Ford Bronco Tire Buying Guide

Ford Bronco Tire Buying Guide

Last Updated June 12, 2023 | Alison Smith

Even though the Ford Bronco is over half a century old, it remains one of the most popular vehicles to restore. Whether you’re working on a faithful restoration or a restomod build, finding the right tires is key. Most of these tires will be for off-road use, but many can be used on the highway as well.

Types of Bronco Tires

The type of driving you’ll be doing with your Bronco will determine what kind of tire you’ll need. There are three common types of Bronco tires: All-terrain, hybrid-terrain, and mud-terrain.

All-Terrain Tires

If your Bronco is a daily driver, then you may want to invest in a nice set of all-terrain tires. All-terrain tires are comfortable on the road but can still handle light off-roading expeditions. The tread pattern isn’t as large as mud-terrain tires, but they do have larger tread blocks than the stock tires found on most vehicles.

Because the tread gaps are smaller, they won’t perform as well in mud or snow. But for most people, these will be the perfect tire to have on your daily driving Bronco.

Red and Black modified first-generation Bronco

Hybrid-Terrain Tires

If you use your Bronco to commute every day but still want to hit the trails, hybrid-terrain tires might be your best option. A hybrid tire’s tread is slightly more aggressive than an all-terrain but not as aggressive as a mud-terrain. They may not be as comfortable as all-terrains or as capable as mud-terrains, but what they do have is versatility.

Mud-Terrain Tires

If you plan on using your Bronco to hit the trails, mud-terrains are the best off-road option. They provide extra traction and grip for improved off-road performance. Mud-terrain tires have large channel gaps that enhance traction by reducing the buildup of mud and other debris. When crawling over terrain, you can air them down to increase the amount of surface area that’s in contact with the ground.

Mud-terrain tires are not the best for highway driving. Because of the big tread patterns, they’re louder, receive less traction, and get worse fuel economy. Driving on paved roads will also wear mud-terrain tires out faster.

Bronco Tire Sizes

31” Tires

Most stock Bronco tire sizes are around 30” but vary based on the model and load rating. 31" tires won’t require any modification given they aren’t excessively thick.

  • No suspension lift or cutting required

33” Tires

33” tires are a great option for drivers that will spend most of their time on highways and paved roads. In order to fit these tires to your Bronco, a lift of at least 3.5” should be applied. As the fenders on the rear wheel are more restrictive than the front, they may have to be trimmed depending on the tire width.

  • Minimum Suspension Lift: 3.5”
  • Flares may need cutting

35” Tires

Bronco 35” tires are a popular choice as they strike a good balance for off-road and on-road use. In order to fit these tires, a suspension lift of at least 3.5” should be applied. You may also need a body lift of an inch or two. Even at this height, the rear fenders can still prove to be a menace and should be trimmed.

  • Minimum Suspension Lift: 3.5”
  • Recommended Body Lift: 1-2”
  • Flares need cutting

37” Tires

Although 37” tires aren’t as common on road-driven Broncos, they’re a popular choice for rock crawlers. First off, a suspension lift of around 5.5” is necessary to fit these tires. A two-inch body lift will help increase the clearance for these tires as well. At this size, both the front and rear fenders need trimming.

  • Minimum Suspension Lift: 5.5”
  • Recommended Body Lift: 2”
  • Flares need cutting

Best Bronco Tires

Bronco All-Terrain Tires

BF Goodrich All Terrain T/A KO2

T/A KO2 tires are both tough and comfortable. With CoreGard Technology, the rubber on this tire is thick and strong, preventing splits and bruises. Serrated shoulder lugs increase the tire’s traction when driving in snow, over rocks, or through mud. Locking 3D sipes enhance traction when driving through the snow.

With an interlocking tread design, this tire not only has a long wear life but also better stability. An advanced footprint gives the tire even wear by distributing stress equally.

