How to Find Your Mustang Community

How to Find Your Mustang Community

Last Updated April 18, 2024 | Bill Tumas

Joining the enthusiast community is one of the most exciting parts of owning a Mustang. But it can be daunting to know where to start. Maybe you’ve just bought your first Mustang and are looking to get involved. Or, maybe you’ve had it a while and want to expand your existing circle.

There are lots of ways to step into the Ford Mustang community. This guide will cover different ways to do so, both digitally and in person. There’s something for everyone, from online forums and social media groups to casual meetups and track racing events.


Where To Start

The internet is the best place to start searching for like-minded Mustang fanatics. The Mustang community is a welcoming one, so don’t feel shy about getting involved.

The era of the internet and social media has made finding communities easier than ever. Not only can you research a wide variety of Mustang organizations, but you can also participate in forums and online conversations. These are free, accessible, low-stress, and easy to use.

Forums and other groups have lots of great discussions that answer hundreds of questions. These include topics for beginners and experts alike. Engaging on forums is a great place to learn more, ask questions, and chat or joke with other Mustang owners.

Once you’re active on forums, you might start looking for more real-life engagement. Social media provides an easy way to find in-person events. Depending on where you live, you might have a local or regional Mustang club you can join. If not, there are national options in the U.S. and across the world that host large events.

Ford Mustang Forums

Forums are excellent for troubleshooting specific problems and learning how to fix them. While you’re less likely to find people to meet up with in real life, chatting about and showing off your car via photos is fun.

This is also the best place to ask detailed questions. Just keep in mind that while many answers will be extremely helpful, some posters won’t know what they’re talking about. Try to get multiple opinions and double-check your research. You can also learn a lot from stories of people trying repairs or mods that didn’t work out.

For the latest Mustang generation, the S550, Mustang6G is a great jumping-off point. It’s the largest, most current, and most active Mustang forum. However, there are different forums for every generation, each with its own die-hard set of enthusiasts.

Top Mustang Forums for Each Generation
Mustang GenerationTop Forum
Classic (1964.5-1973) Vintage Mustang Forum (VMF)
Mustang II (1974-1978) StangNet Mustang II
Fox Body (1979-1993) Fox Body Mustang Forum or StangNet Fox Body
SN95 (1994-2004) SN95 Forums
S197 (2005-2014) S197 Forum
S550 (2015-2023) Mustang6G
S650 (2024+) Mustang7G

Other sites like AllFordMustangs, Corral.Net, and StangNet have different pages for individual generations. The r/Mustang Subreddit is another active Mustang forum. There are some generation-specific subreddits, but classic and S550 have the most activity.

Do’s and Don’ts of Mustang Forums


  • Be friendly
  • Ask specific, detailed questions
  • Show off your ride


  • Ask a question without searching for the topic first (many topics have already been covered)
  • Give out personal information
  • Pretend to know everything (even experts are always learning)

Mustang Social Media

If you’ve spent much time on social media and have “car friends,” you’ve likely seen them posting pictures with tons of hashtags. They’re onto something, as sites like Facebook and Instagram make it incredibly easy to engage with the enthusiast community online. These sites are used to organize and advertise in-person meetups too.

Search for communities that appeal to you. There are groups (particularly on Facebook) for every Mustang generation or motorsport you can imagine, and they're all over the country. We even have our own thriving Facebook Group, CJ's Garage Squad, that welcomes enthusiasts of all kinds. Why not start there?

You can also try searching Instagram for car hashtags related to your model, like #50mustang. Browsing for Mustang hashtags is fun, but digital engagement is only part of the excitement. To find real-life events, look at Facebook groups that are local to your area. Social media makes it simple to find local clubs and meetups.

The "All Generations" hashtags are a great start for any Mustang post. You can copy and paste them right from here into a comment on your Instagram post to help get eyes on your photos.

