2023 Ford Bronco Paint Colors

2023 Ford Bronco Paint Colors

Last Updated June 13, 2023 | Andrew Boyle

Getting ready to put in your order for a 2023 Bronco? That’s a shame, because Ford’s restricting 2023 orders to those who already have an existing reservation or order. But if you’re in one of those fortunate two camps, then you’ll need to figure out which color you’d like to order yours in. Here’s a look at all the 2023 Bronco paint options and what to know about each.

New Colors | Returning Colors | Retiring Colors

2022 Ford Bronco Colors
Velocity Blue E7
Hot Pepper Red Metallic EA
Eruption Green FA
Shadow Black G1
Azure Gray G4
Antimatter Blue HX
Iconic Silver JS
Carbonized Gray M7
Cactus Gray NE
Race Red PQ
Oxford White YZ

Sample colors are for representation purposes and may not accurately portray actual paint color due to screen settings, metallic finish, etc.

New Colors

Azure Gray

We know. We hear you. “Really Ford? Another Gray?” But Azure Gray has a few distinct features that may make it the gray of choice for your build.

Like the name would imply, Azure Gray has a blue tint that really shows up in the sunlight. That makes it a perfect gray commuter most of the time, with a little something extra that shows up while you’re hitting the trails on a beautiful day.

The right accents can also make that blue stand out even more.

2023 Bronco painted in Azure Gray- a blue-gray color

Returning Colors

Velocity Blue

Velocity Blue is a bright, saturated blue, which is great, because there aren’t many colors in Ford’s lineup this year. If you want something that says “bright and fun” this is one of your best options.

Velocity Blue has been a popular paint option for the current Bronco.

A bright blue 2023 Bronco in the desert

Hot Pepper Red Metallic

While Hot Pepper Red isn’t quite as bright as Race Red, it still has some pep in its step. This shade is on the orange-y side of red, and looks made for the desert.

While Hot Pepper Red hasn’t been as popular as Race Red, it’s still a serious contender for most interesting Bronco shade this year.

A red-orange 2023 Bronco in a desert scene

Eruption Green

Eruption Green was new for the Mustang and Bronco last year, and it quickly became one of our favorites! The dark green has hints of red and gold in the metallic fleck, making it really shine in the sunlight.

Eruption Green also looks phenomenal on some of the Bronco’s premium trims, like the Raptor and Everglades.

A 2023 Bronco in the desert painted in a rich green

Shadow Black

Shadow Black is a classic. For Blackout Bronco builds, there’s no better choice. While some other vehicles might try to avoid black, because it shows dirt, that’s the exact reason some Bronco enthusiasts are drawn to it. If you really want to see how much mud you kicked up on your last adventure? Black is the perfect backdrop.

An all black 2023 Bronco

Antimatter Blue

Antimatter Blue didn’t return for 2022, which was confusing considering how popular the shade was in 2021. But, fortunately, it was just taking a single year’s break. For 2023, Antimatter Blue is once again an option for the Bronco.

Antimatter Blue is a deep, saturated blue. So dark that it almost looks black in some lights.

2023 Bronco painted in dark, rich blue

Carbonized Gray

Carbonized Gray is a metallic paint color that’s also available on a lot of the Ford accessories from the factory. This is a pretty classic metallic gray. Gray has recently supplanted black and white to claim the “most popular color” title, and now makes up for 24.8% of all new car registrations. This popularity might explain this overall palette, which is notably gray.

2023 dark gray metallic Bronco

Cactus Gray

Cactus Gray is really more of a green-gray and looks a little more exciting in person. The green undertone is kinda given away by the name, since most cacti (when healthy) are at least a little bit green.

Even though this is “yet another gray” it warrants a closer look in person. Especially if you’re a big fan of green but want something a little more subtle than the bolder Eruption Green.

2023 Bronco shown in light gray-green

Iconic Silver

Iconic Silver returns for another year for the Bronco. Silver is a popular shade for many vehicles. It looks great next to darker accents but doesn’t suffer from the heat issues darker shades do.

Despite its popularity on many cars, Iconic Silver has actually been one of the less popular shades for the Bronco. In Bronco 6G’s survey, Iconic Silver came in dead last with only 2.7% of orders.

Light Silver 2023 Ford Bronco

Race Red

Race Red is another color that’s popular on most vehicles…but has been a little less popular on the new Bronco. Maybe because it is a shade that looks like it’s made for racing, and no one is tracking their Bronco. For off-road style racing, Eruption Green or Cactus Gray look more at home. And for off-road reds, Hot Pepper seems like a more natural choice since it’s a little more “sunset” and a little less candy-colored.

2023 Bronco painted in a bright, vivid red

Oxford White

Oxford White is one of the most iconic shades for the Mustang, but it turns out the cream-base white looks pretty fantastic on a Bronco as well. Maybe it’s the fact that both vehicles have rich histories that date back nearly half a century and something about this white color screams “vintage appeal” while still looking at home with modern technology.

It looks like Oxford White will be one of the colors you’ll be able to order the Heritage Edition Bronco in as well.

2023 Bronco painted in a creamy white

Retiring Shades

Area 51

This one is actually kinda a shocker. Area 51 has been THE most popular shade for the Bronco. Since it’s a blue-tinged gray, it is a little redundant with Azure Gray. It’s also nice that anyone who did order an Area 51 Bronco in 2021 and 2022 doesn’t have to worry about their Bronco losing its uniqueness.

2022 Bronco with Area 51 paint color in a rocky environment

Code Orange

We were so excited about Code Orange. It seemed like such a slam dunk success of a color. The deep pumpkin-orange looked right at home on the Bronco, and when outfitted with some performance mods it looked truly head-turning. But Code Orange is out for the 2023 year.

No word yet on if it might show up as a Raptor-exclusive for the year.

2022 Ford Bronco Raptor in Code Orange with black Ford grille

Cyber Orange Metallic

Cutting Cyber Orange and Code Orange in the same year seems unbelievably cruel. But that does seem to be what’s happening. It seems neither of the Bronco’s available oranges will carry over into the next year.

At least Hot Pepper has an orange undertone that might help with the loss. At least a little.

Cyber Orange Metallic Bronco in a desert environment

But Seriously, Will We Ever Have Yellowstone Yellow?

It’s hard to disagree with Bronco enthusiasts who feel this palette is a little too gray, especially for a good-time vehicle like the Bronco. Early leaks had suggested that perhaps this would finally be the year that we saw Yellowstone Yellow (a color that’s sure to be a hit).

Colors introduced in the mid-to-late model year are sometimes when we see the real stunners, so hopefully that’s what will happen this year as well. On the other hand, the 2023 Jeep Wrangler lineup is also on the grayer side of things, so it’s possible that this will just be a gray year for cars.

Source: 2023 Ford Bronco Exterior Color Palette Welcomes Antimatter Blue and Azure Gray Autoevolution | Image Credit: Ford

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