2024 Ford Bronco Colors

2024 Ford Bronco Colors

Last Updated March 1, 2024 | Kevin Brent

As 2024 Ford Bronco has hit dealer lots and enthusiasts are able to get their hands on them, it's a good time to take a look at the wide range of eye-catching color options available with the 2024 model. The current resurgence of the Bronco goes hand in hand with Ford's design and color choices. They've revamped the Bronco's looks and created a collection of colors that pay homage to the Bronco's heritage while embracing a contemporary vision. Whether you crave off-road excursions or seek a robust daily driver, the 2024 Bronco's colors are poised to cater to every type of Bronco owner. Check out our list below for a detailed breakdown of the 2024 Bronco color options.

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2024 Ford Bronco Colors
Shelter Green DB
Velocity Blue E7
Eruption Green FA
Shadow Black G1
Desert Sand HX
Iconic Silver JS
Carbonized Gray M7
Cactus Gray NE
Oxford White YZ

Sample colors are for representation purposes and may not accurately portray actual paint color due to screen settings, metallic finish, etc.

New Colors

Shelter Green

The 2024 Ford Bronco Raptor will have a new color option called Shelter Green. This dark metallic olive hue offers a more refined green option for Bronco enthusaists looking to turn heads. Along with eruption green, this color stands out as one of the most trail ready styles, and adds to an already diverse 2024 Bronco color lineup.

Shelter Green 2024 Bronco color

Desert Sand

New to the Bronco Sport for 2024, desert sand is a light gray color option that's darker than Oxford White while maintaining the off-white aesthetic many enthusiasts seek. This color stands out in forest off-road environments while complimenting the backdrop of desert terrain. If you're looking for something new this model year, desert sand is a great option to add unique style to your Bronco.

Desert Sand 2024 Bronco colors

Returning Colors

Velocity Blue

Velocity Blue is returning for the 2024 Ford Bronco, bringing a bold, eye-catching color to the lineup. This bright, saturated blue hue turned heads on the 2023 model, and continues to be a favorite among adventurous Bronco owners looking for a bold color option. For 2024, Ford is offering Velocity Blue again based on its popularity among Bronco fans.

Velocity Blue pairs perfectly with the Bronco's adventurous spirit and playful aesthetics. The color evokes images of sunny skies over off-road trails, capturing the thrilling speed and power of the Bronco. It provides a modern twist on classic blues, with its vivid intensity and metallic flare. Velocity Blue is a top choice for Bronco enthusiasts seeking an eye-catching blue that energizes the Bronco's look.

A bright blue 2024 Bronco in the desert

Eruption Green

Eruption Green is making a comeback on the 2024 Ford Bronco. This rugged, earthy green color will be offered across the Bronco 2-door, 4-door, and Bronco Sport for the new model year. Eruption Green has dark forest green tones accented with a vibrancy that evokes images of wilderness landscapes. It encapsulates the Bronco's off-road heritage with a color inspired by the great outdoors.

The rich green hue stands out from typical blacks and grays without being overly bright. It's the ideal balance between a daily driver color and a bold off-road shade. Bonco fans that want a unique color that's flexible enough for pavement and trails alike need to have Eruption Green on their radar.

A 2024 Bronco in the desert painted in a rich green

Shadow Black

The 2024 Bronco color lineup needed a dark hue option, and Shadow Black fits the bill. This deep, liquid-like black hue contrasts the dirt and dust from off-roading, making it a great option for trail enthusiasts. Shadow Black has a rich, saturated appearance that absorbs light for a serious, stealthy look. It encapsulates the Bronco's adventurous spirit with a color inspired by the night sky.

The striking black shade stands out from typical grays and silvers without being too flashy. Shadow Black is the top choice for Bronco fans wanting a sophisticated black that doesn't fade into the background. Interested buyers will be able to spec this sleek, shadowy black on the 2024 Bronco later this year when order banks open up.

An all black 2024 Bronco

Antimatter Blue

Antimatter Blue is bringing an eye-catching, deep blue hue to the 2024 Ford Bronco lineup. This option has a sophisticated dark blue tone reminiscent of the night sky. The striking blue stands out from typical blacks and grays without being too bright. Antimatter Blue is the best choice for Bronco fans wanting a refined blue with depth and intrigue. Antimatter Blue was absent from the 2022 model year, but returned in 2023 to offer a wider spectrum of blue options for Bronco owners.

