Most and Least Ticketed Types, Makes and Colors of Cars

Most and Least Ticketed Types, Makes and Colors of Cars

Last Updated September 2, 2020

It’s time to put some of the more persistent myths about car colors and models to the test. We’ve all heard from one source or another that red cars are by far the most ticketed automobiles on the road. The truth is, that popular myth doesn’t really hold up.

In a recent study, 924 speeding citations were collected from four intersections and two countries. The researchers recorded each car color as a percentage of the local population and as a percentage of the total traffic citations collected during the study.

The study looks at the following statistics:

  • The percentages of males getting tickets vs females getting tickets
  • The most common age for getting a ticket
  • The most common speed for getting a ticket
  • The three most and least ticketed cars

Explore the infographic below to learn if your vehicle is one of the most ticketed.

[click the infographic below]

Most And Least Ticketed Cars
Most and Least Ticketed Types, Makes and Colors of Cars

One in five people this year will end up getting a speeding ticket. But are all cars ticketed equally? These studies looked at a few of the factors that affect whether or not you'll get a ticket. Gender, age, location, and yes, the type of car you drive, all play a role.

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