s returning for 2021. In 2020, This pearlescent shade was available on some of the F-150’s top trims but only with a $595 upcharge.

Like all pearl shades, it shimmers more than shines. This paint process creates color-depth not found in traditional paints or metallics.

While Oxford White is a blank canvas, Star White knows it’s the star of the show. Lighting mods look especially good on this shade of white.

Star White Pearl Ford F-150 with chromed silver accents

Race Red

Race Red’s name reflects how fast this color looks. This bright red is timeless and striking.

For those who love a bright stroke of color, there aren’t a lot of options for the F-150. Out of the lineup, Race Red stands out with its bold, saturated hue.

Despite rumors that red vehicles get ticketed more often, it may be worth the risk.

Race Red Ford F-150 with chromed silver accents

Kodiak Brown

Kodiak Brown is returning to the F-150 after an extended absence. Browns may get a bad reputation as being dull, but Kodiak proves that brown doesn’t have to mean boring. Kodiak Brown is like a dark cup of coffee that shows a hint of bronze in the daylight.

Kodiak’s rich color looks perfect for Ford F-150s. This color has long been a favorite, and Ford truck enthusiasts are excited about its return.

Kodiak Brown Ford F-150 with chromed silver accents

Stone Gray Metallic, Smoked Quartz Metallic, Lead Foot Gray

If you love gray, you’ve got a lot of options for F-150s. We’d love to say that no trim level will actually end up with a choice between four grays, but that hasn’t been the case in the past. For many F-150s, you’ll get your choice between all shades of gray.

The difference these grays boils down to undertone and sheen. Stone Gray has a tan undertone, much like an actual stone. Smoked Quartz Is probably the darkest gray and looks almost black in some lights.

Stone Gray Ford F-150 with chromed silver accents

Smoked Quartz Ford F-150 with chromed silver accents

Lead Foot Gray is unquestionably the lightest of the grays. This particular gray is almost matte, but without the extra care matte paints require.

Lead Foot Gray Ford F-150 with black accents

Gray is a great shade because of its versatility, but it’s hard to keep grays distinct. These three, plus the new Carbonized Gray, manage to stay unique though.


Guard is about as dark a green as you can get. Some have described it as a “charcoal” shade in the past, but compared to the rest of the monotone lineup, it stands out. At least one person actually bought a Guard pickup and both they and the dealer thought it was gray until the next sunny morning. A few silver or gray accents can help pull out the green color though.

Guard Ford F-150 with chromed silver accents

Velocity Blue Metallic

Velocity Blue is one of the boldest color options available. This bright blue shade has universal appeal. That means that unlike some bright shades, it should hold its own with regards to resale value.

Blue is also the most popular vehicle color. Drivers of blue cars are seen as being friendly, trustworthy, and dependable according to NerdWallet. If you’re operating a business out of your truck, then Velocity Blue may project exactly the image you want.

Velocity Blue Ford F-150 with black accents

Lucid Red Pearl

Lucid Red Pearl is a returning color; it was just called Rapid Red last year. This dark red is a pearlescent shade, similar to Star White. Just like Star White, this color also demands a premium upcharge. The depth of color in pearls makes them very appealing. While many car makers restrict pearlescent colors to whites and silvers, this shows how lovely the effect is on a more saturated base.

Lucid Red Pearl Ford F-150 with chromed silver accents

Iconic Silver Metallic

Iconic Silver was introduced last year and is this year’s only silver option for the F-150. Silver is by far the least ticketed color of vehicle. 10% of vehicles on the road are silver, but only 5% of traffic citations go to silver vehicles.

That doesn’t mean that silver needs to blend in though. Silver pairs well with any accent color you want. Though most people pair silver trucks with black accessories, it goes just as well with bold blues or bright reds.

Iconic Silver Ford F-150 with chromed silver accents

Agate Black

Agate Black is a deep, saturated black with a high sheen. Exactly what you would expect from a color named after the famed gemstone. This black is metallic, which is a turn-off for some. Though it’s true that scratches are more visible on black pickups, keeping it waxed should reduce the risk of scratching.

Black is a popular color for pickups, and this one has been no exception. It’s almost certain it’ll be available for every trim level.

Agate Black Ford F-150 with chromed silver accents

F-150 Colors Not Returning in 2021

Magma Red

Magma Red won’t be returning for the 2021 year. In most lights, this dark maroon color looked black. Though popular, Magma Red never fully satisfied drivers who wanted a red truck. Race Red and Lucid Red Pearl are both much more “red.” But it’s a shame this unique color won’t be part of the new generation.

Blue Jeans

Much like Magma Red, Blue Jeans had two good colors to compete with for 2021. Antimatter Blue will suit those looking for a dark blue. Velocity Blue will satisfy the bright blue crowd. Blue Jeans doesn’t seem to have a space in the new color lineup. This medium blue has been popular since it premiered in 2013, and was available every year of the thirteenth generation. It makes sense for it to take a break for the fourteenth.

Silver Spruce

Much like Highlanders, there can be only one green option per a year. For 2021, that option is Guard. Which means that Silver Spruce is out of the line up.

If Silver Spruce is a silver-green then Guard is a gray-green. Though this silvery green is nice, Guard is definitely the better color between the two.

Abyss Gray

Given the overabundance of grays offered in the lineup, it’s possible no one will even notice Abyss Gray is gone. Much like its name would imply, it was always meant for the abyss.

Grays are wonderful, so there’s no need for them to have a name that invokes melancholy. This color always just seemed like a “less” version of Magnetic anyway.


Magnetic is retiring this year after a particularly long run. Though it’s always been a solid color choice, the new Carbonized Gray Metallic should be a replacement option. If that gray doesn’t suit there are three more grays you can pick from.

The Fourteenth Ford Truck Generation

It’s hard to believe that Ford’s F-series is now on its fourteenth generation. We know that the next generation will bring us a new Raptor, an electric pickup, and new technology features. All these changes are exciting to look forward to.

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