2024 Bronco painted in dark, rich blue

Carbonized Gray

Carbonized Gray is a metallic tone that brings a sleek silver-gray option to the 2024 Ford Bronco lineup. The striking gray stands out from typical whites and silvers without being too flashy. It has competition with several other gray options, but distinguishes itself with a sophisticated presence and unique metallic shine. Carbonized Gray is a perfect choice for Bronco fans wanting a refined gray with a subtle shimmer.

2024 dark gray metallic Bronco

Cactus Gray

Cactus Gray brings a fresh, light gray-green tone to the 2024 Ford Bronco lineup. This verdant gray color with subtle green undertones will be offered across the Bronco 2-door, 4-door, and Bronco Sport for the new model year. Despite the name, Cactus Gray skews more green-gray in person. It compliments the Bronco's outdoor aesthetic well with a color inspired by thriving cacti in the southwest landscapes. Though on the surface Cactus Gray seems like just another gray, it looks more unique in person. The striking gray-green stands out from typical grays yet stays more subtle than the bold Eruption Green. It's the ideal balance between a low-key everyday color and a unique off-road hue. Cactus Gray is a great option for Bronco fans wanting an earthy gray-green that feels both modern and natural.

Cactus Gray 2024 Bronco color

Iconic Silver

Iconic Silver returns as a popular color choice for the 2024 Ford Bronco. It features a bright silver sheen that plays beautifully in the sunlight, providing a lighter, more vibrant alternative to traditional grays and blacks in the 2024 Bronco color lineup. Iconic silver nods to the Bronco's heritage while giving the classic off-roader a modern, eye-catching update. This color works seamlessly whether cruising through the city or traversing rocky backroads.

Light Silver 2024 Ford Bronco

Oxford White

As a staple hue for the legendary Ford Mustang, Oxford White is now proving itself a popular shade for the iconic Bronco as well. This creamy white evokes a vintage vibe perfect for both vehicles with rich histories dating back nearly 60 years. The clean, bright white color provides a neutral canvas that pairs well with the Bronco and Mustang's silhouettes, allowing their iconic designs to shine. Oxford White screams retro appeal from the moment you see it, echoing the Mustang and Bronco's roots in the 1960s and 70s, while still giving it a modern twist.

2024 Bronco painted in a creamy white

Retiring Shades

Hot Pepper Red Metallic

Colors for the 2024 Bronco are still not set in stone, but so far, Hot Pepper Red has not been confirmed to return. Hot Pepper Red was an interesting red-orange shade for the 2023 Bronco lineup, but with other red options like race red in the 2024 rotation, this color may have run its course on the modern Bronco.

A red-orange 2024 Bronco in a desert scene

Race Red

Race Red has been a less popular choice for the new off-road-focused Bronco, so it will not be returning for the 2024 Bronco. While race red is a shade commonly seen on sports cars and muscle vehicles made for the track, many Bronco enthusiasts think it looks slightly out of place on the rugged Bronco. The deep crimson color seems better suited for a life of pavement racing rather than off-road adventures.

2024 Bronco painted in a bright, vivid red

Azure Gray

Azure Gray color was a popular color for the 2023 Bronco, but it will not be returning for 2024. The main reason for this color's departure is likely that there were already plenty of other gray options. However, it's probably likely Azure Gray will return on future Bronco models if the color continues to be a popular choice on older models.

2024 Bronco painted in Azure Gray- a blue-gray color

Stay Up-To-Date On the Latest 2024 Bronco Colors

With hues ranging from vibrant reds to subdued grays, the 2024 Ford Bronco arrives with a diverse palate of color choices for off-road enthusiasts and daily drivers. Classic options like Oxford White connect to Bronco heritage while bold tones like Eruption Green and Iconic Silver put a modern twist on the off-road icon.

Whether cruising on the highway or traversing rocky trails, there's a color to match your personality and lifestyle. No matter which shade you choose, the 2024 Bronco will make a stylish statement in any setting. Interested in comparing the 2024 model to the previous years? Check out our article on 2023 Bronco colors and decide on what shade works best for you.

Source: 2024 Ford Bronco Exterior Color Palette Welcomes Antimatter Blue and Azure Gray Autoevolution | Image Credit: Ford

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