The Best Mustangs From SEMA 2018

The Best Mustangs From SEMA 2018

Last Updated August 8, 2023 | C.J. Tragakis

There are a handful of annual events that we look forward to each year, but none of them can compare to the size, scope, and overall grandeur of SEMA. Hosted at the massive Las Vegas Convention Center in Nevada, there are acres upon acres of cars, trucks, and other vehicles that have all been modified to some extent. Whether you’re more into 4x4 Jeeps or European cars built for the track, there’s truly something for everyone at SEMA. For even more angles, you can check out our video below to see some amazing shots of Mustangs displayed throughout the entire show.

Our Mustang adventures at SEMA started with our debut in 2014, with the one-of-a-kind 1965 fastback, Project 50/30. We also featured a stealthy EcoBoost in 2016. Now, another two years have passed, and we’re ecstatic to once again be featuring a Ford Mustang as our project car at SEMA.

We couldn’t be more proud of our 2019 Mustang that we brought to the show this year. But our Stang was not alone; while we readily admit that we're biased in thinking that the CJ Pony Parts Mustang was one of the best on the floor, there were dozens of other builds that were each great in their own way. With so many fantastic designs, it was difficult to narrow the field down to a manageable size. With that said, check out our full list of the best Mustangs at SEMA 2018 below!

Corruptt Ford Mustang Front View

One of the most talked about Mustangs this year is surely the insane Corruptt Mustang. Featuring a twin-turbocharged Ferrari engine under the hood, the effort and creativity that went into this build are unparalleled.

Corruptt Ford Mustang Tail Lights

It also has the coolest, most beautiful tail lights on any Mustang, full stop.

CGS Gray Mustang Exterior

The sinister exterior of CGS Motorsports’ Mustang GT, with dark gray paint and blood-red accents, hides one of our favorite interiors.

CGS Mustang Red Interior

CGS finished the interior in Napa leather, decked out in bright red from head to toe.

Galpin Mustang Exterior

Galpin Auto Sports’ Mustang GT came out looking gorgeous, with 20-inch wheels and an incredible paint job with deep colors. The 5.0 under the hood has a Ford Performance/Roush supercharger.

Tjin Edition Purple Mustang

Tjin Edition brought an EcoBoost to town, with a distinctive RTR body kit and gold wheels that contrast magnificently against the royal purple paint. There’s a BorgWarner turbo under the hood, and this Stang is riding on adjustable Air Lift 3H suspension.

Bojix Blue Mustang Exterior

The brilliant sky-blue Mustang GT by Bojix Design is hard to miss and is completed with gray accents and roof. This ride is completely tricked out, with a Stage 2 supercharger, custom exhaust with Borla mufflers, and even a Kicker stereo system with 10-inch Solo-Baric subs. The front splitter and rear wing are carbon-fiber from APR.

RTR Red Mustang with Gray Accents

It’s hard to deny the style of an RTR Mustang, and this one is a near-perfect combination of deep red with tasteful gray accents.

Red GT500 Mustang Exterior

This red, classic GT500 is another showstopper and certainly caught a lot of looks of those passing through Ford's Mustang section.

Roush Drifting Mustang White

Here’s a Roush drifting Mustang doing what it does best: getting sideways on the pavement to show off in front of a crowd.

Roush Drifting Mustang Green

This Roush Performance Mustang had similar ideas as well.

BSI Performance Mustang Exterior

BSI Performance featured a first-generation Mustang that looks like it’s ready for the track. The low-profile body and grayish, light-blue paint give it a truly unique character.

Anderson Composites Mustang Exterior

Anderson Composites isn’t afraid to show off their carbon fiber work on this Mustang, from the side mirrors to the front splitter to the hood.

SCT Performance Retrobuild Mustang

Make no mistake, though this looks like a 1967 Mustang GT500 Eleanor, it’s actually a retrobuilt 2014 Mustang GT from SCT Performance. What a project!

Whiteline Mustang Exterior

Whiteline’s Mustang notes that "grip is activated". With those Falken tires, it’s hard to argue. We like the subtle gray body with black for the accents.

Shelby Racing Co Mustang Exterior

Shelby Racing Co.’s Mustang looks a little worse for wear, like it’s trying to survive in a post-apocalyptic world. That suits us just fine, we think this is a sweet exterior plasti-dip job.

2018 Mustang Cobra Jet Exterior SEMA

SEMA wouldn’t be complete without one of Ford’s insane, ultra-rare Cobra Jet Mustangs. The most powerful ever, with 1,000 horsepower and quarter-mile times in the mid-eights, this drag strip-dedicated beast is another awesome product from Ford Performance.

Red Edelbrock Ford Mustang

Edelbrock's Mustang puts modern touches on a classic look, and features one of their own superchargers under the hood for some serious power.

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