Popular Mustang Social Media Hashtags
Mustang GenerationPopular Hashtags
All Generations #fordmustang, #mustang, #fordmustanggt, #mustanglovers, #mustangsdaily, #mustangoftheday, #mustangfanclub, #mustangsofinstagram, #ponycar, #stangsociety, #worldofstangs, #worldwidestangs
Classic (1964.5-1973) #classiccars, #fastback, #classicmustang, #vintagemustang, #oldmustang, #remembertheclassics
Mustang II (1974-1978) #mustangII
Fox Body (1979-1993) #foxbody, #cobra, #foxbodyaddicts, #foxbodysonly, #foxbodymustang, #foxbodylove, #50mustang
SN95 (1994-2004) #sn95, #newedge, #modernmuscle, #cobra, #sn95nation, #sn95fanatics, #sn95only, #sn95source, #newedgenation, #newedgestang, #newedgeworld
S197 (2005-2014) #s197, #modernmuscle, #s197mustang, #s197sonly, #s197life
S550 (2015-2023) #modernmuscle, #mustanggt, #50mustang, #EcoBoost, #s550only, #s550nation, #s550life, #s550mustang, #s550fanclub
S650 (2024+) #s650mustang, #darkhorsemustang, #newmustang, #2024mustang, #mustangdarkhorse

Do’s and Don’ts of Car Social Media


  • Be supportive of the community and its members (like and share other people’s photos!)
  • Learn how to properly promote your car on social media with concise posts, relevant hashtags, and high-quality images
  • See if there are local Mustang groups in your area


  • Leave mean or disparaging comments
  • Give out personal information
  • Overdo it by constantly posting

Mustang Clubs and Organizations

If you want to meet up with other enthusiasts, look into joining a car club. For those in more populous areas, there are lots of different Mustang-specific clubs. If you can’t find one near you, joining a general car club is a great way to get involved.

How Does a Car Club Work?

CJ Pony Parts Tent at an Event

A car club is simply an organization of enthusiasts with a shared passion. Some host casual weekly gatherings, while others stage large events that only happen a few times a year. Though signing up as a member is usually a requirement, most clubs are very welcoming.

Use search engines and social media to look for clubs in your region. If you’re unable to find one nearby, you can even start your own!

Mustang Car Clubs in America

The internet makes it easy to find Mustang car clubs and shows. As a jumping-off point, Ford’s list of Mustang enthusiast clubs is a great place to start. Check out some of the Mustang clubs from their list below:

The Mustang Club of America is probably the best place to start. They host regular meetups across the country, as well as an annual national show in the spring. For even more on clubs and events, take a look at Ford Performance’s Club Connect page. You can also check with your local Mustang club or your neighborhood Ford dealer or performance garage.

Mustang Car Clubs in Canada

The Canadian Mustang Owners’ Club holds regular meets, shows, and other events across the country. Check their forums for a Mustang Car Show near you. In the greater Toronto area, the Golden Horseshoe Mustang Association hosts weekly cruise nights and regularly attends local car shows.

If you live close enough to the U.S. border, you can also join an American club.

International Mustang Clubs

Anywhere you find fellow Mustang lovers, you're sure to find Mustang car shows. Below are links to some of the more active Mustang clubs in the world. Check their respective websites for information about upcoming events:

Of course, these are only a few of the thousands of clubs that host Mustang car shows, meets, and drive nights around the world. You’ll find enthusiast groups around the globe, from South Africa to Italy to Peru.

Mustang Club Do’s and Don’ts


  • Be kind to everyone
  • Be willing to ask questions
  • Follow the club’s guidelines


  • Touch a car without the owner’s permission
  • Drive dangerously or illegally (this is a good way to get the club disbanded)
  • Insult anyone’s car

Mustang Car Shows & Events

While digital clubs are popular, most clubs exist for the purpose of organizing real-life events. Cars and coffee events are the most casual and easy-going. Car shows are usually a bit more organized, while regional and national Mustang events are the most built-up.

Cars and Coffee

S550 Mustangs with Hoods Open

Cars and coffee are popular weekend morning get-togethers. The name really says it all, as they’re usually just a group of enthusiasts in a parking lot chatting over their morning java. They’re a great way to meet new people and are completely free to attend (you don’t even need a car).

You won’t usually find Mustang-specific cars and coffee, but we’d be surprised if there aren’t at least a few ponies in attendance.

The largest “cars and coffee” event is called Caffeine and Octane. In fact, it’s the largest event of its type in North America and is more of a full-blown car show than cars and coffee.

Mustang Shows

People Gathered at Mustang Week

Car shows are usually more formal than a small meetup. Some require visitors to pay and many require a fee for entered cars. Model-specific car shows are likely to have a club presence. Smaller car shows are usually focused on classic cars or one specific type or manufacturer.

