Pony Trails

Pony Trails

Last Updated July 21, 2021 | Andrew Boyle

Pony Trails 2017: Recap

Mustang Car MeetEvery year on the Friday of Carlisle All-Ford Nationals, CJ's hosts a car meet and cruise from their headquarters in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania to the fairgrounds in Carlisle. This car meet and cruise is called Pony Trails, and is one of our favorite events every year! Before 8 AM, most of CJ's front lot was full with Mustangs and other Fords with free t-shirts, coffee and donuts for all to share. For many of the regulars, it's great to have the opportunity to see old Mustang friends and make new ones all right here at CJ's.

Just before 9 AM, CJ's own David Moore hosted the driver's meeting reminding drivers to obey the laws of the road, keep it safe and remember to have fun. By that time, our Product Specialist, Bill Tumas, hopped in the  Mustang EcoBoost SEMA Car and began the journey to Carlisle. One of the beauties of Central Pennsylvania is the many routes and back roads one can take to a particular destination. This worked out perfectly to run a cruise from CJ's over to All-Ford Nationals with a group of Mustangs ready to tackle the asphalt in front of them.

Mustangs Lined Up

CJ Pony Parts Front Desk

CJ Pony Thank You

Mustangs Turning Left

Mustangs Driving

Once all 130 Mustangs arrived at the destination of North Middleton Park, drivers made their way around to check out the other builds and eventually carried on their way over to the fairgrounds for a fun-filled day of Ford fun!

We wanted to take this opportunity to thank everyone who came out to Pony Trails 2017! As always, the turnout was amazing and the weather couldn't have been better for this year! See everyone next year!

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Pony Trails

Pony Trails is a car meet and cruise from CJ's Harrisburg headquarters to the fairgrounds in Carlisle for the Carlisle All-Ford Nationals. Come check out some great photos and a video recap of the day.