Mustang Week: 2023 Schedule & Recaps of Past Events

Mustang Week: 2023 Schedule & Recaps of Past Events

Last Updated September 22, 2023 | Bill Tumas

In 2002, less than 200 Mustangs came to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina for the first Mustang Week. What started as a simple cars-and-coffee-styled cruise-in slowly grew into a week-long string of Mustang events. Recent years have seen over 10,000 attendees come together to celebrate the Mustang, take in the beautiful beach views, eat at some of the best restaurants on the east coast, and be entertained, well…mostly by each other.

In 2023, the tradition continues! Get ready to rev up your engines and mark your calendars for another unforgettable Mustang Week. It's that time of the year again when passionate Mustang fans from all over the country gather for the ultimate automotive event.

2023 Mustang Week Details

This year's Mustang Week was held from September 4-9. The kick-off event started on Monday the 4th at 4 p.m. Check out the schedule below or head over to the Mustang Week website for more details.

Schedule of events for Mustang Week 2023 in Myrtle Beach, SC

Besides thousands of gorgeous Mustangs, there's plenty to see and do at Mustang Week. Meet and greets with popular manufacturers, driving schools, cruises, burn-out contests, meet-ups, and car shows dominate the schedule. Retro meetups, Fox cruises, and S550-specific events cater to each generation, but most events are generally for all Mustangs. Other Fords, like F-100s, Focus STs, and RSs, are also welcome to join in on the fun.

A Look Back at Past Mustang Weeks

We put these slideshows together to help showcase what makes Mustang Week great: The Mustangs! Organized by year and generation, look for your (or your friends') build, or get some buildspiration for your Mustang.

2017 Mustang Week | 2018 Mustang Week | 2021 Mustang Week | 2022 Mustang Week | 2023 Mustang Week

Classic Mustangs | Fox Body Mustangs | SN95 and New Edge Mustangs | S197 Mustangs | S550 Mustangs

2023 Mustang Week Recap

The 2023 Mustang Week will certainly go down as one of the most exciting yet. With huge crowds and plenty of tire smoke, it proved once again that this iconic pony car still brings out passion in owners and fans alike. Veterans and newcomers alike are already getting amped up for 2024!

Check out some of the highlights for 2023 Mustang Week in the video below.

2022 Mustang Week

2022 Mustang Week was a particularly special one. It was the final Mustang Week run by the original staff consisting of Mike, Rodney, Brad, and a team of others. After 21 years, they felt it was time to move on. Luckily, Mustang Week continues, but at the time, nobody knew for sure if it would be the last one ever.

2021 Mustang Week

Sadly, Mustang Week was canceled in 2019 and 2020. A hurricane and a pandemic made getting together unsafe, and the organizers made the decision to play it safe.

In 2021, it was clear that many owners had spent those two years modifying their Mustangs and getting them clean. Because people showed up for 2021 looking better than ever and ready to strut their stuff.

We brought Smoke Show, a drift S550 build we'd put together for SEMA. We were flattered so many of our customers recognized our build and helped us find great parking or get where we needed to go.

Check out some of our favorite rides from 2021 below.

A Mach-E featured at Ford Performance, decked out in a blue wrap with a black hood stripe
Blacked out Foxbody Mustang build with riveted fender flares and green wheels
Red Fox Body Mustang GT convertible with black top and black and white decals
Silver Foxbody Mustang with totally restomod engine
Black Foxbody Mustang modded to race, complete with a turbo sticking up out of the hood
Dark Green classic Shelby GT350 Mustang with white stripes
A 1970 Mach 1 Mustang in blue with white stripes, with a mach 1 fender gripper on the side
Mercury Capri Foxbody with Orange accents, restomodded foxbody
Dark slate gray S197 Shelby GT500 with black stripes, cowl hood
A white S197 Mustang with black window louvers and a widebody build
A dark red Roush S550 Mustang with black side accent stripe and the Roush logo
Black SN95 Mustang Cobra convertible with top down and hood up
White SN95 Cobra Mustang with hood up
a 2000 SVT Cobra R Mustang in mint condition
Matte black 4-eyed Foxbody hatchback with gold wheels and massive hood scoop
Dark red 1966 Mustang fastback pictured beside marti report and build pictures
S550 Mustang with unique wrap and wheels gets low with air ride suspension
Classic GT350 with driver's side visor turned to show Carroll Shelby signature
Close-up of a Classic Mustang Fastback's window louvers
Black classic Mustang coupe
Rearview of dark red Mach 1 Classic Mustang

2018 Mustang Week Highlights

From brand new 2018 S550s to mid-build classics, 2018 Mustang Week really highlighted the wide variety of Mustangs still on the road. Fun runs and autocross events let people show off their mods. Bill's GT with its Roush supercharger was definitely a hit, and it was fun letting it loose.

