What Is the Giugiaro Ford Mustang?

What Is the Giugiaro Ford Mustang?

Last Updated August 8, 2023 | Andrew Boyle

Although the Ford Mustang is known around the world as the quintessential American muscle car, at various times throughout its history it has opened itself to European influences. One such incident was the Giugiaro Mustang concept unveiled in 2006 at the Los Angeles International Auto Show. Based on the 2005 Mustang GT, the car was designed by Fabrizio Giugiaro of the legendary design firm Italdesign Giugiaro as a tribute to the pony car’s performance and racing history.

Giugiaro Mustang

Features and Technical Specs

Under the hood, the Giugiaro Mustang benefitted from a twin-screw supercharger that boosted the output of the GT’s stock 4.6L V8 to over 500 horsepower. Other notable performance upgrades include an all-aluminum radiator from Ford Racing, new mufflers and an X-pipe exhaust, a 95 mm mass air meter with a conical air filter, and a finely tuned engine with fuel injectors from the Ford GT. The vehicle’s refined chassis sits 1.5 inches lower than the stock Mustang and delivers sharper handling thanks to Ford Racing dynamic-tuned dampers, lowering springs and anti-sway bars.


Despite these technical improvements, it was the radical styling of the Giugiaro Mustang that attracted the most attention. With a new interior, a curved glass panel bridging the windshield and rear window, and Lambo-style scissor doors, the Giugiaro Mustang sported a compact, aggressive look that is more Milan than Michigan. Other features of the Giugiaro Mustang include:

  • Handmade three-piece taillights reminiscent of the first generation Mustang
  • Dark brown horsehide seats and headrests
  • Custom 20-inch rims outfitted with 275/40 tires in the front and 315/35s in the back


Initial response to the Giugiaro Mustang was nothing short of ecstatic, with AutoBlog calling it “rolling automotive pornography” and praising its combination of classic Mustang styling cues and European design. Of course, with any redesign this extreme there was bound to be a backlash, and it’s no surprise that many traditionalists were aghast at the thought of such a radical departure from Mustang orthodoxy. Regardless of where you stand, the Giugiaro Mustang was one of the more unique takes on the classic pony car in recent years, and it is a fascinating example of the way its famous platform inspires designers and drivers alike.

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