Best Axle-Back Exhausts for 2005-2014 Mustangs

Best Axle-Back Exhausts for 2005-2014 Mustangs

Last Updated October 13, 2021 | Alison Smith

Axle-back exhausts replace the stock mufflers and tips to give your Mustang that signature pony car roar. When compared to cat-back exhausts, they’re easier to install and more affordable. There are also plenty of options out there, whether you have a V6 or a GT.

But too many choices can make it difficult to find the best-sounding exhaust for you. That’s why we’ve put together this list of the best axle-back exhausts for S197 Mustangs broken up by category.


If you’re looking for some of the loudest axle-backs for S197s, these are some of the best options.

The ACCELATEC Race Series muffler delete axle-back allows for the most flow and volume on any 2005-2010 GT. The mirror-polished finish also looks great with any color.

For ‘11-‘14 GTs, the MBRP Black Series muffler delete offers one of the most aggressive exhaust notes. The matte black painted finish offers a low-profile, blacked-out look.

AWE’s Track Edition axle-back is their loudest option for ‘11-‘14 GTs, ‘12-‘13 Boss 302s, and ‘11-‘12 GT500s. It has a straight-through design to maximize performance and a perfect fit guarantee.

Best for GT

The Borla S-Type axle-back exhaust for ‘05-‘09 GTs and ‘07-‘09 GT500s uses the famous "Stinger" S-Type mufflers and has always been a top pick with enthusiasts. It’s lighter than stock and offers better flow with an awesome sound.

The Roush axle-back exhaust for ‘11-‘14 GT Mustangs is tuned to prevent the annoying in-cockpit boom that’s prevalent in many exhausts on the market. The hollow chamber yields a higher airflow and lessens backpressure.

Another great-sounding axle-back for ‘11-‘14 GTs is the BBK Varitune. It has an adjustable power valve design that lets you fine-tune the chamber for up to an eight-decibel increase in exhaust volume.

Best for V6

ACCELATEC axle-back exhaust tip for 2011-2014 V6 Mustang against a white background

The JBA stainless steel axle-back for ‘11-‘14 V6 Mustangs both sounds and looks great. It has 3" polished tips and high-flow mufflers.

For a louder and throatier exhaust note, there’s the Ford Performance Touring axle-back. It’s also 50-state drive-by legal, so you don’t have to worry about it being too loud.

ACCELATEC’s stainless steel axle-back exhaust is a more budget-friendly option for ‘11-‘14 V6s. It still offers superior sound and strength plus a sleek look.

Top Picks by S197 Owners

Sometimes it’s best to take advice straight from the horse’s mouth. And by that, we mean other S197 owners. Roush is a popular choice for both ‘11-‘14 GT and V6 Mustangs, while the Borla 11831 axle-back is a favorite for ‘13-‘14 GT500s.

Bill’s Picks

JBA axle-back exhaust for S197 Mustang against a white background

Bill is our resident pony car expert and knows almost everything there is to know about Mustangs. Here are some of his top picks for S197 axle-back exhausts.

BBK’s Varitune axle-back exhaust is Bill’s choice for ‘05-‘10 GTs. It has a straight-through, wide-open design for a bolder sound. The adjustable power valve can be tuned for the street or track.

Bill’s pick for a simple and easy exhaust upgrade is the JBA axle-back for ‘05-‘10 GTs and ‘07-‘10 GT500s. This stainless steel axle-back provides a deeper exhaust note and improved throttle response.

For lower exhaust temps and a higher flow, Bill would recommend the MBRP Pro Series muffler delete axle-back exhaust.

Best Value

Even though axle-backs tend to be the budget option compared to cat-backs, they can still stretch your budget. But there are plenty of affordable axle-back exhausts that don’t skimp on quality. ACCELATEC offers several value options for the S197.

Upgrades to Go with Your New Axle-Back Exhaust

Axle-back exhausts can significantly improve your Mustang’s sound, but other mods can offer more performance benefits. If you’re looking for a more comprehensive exhaust upgrade, check out our guide to the best cat-back exhausts for S197 Mustangs. Exhausts also go great with a cold air intake and a tune, but it’s not required on many systems if you prefer to keep things simple.

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Best Axle-Back Exhausts for 2005-2014 Mustangs

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to give your S197 a deeper, race-inspired sound. An axle-back exhaust can give your 2005-2014 Mustang a richer exhaust note without breaking the bank. Whether you’re searching for a raspier tone or pure volume, these axle-back exhausts both look and sound great.