How to Find Your Chevy C10 Community

How to Find Your Chevy C10 Community

Last Updated April 17, 2024 | Alison Smith

Whether you’re a proud Chevy C10 owner, looking to buy, or just love classic trucks, getting involved in a community connects you to other like-minded individuals who share the same passion. From social media and online forums to swap meets and car shows, there are plenty of ways to find fellow C10 enthusiasts.

C10 Social Media

Most people use social media daily to interact with friends or family, but it’s also the perfect place to find other C10 owners, groups, and events. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube are some of the most popular channels for C10 content.

You can search Facebook for C10 groups as well as upcoming shows and events in your local community. Instagram is good for inspiration, checking out other builds, and to see what’s trending. Twitter is useful for following all your favorite aftermarket brands and seeing what other C10 owners are discussing. YouTube is the best source for installation videos, regardless of your experience level.

Although it’s easy to get inundated with tons of info on social media, hashtags are an easy way to sort through the noise to find the content you really want.

Popular C10 Social Media Hashtags

  • #c10
  • #c10trucks
  • #c10club
  • #chevyc10
  • #squarebody
  • #squarebodyc10
  • #squarebodychevy
  • #squarebodysunday
  • #squarebodylife
  • #c10stepside
  • #c10fleetside
  • #c10family
  • #c10suburban

C10 Clubs & Organizations

Just as there are countless Mustang communities out there, the same is true for the Chevy C10. If there isn’t a C10 club near you, there may be a classic truck club you can join instead.

Why Join a C10 Club?

Joining a Chevy C10 club will let you interact with other individuals who share the same passion as you. Clubs can be a great resource for advice, whether it’s restoration tips, aftermarket part suggestions, or to gauge different opinions.

If you’re looking to show off your ride, many clubs host car shows and other events. You’ll get to see some really cool trucks, learn more, and share your own knowledge.

Finding a C10 Club Near You

Google searching makes it easy to find a C10 club close to you. If you aren’t having any luck on Google, though, forums are also a good place to find clubs. Depending on where you’re located, you may have to drive to a larger metropolitan area.

Things to Consider Before Joining

Before you make a decision to join a C10 club, there are a few things to consider.

Club Location: If you’re in a more remote location, it may be difficult to find a club in your area. You may need to branch out to a club in a nearby city. You’ll often have to drive to the club location for various meetings and events, so you’ll want to take the distance into consideration before joining.

Membership Dues: Although some clubs are completely free, others may require membership dues. Some clubs may charge an annual fee or have different membership options available.

Time Commitment: Some clubs will make you sign up to work car shows or other events as part of your membership. It’s important to think of the time commitment before making a decision. Other C10 clubs may also require you to attend a certain amount of meetings. This is especially important to consider if you have to drive a lengthy distance to attend.

Compatibility: As with any social group, you’ll want to make sure it’s the right fit for you. Maybe you prefer a larger group with lots of members or want something on the smaller side.

C10 Forums

Screenshot of forum home page

Chevy C10 forums are a great resource whether you end up joining a club or prefer flying solo. If you have a question or need advice on what parts to purchase, you can post in a forum. As forums are filled with avid C10 owners, you’ll get a response that will either give you the answer you need or at least point you in the right direction.

Many forums are generation-specific so you can connect with those who have the same generation truck as you. For instance, if you’re looking for what headlights to install on your 1973-1987 C10, you’ll want to check out a Square Body Chevy forum.

C10 Forums by Generation
C10 Generation Forums
All Generations C10 Trucks
First Generation (1960-1966) C10 Trucks
Second Generation: Action Line or Glamour Pickups (1967-1972) 67-72 Chevy Truck Forums
Third Generation: Rounded Line or Square Body Chevys (1973-1987) GM Square Body Forums; 73-87 Chevy Truck Forums

C10 Truck Shows & Events

Another way to get involved is by going to car shows and other C10 events. Not only are they fun, but you’ll also get to meet tons of people who are just as crazy about C10 trucks as you.

C10 Shows

C10 truck shows are a great place to show off your build, chat with other enthusiasts, meet aftermarket vendors, and check out some really sweet rides. However, don't forget to follow basic car show etiquette. You can use Google, social media, and forums to find car shows near you. If there aren’t any shows around, you can travel to some of the more popular C10 events that attract enthusiasts from all over the country:

Orange C10 with hood popped at a car show in a field

C10 Swap Meets

Swap meets are essentially like a flea market and car show combined. People sell everything from trucks and parts to collectibles. You never know what you might find at a C10 swap meet.

They’re filled with other classic truck fanatics, so you can shoot the breeze and talk C10 all day long. You may even get lucky and score harder-to-find OEM parts, merchandise, and memorabilia. Arriving early gives you the best chance of snagging up any rarer parts before the crowd comes in. You’ll also want to bring cash with you.

Even if you aren’t in the market to buy, it’s still fun to look around and meet new people. If you have any C10 parts you want to off-load, swap meets are a good place to do that.

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