The big U.S. car shows in Chicago, L.A., New York, and Detroit go one step further. Then you have international shows in Paris, Geneva, and Tokyo. These are super-organized and press-focused. They’re mostly a platform for auto manufacturers to get the word out about upcoming models. They’re a far cry from the local car shows most Mustang enthusiasts attend, but you’ll still find plenty of car fans in attendance.

Mustang Events

Formally organized regional and national Mustang events also take place. Some are popular within one region of the United States. Others, like Mustang Week, are pilgrimages that bring in enthusiasts from across the country and even the world.

S550 Mustangs at Mustang Week

Ford Nationals in Carlisle, PA isn’t specific to Mustangs but is still one of the most important events for the car. It’s the largest all-Ford show in the world and goes for an entire weekend.

Mustang Week in Myrtle Beach, SC is one of the largest annual events. This multi-day meetup has a wide variety of shows and activities, including meets, cruise-ins, and even a burnout contest. There’s something for everyone.

Check out our list below for some of the most popular Mustang events. Our events calendar is another place to see what’s coming up.

Mustang Event Do’s and Don’ts


  • Be kind to everyone
  • Be willing to ask questions
  • Follow the show’s guidelines


  • Touch a car without permission
  • Drive in an unsafe manner
  • Forget to follow basic car show etiquette

Mustang Driving Events

If you’re ready to take things past the parking lot and onto a closed course, you can bring your Mustang to a driving event. Each is an easy way to get involved in a community but involves more risk, cost, and time than regular meetups.

Mustang Autocross

Autocross is the easiest driving event to get started with. You’ll still need a helmet, but the risks are relatively low. Autocross courses consist of a path laid out by cones with tight turns. Since they’re usually in a large parking lot, you won’t get up to super-high speeds. Still, the feeling of cutting through corners as quick as you can is exhilarating on its own. This is a place where the EcoBoost Mustang feels right at home, especially if it has the High Performance Package.

Some drivers are perfectly content to stick with autocross, while others will use it as a jumping-off point for track racing. To get started, search online for a local autocross organization in your area.

Mustang Track Racing

Track racing is quite a bit more serious than autocross. While the stakes are fairly low on a cone course, things can go seriously wrong on a race track. It’s best to start by doing ride-alongs and learning the basics before you take your Mustang out on its own.

Participating in Ford Performance’s racing school is a fantastic way to learn track racing fundamentals. Track racing is more expensive than autocross, but it doesn’t get much better for serious driving enthusiasts. Search online to see if there are any tracks in your area that offer public sessions. You may have to become a member to use them.

Mustang Drag Racing

SN95 and S550 Mustangs at Drag Race

The Mustang is great around corners but is perhaps best known for its straight-line acceleration. There’s no better place to prove this than at the drag strip. While anybody can drag their car, to truly excel requires special upgrades and immense skill.

This is another inherently risky activity (even though you’re going in a straight line), but it’s a sport that many Mustang owners live by. If you’re interested, do an online search to find a drag strip near you. Many tracks will have one as well.

Mustang Drifting

For a more specialized event that will have you going sideways instead of straight, try drifting. You can learn how to drift your Mustang for the ultimate way to slide your car and burn rubber. The SN95 and Fox Body make especially good drift car candidates since they’re both affordable and easy to upgrade.

Drift competitions can be tougher to find than other events, but there’s a dedicated community that’s constantly growing. Look for clubs and events near you to see if there’s a local chapter.

Mustang Driving Event Do’s and Don’ts


  • Follow all safety guidelines
  • Find a mentor to help you learn
  • Ensure your car is fit for whatever event you participate in


  • Drive beyond your ability
  • Give up too soon (practice makes perfect)
  • Race on the streets

Stay Up-to-Date on Mustang News

Even when you’re not on the track or at an event, you’ll want to keep up with the latest Mustang news. Big sites like Car and Driver and Road and Track are good for following general car news, but there are some other sites to keep in mind for Mustang-specific topics.

Ford Authority has a lot of Ford-specific news, including the latest spy shots and talk about the Mustang. Besides that, forums are also great places for rumors and updates.

You can also connect with other Mustang fanatics by following CJ Pony Parts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. We’re always celebrating the best the Mustang community has to offer, including the latest mods, builds, and Mustang rumors.

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