We got the honor of meeting a ton of you at our car show and CJ meet. While we got to give away a lot of prizes, the real prize was getting to see so many gorgeous Mustangs in one place.

Check out some of our favorites from 2018 below!

Classic Mustang in light gray, rear shot
Black S550 Mustang front angle, gold accents
Bright Blue Fox Body Mustang with white Shelby stripes and a cowl hoood
Bright red 2018 Mustang with black accents, rear shot
S550 Shelby GT350 Mustang in light gray
S197 Shelby Mustang with green, gold, and matte black wrap
1966 White Mustang
White S550 convertible Mustang with blue side mirrors, badging, wheel accents and ground effects
Red Fox Body Mustang with cowl hood and bronze wheels
Heavily modified S197 Mustang in metallic wrap with hood up
Classic Ford F-100 Burnout at Mustang Week
dark blue New Edge Cobra Mustang, front view
White SN95 Cobra Mustang with hood up
Light gold S550 Mustang with fender flares, purple headlights and black ground effects
Rolling Shot at Mustang at Mustang Week
Young Mustang Fans at Mustang Week
Sideshot of S550 Mustang, lowered with riveted fender flares and aftermarket lights
Red 1968 Mustang with black hood and hood scoop
S550 Mustang in racing wrap making smoke at Mustang Week
A dark gray Fox Body Hatchback at Mustang Week
A dark green classic Mustang with its hood open
Light Green New Edge Mustang convertible with cowl induction hood and flag decal
Black S197 Shelby GT500 Mustang with blue stripes does a burnout at Mustang Week
A dark red 4-eyed Fox Body Mustang with its hood popped
Silver S550 Mustang with Black Steeda body decal and Steeda emblem
Bright blue four-eyed foxbody Mustang with black stripe on cowl hood.
Row of yellow Mustangs with an SN95 Boss Mustang Shinoda in front
Blue 1972 Mustang with white accents and hood open

2017 Mustang Week Highlights

We met Mustang owners from as far north as Canada and as far west as California. Vaughn Gittin Jr. demonstrated his 2015 Mustang GT's drift capabilities with some laps, and even let some lucky people grab a ride.

At the Retro Meets, Fox Body and SN95 Mustangs were out in force. And at the drag strip, we watched Mustangs from all generations show off what they could do.

But we also enjoyed watching young people turn into fans. There's something about seeing the wide variety of Mustangs, and how personalized each is, that can create a lifetime love of modding cars.

Check out some of our favorite Mustangs from 2017 below!

