The Ford Bronco Heritage Edition

The Ford Bronco Heritage Edition

Last Updated August 8, 2023 | Meghan Drummond

It might seem like the last thing the Bronco needs is another trim. But the Bronco Heritage Edition brings a few features that set it apart from other trims and make it a big hit with people who love the Bronco’s history.

The Heritage Edition announcement is actually for two vehicles, the Heritage Edition and the Heritage Limited Edition. Features for both are listed below!

Heritage Edition Features

Race Red Bronco Heritage Edition with Oxford White hard top, grille, and wheels
The Bronco Heritage Edition in Yellowstone with White Hard top, grille, and wheels
Bronco Heritage blue plaid interior seats
The Bronco Heritage Edition’s Oxford White 17” wheels
Side stripe with Bronco script in white print on Race Red Bronco
Bronco Sport Heritage Edition Fender Badge
Bronco Sport Heritage Edition in Robin’s Egg Blue shown from front with white grille and red lettering
Oxford White Bronco dash with Race Red lettering
Bronco Heritage Edition in Yellowstone with Oxford White grille with Race Red “Ford” lettering
Bronco Sport Heritage Edition in Robin’s Egg Blue with white grille and red lettering

While some trims have features that require you to pop the hood and kick the wheels, the Heritage Edition immediately looks different. That’s partially due to the Oxford White hard top, which creates a two-tone look that’s very vintage.

The Oxford White top is accentuated by a few other noteworthy additions. The white grille and 17” white aluminum wheels all bring classic design elements to a vehicle that’s already very in touch with its history. Coupled with Race Red lettering, these are stand-out design features.

My favorite feature though is the plaid seats. It’s a small thing, but it brings a touch of uniqueness to the trim. The interior also benefits from additional Oxford White accents, including the instrument panel.

Here’s the full list of features:

  • Oxford White-painted roof
  • Oxford White grille with Race Red Ford lettering
  • Oxford White 17” aluminum wheels
  • Bronco script fender graphics
  • Bodyside stripe
  • Squared-off Sasquatch-width fender flares
  • Powder-coated steel winch-capable front bumper with built-in recover points
  • Integrated fog lamps
  • Plaid interior
  • Oxford White instrument panel
  • Center console badging
  • Trim-exclusive front and rear floor liners

Heritage Limited Edition Models

In a confusing twist to this exciting announcement, there will actually be two Heritage Edition models. The standard one, and the Heritage Limited editions. Most of the features for the two are the same, but the Heritage Limited has a couple of noteworthy changes.

Dark brown leather and plaid seats from Bronco Heritage Limited Edition
Black version of the Heritage edition’s white wheels
  • Black 17” aluminum wheels
  • Oxford White-painted lip
  • Leather-trimmed vinyl plaid with white and red stitching

But the biggest difference between the Heritage and Heritage Limited Edition is which trim they use as their base.

While the Heritage Edition uses the Big Bend trim as its starting point, the Heritage Limited Edition comes with all the equipment of the Badlands edition.

The Badlands trim comes with a slew of additional features. Some of the more noteworthy additions include front and rear locking diffs, a stabilizer bar disconnect, and position-sensitive Bilstein monotube shocks.

Heritage Edition FAQs

What colors can you get the Bronco Heritage Edition in?

At launch, the Heritage Limited Edition will come exclusively in Robin’s Egg Blue. A throwback color that’s based on Arcadian Blue. The Heritage Edition will have a total of five available colors. There are already more planned colors though, including the oft-rumored and never-actually-before-seen Yellowstone Yellow. Ford also has “Peak Blue” scheduled for 2024, so this should be a more-than-one-year trim. Unlike the First Edition Broncos.

How many Heritage Broncos will be made?

The Heritage Limited Edition will be limited to a mere 1,966 models (since the Bronco launched in 1966). But no cap has been announced for the Heritage Edition and it looks set to return for multiple years.

When can you order a Heritage Bronco?

For right now, Ford is restricting orders to those who currently have been waiting. Considering how many people have been waiting for more than a year (in some cases two!) that seems fair. They’ve earned it.

How much does a Bronco Heritage Edition cost?

For the regular Heritage Edition, you’ll be paying $45,900. Considering it’s basically a Big Bend with the Sasquatch package that’s actually a pretty good deal. You’ll be paying about $1,135 for a really sweet appearance package.

The Heritage Limited Edition is a little pricier at $68,490. Considering how few are being made, these are likely to be highly collectible and will also probably suffer from serious dealership markups.

Vintage Appeal, Modern Performance

The Heritage Edition Bronco takes the promise of the 6th generation Bronco and delivers on the vintage appeal. While this is really an appearance package more than anything else, it’s a good-looking one, and one that’s distinct from previous offerings.

The good news is that it looks the Heritage Edition will return for upcoming years as well.

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