Ford Focus and Fiesta ST Jacking Points

Ford Focus and Fiesta ST Jacking Points

Last Updated January 2, 2024 | Bill Tumas

If you don't have a lift, getting your Fiesta or Focus ST off the ground can be intimidating. This guide will show you the sturdiest jacking points on your Focus or Fiesta ST and the best places to put jack stands after you've got your car off the ground.

Focus ST and Fiesta ST Jack Points

Both the Fiesta ST and Focus ST have a list of jack points included in the owner's manual, but they might not be the best for long-term projects. If you're planning to have your ride off the ground for more than a couple hours, the diagram below highlights the best places to jack it up and where to place the jack stands.

The underside of a Ford Focus ST with jacking points circled

Jacking Up Your Focus ST or Fiesta ST

This can be a potentially dangerous process, so here are a few safety tips you'll want to keep in mind:

  • Make sure your Focus or Fiesta is on flat ground.
  • Use wheel chocks or blocks to stop your ride from rolling while being jacked up.
  • Engage the parking brake while jacking up your car.

These tips will help ensure your Fiesta ST or Focus ST doesn't fall off the jack stands and potentially hurt you or damage something.

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Required Tools:

  • Floor Jack
  • Quality Jack Stands

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Step 1: Align Floor Jack Under Front Subframe

Slide your floor jack under the front of the chassis. Position the jack saddle under the center of the front subframe.

It's a good idea to use a hockey puck or block of wood on your jack saddle to prevent potential damage to your chassis.

Mechanic centering a floor jack under a Fiesta ST

Step 2: Jack Up Front

Lift the front of your Focus or Fiesta off the ground using the floor jack.

Mechanic jacking up the front of a Fiesta ST

Step 3: Place Front Jack Stands

After you've lifted the front, place the first jack stand on the driver's side frame rail. This should be right on the edge of the body before the wheel arch. Then, place the second jack stand under the passenger's side frame rail. Then, slowly drop the jack onto the jack stands while ensuring they don't move.

Mechanic placing jack stands underneath the a Fiesta ST

Step 4: Align Floor Jack Under Rear Beam

Align your jack's saddle under the rear beam. Try to center the jack so it doesn't slip off.

Mechanic aligning a floor jack underneath the rear of a Fiesta ST

Step 5: Jack Up Rear

Lift the rear end of the car using the jack.

Mechanic jacking up the rear of a Fiesta ST

Step 6: Place Rear Jack Stands

Place both jack stands underneath the rear axle tube on either side of the car. Try to center them between the welds on either side of the beam you used to jack the car up.

Mechanic placing jack stands underneath the rear of a Fiesta ST

Step 7: Remove Floor Jack

Once your jack stands are properly placed, slowly lower your car back onto the stands until the stands are properly seated.

Mechanic slowly lowering the car onto the jack stands

Step 8: Make Sure Car Is Secure

Once your Focus or Fiesta is off the ground, gently shake the body to make sure the jack stands are properly seated and stable.

A Fiesta ST sitting securely on jack stands

Stay Safe with a Solid Set of Jack Stands

Whether you need to raise your FoST or FiST to prevent flat spots during storage or install new mods, it's important to have high-quality jack stands and a reliable jack. Check out our in-depth guide on car jacks for some tips to help you find the best jack for your needs.

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