A black GT350R beside a gray GT350R
S197 Mustang painted with patriotic imagery
A nitrous tank with a custom paint job
CJ Pony Parts' EcoBoost Mustang from SEMA
Sideview of CJ's SEMA EcoBoost
Three S550 Mustangs, in Orange, gray, and blue, in a line
Closer view of orange S550 with flag decal on the hood and 5.0 badge
Vaughn Gittin Jr Drifting in an S550 Mustang
Front view of Vaughn Gittin Jr. Drifting in his Mustang
side view of Vaughn Gittin Jr drifting in 2015 Mustang GT
Drifting in an S550 GT Mustang
Drift Mustang parked, Gittin waves at his fans
A bright blue S197 Mustang modded to look like a cartoon
Competition orange S550 and New Edge Mustangs side by side
An S550 Mustang with Diode Dynamics lighting installed
An S197 Mustang with customized looks from headlights on back
Blackout Fox Body Mustang with silver wheels
Bright blue S197 Boss 302 Mustang
Row of red Fox Body Mustangs and red SN95 Mustangs
A Fox Body Mustang modified to drift
A group shot of Mustangs attending the Retro Meet Mustang Week event
Line of S550 Mustangs attending Mustang Week
Young Mustang enthusiast checks out the Mustangs from his battery-powered car
A row of S197 Mustangs with their hoods popped
Rear view of S550 GT Mustang with gold wheels
Green S197 Boss 302 Mustang beside blue S550 Shelby GT350
Fox Body and S197 Mustang compete on the drag strip at Mustang week 2017
Black S197 Mustang with cowl hood completes a drag run
Blue Fox Body and Orange S550 Mustang on drag strip
CJ's EcoBoost Mustang and Roush S550 Mustang on strip together
Green S197 Mustang with unique fender flares
Row of Focus STs
S197 Mustang with red underhood lighting and underglow
Black S197 Mustang with purple lighting kit
S197 Shelby GT500 with underhood lights
Black GT350R Mustang with red stripes and red wheels
Green S197 Mustang, gold wheels
S550 Mustang with Le Mans tribute wrap
Gold SN95 Mustang, lowered with tinted windows
Saleen SN95 Mustang convertible, blue
Blue classic Mustang with patina finish
Tan Fox Body GT hatchback with silver wheels
Fox Body Mustang race car, with wrap
White SN95 SVT Cobra R Mustang with hood open
Gray and black 1968 Shelby GT500 Mustang with spinner wheels
White Focus RS with black hood, black wheels, and blue brake calipers
Silver SN95 Cobra Mustang with Chrome wheels, tinted black headlights, and tinted windows
White, lowered Fox Body GT Mustang with cowl hood
A Ruby Red 2017 S550 Mustang GT

Classic Mustangs

Classic Mustangs know how to come correct for a show. Elaborate displays, perfect exterior detailing, and some real showmanship came along for the ride. Though we were also excited to see some classics that had some love masquerading as patina.

Classic dark green Mustang with popped hood and restomod accents
Light Gray Classic Mustang rear shot
Patina finish on blue classic Mustang
1968 Shelby GT500 Mustang Dark Gray with Black accents and spinner wheels
1966 White Mustang
 A 1968 Mustang cruising, Bright red  with black hood and hood scoop
1972 Mustang Blue with white accents and hood open
Classic Shelby GT350 Mustang, dark green with white stripes
A Bright blue 1970 Mach 1 Mustang with white stripes
Marti report and build pictures beside finished dark red 1966 Mustang fastback
Carroll Shelby's signature on a Classic GT350 driver's side visor
Light blue classic Mustang Fastback's window louvers
A beautifully restored classic black Mustang coupe
Dark red Mach 1 classic Mustang, rear view

Fox Body Mustangs

In case you haven't been able to guess yet, Fox Bodys? Are how Mustang Week got started. And they still sit at the heart of the whole event. As such, it's not surprising that Mustang Weeks brought some of the best Fox builds we've ever seen.

Fox Body Mustang that's all blacked out but with silver wheels
Red Fox Body Mustangs in a row
Drift-modified Fox Body Mustang with patina finish
Retro Meet group shot
A Foxbody Mustang and S197 complete a run
Drag strip shot of a Blue Foxbody Mustang and Orange S550
Hatchback Foxbody Mustang GT, Tan with silver wheels
Wrapped Foxbody Mustang race car
Lowered White Foxbody Mustang Gt with cowl hood
Bright blue Foxbody Mustang, cowl hood and white Le Mans stripes
Foxbody Mustang, red. Modified with cowl hood and bronze wheels
Rear shot of a dark gray Foxbody Hatchback Mustang
4-eyed Foxbody Mustang. Dark red, hood popped
4-eyed Fox Body in bright blue. Black hood stripe on cowl hood
Black Fox body Mustang, blackout build with riveted fender flares and green wheels
Foxbody Mustang GT, bright red convertible with black top. Decorated with black and white decals
Restomodded engine fit into a silver Foxbody Mustang
Turbo sticks out of cutout in Foxbody Mustang's hood
Restomodded foxbody Mercury Capri with bright orange accents
4-eyed Foxbody hatchback, matte black with hood scoop and gold wheels

SN95 and New Edge Mustangs

SN95 and New Edge Mustangs always brought the fun. We're pretty sure almost every Cobra from the generation has taken a tour around Myrtle beach. These Mustangs are often the most modded, especially for speed.

