How to Install LED Headlights on a Classic Mustang

How to Install LED Headlights on a Classic Mustang

Last Updated October 3, 2023 | Bill Tumas

The headlights on your classic Mustang are vital for safety, but the old halogen bulbs eventually lose their shine and burn out. Replacing your 1965-1973 Mustang's stock headlights with new LED bulbs will give your pony car a modern look with improved visibility. Check out this guide for step-by-step instructions on how to replace your classic Mustang's headlights with LED upgrades.

1965-1973 Mustang Headlight Installation

For this installation, we chose Delta Tech's direct-fit LED headlight replacements. These headlights are super bright, and offer a modern look with halo daytime running lights.

The installation is easy, requiring only a Phillips-head screwdriver and 20-30 minutes. Follow the steps below and you'll be back on the road in no time.

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Step 1: Feed Headlight Wires Into Engine Bay

Take the wiring harness provided with your LED headlight replacement and fish it through the back of the headlight housing into the engine bay.

Mechanic installing LED headlight wiring

Step 2: Remove Headlight Bucket

For easier access to the headlight housing, remove the four screws holding the headlight bucket in place.

Mechanic removing headlight bucket on a classic Mustang

Pro Tip: Make sure you have a solid grip on the bucket once the last screw is removed. It might fall straight off of the housing.

Step 3: Make Wiring Connections

Grab the wires from the headlight housing and connect them to the replacement LED headlight.

For the turn signal and parking light connections, attach the red/black wire connector to the respective port on the headlight. Follow the same procedure for the yellow/white wires.

Next, attach the main headlight power supply to the supplied three-socket port.

Mechanic connecting LED headlight wires on a classic Mustang

Step 4: Install New Headlight and Retaining Ring

Position the provided retaining ring around the headlight. Place the headlight into the housing and insert the provided screws into the holes in the retaining ring.

Once the light is securely inside the ring and attached to the frame loosely by the screws, turn it slightly counter-clockwise to lock it into place. Tighten down the screws.

Mechanic installing LED headlights on a classic Mustang

Step 5: Reinstall Headlight Bucket

Use a Phillips-head screwdriver to reinstall the four screws that hold the headlight bucket in place. Tighten down the screws.

Mechanic reinstalling headlight bucket on a classic Mustang

Step 6: Connect Headlights to Wiring Harness

For the wiring on your new 1965-1973 Mustang LED headlights, connect the red wire to your parking light output. The yellow wire plugs into your turn signal.

We used a new Painless wiring harness in our classic Mustang, which has different connection points from the factory harness. The functions each wire connects to should be the same though.

Mechanic reinstalling LED headlight wiring on a classic Mustang

Pro Tip:If you would like a much more in-depth explanation of the wiring connections in your classic Mustang, check out our classic Mustang wiring harness install guide.

Finish Updating the Lights on Your Classic Mustang

Your new 1965-1973 Mustang headlight installation will give your pony car better visibility and safety. With the wiring connected to the headlight and turn signal attachments, you can now choose between a halo glow and a full brightness setting.

Complement your new LED headlights by upgrading your Mustang's wiring to better suit your modern LEDs. Upgrading or restoring your headlights is also a great entry point to overhauling the rest of the lighting in your classic Mustang. Be sure to check out our selection of Mustang LEDs for more ideas.

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