BF Goodrich All Terrain T/A KO2 Tire

General Grabber AT2

The General Grabber AT2 has a rugged design that features a self-cleaning tread. DuraGen technology protects against cuts and chips without sacrificing the ability to flex in lower temps. A five-row tread pattern improves off-road traction. They’re also studdable for winter use, which will give you even better grip in snow or ice.

Despite their off-road capability, the tires still offer a comfortable on-road driving experience. The highly engineered acoustic tread pattern reduces road noise for a quiet ride on the highway.

General Grabber AT2 Tire

Toyo Open Country A/T II

The Toyo Open Country A/T II is an all-terrain tire suitable for both on- and off-road use. The aggressive tread design and sidewall offers enhanced traction in mud, dirt, and snow. You won’t have to worry about gravel getting stuck in your tires as the deep treads feature stone-ejecting blocks. Polygonal blocks and zigzag sipes allow the tire to perform well in snow.

Even though the tire has a blocky design, it’s still relatively quiet for highway driving. The wear-resistant tread compound gives the tire extended durability and tread life.

Toyo Open Country A/T II Tire

Cooper Discoverer A/T3

The Cooper Discoverer A/T3 features Adaptive-Traction Technology that grips to any road surface, whether that be asphalt or gravel. They have a severe weather rating and snow groove technology that collects snow in the tire for snow-on-snow traction.

While the off-road capability might not be the best, you can still get a decent grip on unpaved surfaces. The tire is designed to wear evenly and provide a relatively quiet ride.

Cooper Discoverer A/T3 Tire

General Grabber A/TX

The General Grabber A/TX is an aggressive tire that balances street performance and off-road durability. DuraGen technology strengthens the tire by making it resistant to cuts and chips. Traction notches help the tire maintain grip in snow, dirt, and other slick terrain.

A Three Peak Mountain Snowflake rating means the tire has improved snow traction. The tire features Comfort Balance Technology, meaning it has an absorption layer underneath the tread that protects the vehicle from disturbances in the road.

General Grabber A/TX Tire

Ironman All Country A/T

The Ironman All Country A/T tire is reliable for the trail but quiet enough for the road. Big tread blocks and deep grooves enhance traction in off-road conditions. A buttress design helps prevent punctures and maintain traction in slippery mud. You’ll get added traction in wet weather thanks to a large void ratio. The tread compound is designed to extend the tire’s longevity and maximize traction.

Ironman All Country A/T Tire

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Bronco Hybrid-Terrain Tires

Cooper Discoverer S/T Maxx

The Discoverer S/T Maxx has a hybrid 4-5 rib design that gives the tire even wear and low tread pattern noise. To prevent stone retention, the tire is equipped with dual-draft and non-parallel groove walls and stone ejector ribs. The tire is formulated with advanced silica compounds to enhance traction.

Flex Groove Technology offers a smooth highway ride and improved flexibility. It also softens the impact of driving on different terrains. With micro-gauge siping, the tire has improved traction on both soft and wet surfaces.

Cooper Discoverer S/T Maxx Tire

Nitto Ridge Grappler

The Nitto Ridge Grappler features a dynamic hybrid tread pattern that provides both comfort and aggressiveness. It uses a variable pitch tread pattern that was developed with advanced sound equipment. This keeps the tire smooth and quiet when driving on the highway.

Like all Nitto Grappler tires, the tire offers a dual sidewall design so you can customize your tire’s look. Alternating shoulder and lateral Z grooves enhance traction while a reinforced block foundation adds strength. You don’t have to worry about rocks or pebbles getting stuck in your tires thanks to stone ejectors.

Nitto Ridge Grappler Tire

Toyo Open Country R/T

Not quite a mud-terrain tire or an all-terrain tire, the Toyo Open Country R/T is branded as a rugged-terrain tire. The tire was built to be a midway point between Toyo’s Open Country M/T and Open Country A/T II. It’s tough, durable, and quiet, featuring an optimized pattern for reducing road-noise. Scalloped shoulder blocks enhance off-road performance by increasing traction in sand, mud, or snow.

