What Is the Ford Focus RS Heritage Edition?

What Is the Ford Focus RS Heritage Edition?

Last Updated August 8, 2023 | C.J. Tragakis

Saying Goodbye to the Ford Focus RS with a Special Release

Ford Focus RS Heritage Edition Exterior

As a send-off to Ford’s mightiest hot hatch, the Ford Focus RS Heritage Edition was created as a limited run, with only 50 total examples built. This is in order to mark the 50 years of the Escort nameplate being used in the U.K. In fact, Great Britain has been fortunate enough to see some of Ford’s greatest rally-inspired vehicles, including the RS200 and Focus RS Cosworth. We’re sad to see the current generation Ford Focus RS go, but this departing version does great justice to maximize the car’s potential.

The Heritage Edition builds on Ford’s confusingly similar “Edition” trim of the car, whose primary differentiator is the addition of a Quaife limited-slip differential for the front axle. Included in the Heritage Edition as well, this is a welcome modification that many drivers think should come standard on all versions. By managing power output to the front wheels, the LSD greatly improves handling and overall performance during spirited driving. However, there are several other modifications that make the Heritage Edition wholly unique.

Appearance Upgrades

Ford Focus RS Recaro Partial Leather Seats

The Heritage Edition only comes in one color, “Tief Orange” (which is simply German for “Deep Orange”), a shade that is unique to this model. Owners will get the sporty partial leather Recaro seats inside. While standard on the Focus RS and the top-level Ford Focus ST in the United States, these remained optional in the U.K. Additionally, Ford added the same exterior appearance upgrades that the Edition trim got: Black side mirrors and black rear spoiler that contrast nicely with the bright orange paint. You’ll also receive black alloy wheels that hide some stealthy grey brake calipers to complete the look.

Performance Enhancements

You’ll not only be getting cosmetic upgrades, however. Ford’s partnership with Mountune means that in addition to the sweet Quaife differential, you also get the dealer-installed FPM375 tuning kit. The package includes a high-performance air filter, an upgraded high-flow induction kit, and a revised software tune for the ECU, to fully take advantage of what the engine has on tap. Horsepower jumps from 345hp to 370hp, with torque going from 347 lb-ft to 376 lb-ft. This is a fantastic boost for a car that’s already extremely quick and truly makes it the best Focus RS ever to come from a Ford factory.

The price for a Ford Focus RS Heritage Edition was listed at £39,895, or about $51,000 USD. With such a limited run, you’ll likely be hard-pressed to find one for less than that, and you might have to cross an ocean to buy it!

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