What Is the 500S Sherrod Mustang?

What Is the 500S Sherrod Mustang?

Last Updated August 8, 2023 | Andrew Boyle

The 500S is an upgrade package for the fifth generation Mustang created by Sherrod, a Georgia-based manufacturer of van conversion kits and other aftermarket packages. Unique among body kit and performance mod makers, a majority of the components of the 500S are designed and manufactured in Sherrod’s Waycross, Georgia facility. The 500S is the company’s only muscle car conversion kit.

Here’s a look at what it includes:

  • Body kit: The distinctive look of the 500S is due to a number of ground effects and other enhancements. Notable features include a lightweight aluminum air splitter — which directs twice the amount of airflow across the engine bottom — ‘60s-style billet grilles, an open diamond mesh lower front bumper, custom fitted front fender vents and louvered rear window covers designed by Ford Racing.
  • Performance upgrades: The 500S retains the Mustang’s stock engine and transmission but adds a cold-air intake system, upgraded rims, and an SSVT side exhaust system with Magnaflow polished stainless steel tips to give it a slight horsepower boost.

The 500S package can be ordered on any coupe or convertible Mustang from 2008 onwards. The kit’s appearance is definitely unique, and it seems to attract fans and detractors in equal measures. For many, however, the standard 500S package is only a starting point.

500S Sherrod Mustang

Available Upgrades

Sherrod offers a number of options for further customizing any Mustang with the 500S package. Interested drivers can add Sherrod’s signature reverse racing stripe paint in the color of their choice. Traditional racing stripes and other exterior upgrades, such as tinted windows and a rear spoiler, are also available. Convertible owners can add a set of classic light bars for a more sporty appearance. Other upgrades include a two-tone leather interior, 20” rims and a hood scoop.

Of course, one thing the Sherrod 500S Mustang is lacking is a serious overhaul under the hood. For that, drivers will have to look elsewhere. Many compliment the kit’s exterior upgrades with a supercharger or tuned suspension. For drivers who simply want to add a more aggressive look to their stock pony car, however, the Sherrod 500S Mustang alone is often enough to satisfy.

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