What Is the Mustang GTS?

What Is the Mustang GTS?

Last Updated August 8, 2023 | Andrew Boyle

Some view the 1995 Mustang GTS as a “throwback” Mustang, reminiscent of the Mustang LX from the late 1980s. Tragically, while the Mustang GTS was a one-year-only model, it was exactly the Mustang that enthusiasts claimed to have wanted for years. The GTS was designed to offer the performance features of a GT without a lot of luxurious extras. The result? A car with as much power at a lower price tag.

Mustang GTS vs GT

Mustang GTS

In terms of performance equipment, the GTS and GT were identical. The Mustang GTS was equipped with an HO 5.0L pushrod V8 engine, a Borg-Warner T-5 five-speed manual transmission, and a stainless steel dual exhaust system, so it didn’t come up short in terms of power. All of these were also offered as standard equipment on the base Mustang GT models of the time. The specs for these two 1995 Mustang models are basically identical.

As far as the exterior, the Mustang GTS is distinguished by the features that are not present, such as the absence of fog lamps and rear decklid spoiler. On the inside, the GTS offered the same features as the V6 Mustangs of the era, such as cloth seats, driver-side-only four-way power-adjustable seat, and manual windows and door locks.

Buyers could choose from one of two option packages: The first consisted of power windows, power door locks, and remote decklid release. The second package offered an AM/FM stereo cassette player, dual illuminated visor mirrors and cruise control. It’s safe to say that the Mustang GTS favored power and performance over luxury and comfort!

GTS Production Ended in 1996

Ford eliminated the GTS designation in 1996, replacing it with the 248A package. A total of 6,370 Mustangs GTS were produced in all. Complex Rides ranks the 1995 Mustang GTS at #38 on its list of “The 100 Best Mustangs of All Time,” primarily because it offered the benefit of “less luxury crap to drag around.”

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