Competition Orange New Edge Mustang pictured by an S550 in the same color
Red SN95 Mustangs behind Foxbodies in a row
Mustangs at Retro Meet in a group
A dark gold SN95 Mustang with tinted windows that's been lowered
Dark blue Saleen SN95 Mustang convertible
SVT Cobra R SN95 Mustang, white pictured with hood open
SN95 Cobra Mustang, Silver with Chrome wheels. Tinted windows and headlights
Front view of a New Edge Cobra Mustang in dark blue
An SN95 Mustang Cobra, white with hood up
New Edge Mustang convertible. Light green with flag decal on cowl hood
Yellow SN95 Boss Mustang Shinoda pictured in front of row of yellow Mustangs
New Edge Mustang Cobra convertible, black.
White New Edge Cobra Mustang underhood shot
a bright red 2000 SVT Cobra R Mustang in mint condition

S197 Mustangs

The retro-futuristic style of S197 Mustangs was right at home in Myrtle Beach. We loved seeing the many ways you could completely change up the exterior of these ponies. While some owners leaned hard into the retro-side, a lot of these builds focused on the future.

Dark Gray S197 Mustang painted with red, white, blue and gold patriotic imagery
A blue S197 Mustang with a cartoon smile modified on
Dark purple S197 Mustang with widebody stance
Blue S197 Boss 302 Mustang with black Boss stripes on hood and side
Three S197 Mustangs in white, blue, and gray parked in a row with their hoods popped
A bright green S197 Boss 302 Mustang with black Boss stripes and Hoosier tires
Dark blue Shelby S197 Mustang with white stripes takes a run on the drag strip
Drag racing black S197 Mustang with cowl hood
Bright Green S197 Mustang, lowered, with riveted fender flares and green lights
Black S197 Mustang GT with red lighting accents
Shelby S197 Mustang, Black with purple underglow and grille lighting
White Shelby GT500 S197 with underhood lights
Dark Green S197 Mustang lowered over gold wheels
Shelby GT500 S197 Mustang with green, gold, and matte black wrap
Red metallic-wrapped S197 Mustang with matte black fender flares
A burnout being done by an S197 Shelby GT500 Mustang, black with blue stripes
S197 Shelby GT500 S197 Mustang with black stripes, cowl hood
Widebody S197 Mustang, white with black rear window louvers

S550 Mustangs

With S550 Mustangs being the current-gen, it's not a huge shock that they always showed up in numbers. Some builds were put together by professionals, like us, Roush, and Steeda. There were also GT350s and GT350Rs still stock, letting everyone gawk and consider whether they could afford a Shelby of their own. But our favorites were your builds, and seeing how you turned a stock Mustang into something all your own.

Black and Gray Shelby GT350R S550 Mustangs
SEMA-modified EcoBoost Mustang, Gray with green stripes
Orange, gray, and blue S550 Mustangs in a line
Orange S550 GT Mustang with hood flag decal
Vaughn Gittin Jr.'s 2015 Mustang GT gets sideways while drifting
An S550 and New Edge Mustang, both painted competition orange S550
Dark Gray S550 Mustang with green headlight accents from Diode Dynamics
Long line of S550 Mustangs at Mustang Week
Black S550 GT Mustang with gold wheels and row of decals on rear window
Bright orange S550 Mustang on drag strip
Drag strip with modded EcoBoost from CJ's and S550 Roush Mustang
Shelby GT350R S550 Mustang, Black with red stripes and red wheels
Gulf livery tribute wrap on a S550 Mustang
Dark Red S550 Mustang GT
Gold-accented Black S550 Mustang
Black-accented red 2018 Mustang GT
Light Gray S550 Shelby GT350 Mustang
White S550 convertible Mustang, Light blue accents and ground effects
Lowered sandy gold S550 Mustang. Purple accents on headlights and distinct fender flares
Lowered gray S550 RTR Mustang with riveted fender flares and aftermarket lights
Racing wrap on S550 Mustang Demoing drift skills
Steeda S550 Mustang, silver with black accents
Red S550 Roush Mustang with black accent stripe featuring Roush logo
Air ride suspension helps S550 Mustang get low, blue and yellow wrap

Future Mustang Events

Mustang Week is always a blast, but there are plenty of other opportunities to celebrate the Mustang with each other. Sign up for our newsletter and check out our social media channels to keep up with the latest events so you don't miss out. You can also see which events CJ's will be attending during the year by checking out our events page.

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