Dual sidewall designs offer two different aggressive looks to choose from. They also protect against impact damage and improve grip. With stone and mud ejectors, there’s no need to worry about pesky gravel or mud getting stuck in the tire’s grooves.

Toyo Open Country R/T Tire

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Bronco Mud-Terrain Tires

Cooper Discoverer STT Pro

The Cooper Discoverer STT Pro is an aggressive off-road tire that also performs well on the road. Alternating shoulder lugs, anti-stone retention, and mud-release dimples give the tire increased traction off-road. Flex Groove Technology gives the tire a smoother ride and decreases the impact from unpredictable terrain.

With Armor Tek3 Construction, the tires have increased durability with even more tear resistance and protection from impact damage than standard 2-ply tires. With 3-2 inner tread ribs, this tire offers a decent on-road experience without too much additional noise.

Cooper Discoverer STT Pro Tire

Nitto Trail Grappler M/T

The Nitto Trail Grappler M/T can easily go from the pavement to the trails. With 3D computer simulation, the tread blocks were designed to reduce tire noise without sacrificing off-road performance.

Equipped with a 3-ply sidewall and reinforced shoulder grooves, this mud-terrain tire is durable and performs well in every season. The Trail Grappler has central siping that increases traction in wet conditions and reduces the chance of hydroplaning. A balanced void ratio allows mud and dirt to easily escape so you don’t lose grip.

Nitto Trail Grappler Tire

General Grabber X3

With a symmetric, high-void tread pattern with traction notches, the General Grabber X3 tire excels both on and off the road. Evacuation channels and stone bumpers prevent the buildup of mud, debris, and gravel. Full-depth sipes provide extra traction when driving in the snow.

Constructed from DuraGen technology, the tire has ultra-high strength steel belts. The 3-ply body casing increases durability and performance. With multi-angle grip edges and alternating shoulder scoops, this tire maintains traction in all driving conditions.

General Grabber X3 Tire

Ironman All Country M/T

The Ironman All Country M/T tires are constructed with a durable 3-ply sidewall to prevent tears and cuts. The tire’s void ratio and shoulder blocks easily help mud, dirt, and sand escape so you can tackle even the roughest terrain.

A studdable tread allows for extra traction in winter weather. Featuring a groove design to prevent stone drilling, this tire maintains grip in almost any off-roading situation. Note that these tires will be louder on the highway and provide a less comfortable ride on pavement.

Ironman All Country M/T Tire

BF Goodrich Mud-Terrain T/A KM3

The BF Goodrich Mud-Terrain T/A KM3 tire can power through mud and loose soil with its Terrain-Attack tread design. Its Krawl-TEK tire compound provides traction from every angle while keeping itself clean and grippy with its mud-phobic bars.

The tire also boasts a linear flex zone that allows it to flex over objects with ease when aired down for off-road use. Compared to the previous KM series tires, BF Goodrich made significant improvements to the KM3. They increased its mud traction by 5%, its rock traction by 8%, and made its sidewalls 27% tougher.

BF Goodrich Mud Terrain T/A KM3 Tire

Toyo Open Country M/T

The Toyo Open Country M/T features unusual hook-shaped tread blocks that provide traction when off-roading but also enhance on-road performance as well. The tire is constructed from durable 3-ply polyester. Scalloped shoulder blocks help the tire gain traction in sand, snow, or mud. Deep sipes also enhance the traction in slippery, wet conditions. This tire can handle rugged terrain and drives well on pavement.

Toyo Open Country M/T Tire

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Choosing the Right Bronco Tires

With so many tire options, it can be difficult to choose the right one for your Bronco. You’ll first want to decide on the size of tire you want to run. If you plan on going off-road or just want your Bronco to look the part, you may decide that bigger is better. If you end up purchasing white letter tires, check out our guide on how to remove the blue coloring from your new tires.

When it comes to choosing the type of tire, it will depend on how you plan on driving your Bronco. If you know you’ll be hitting the trails, a mud-terrain tire offers the best off-road capability. All-terrain and hybrid-terrain tires offer a nice balance of off-road performance and on-road comfort.

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