Jeep Wheelbase Chart

Jeep Wheelbase Chart

Last Updated August 8, 2023 | Alison Smith

Jeep Wrangler and Jeep Wrangler Unlimited

Ever since Jeep began producing vehicles in the 1940s, the brand was focused on utility and creating vehicles with purpose. Whether you have a Jeep Wrangler or an older Civilian Jeep, the wheelbase will be different for each and every model.

A vehicle's wheelbase is the distance between the center of the front axle and the center of the rear axle. Knowing your Jeep's wheelbase is important as it helps determine the breakover, departure, and approach angles.

While 2-door Wranglers will have a short wheelbase (SWB), the 4-door Wrangler Unlimited will have a long wheelbase (LWB). Short wheelbases are great for rock crawling and maneuvering through tricky off-road situations. Long wheelbases have better stability, which comes in handy when climbing steep hills on the trail.

For a quick reference to some of the most popular Jeep wheelbases, check out the chart below. It includes Jeep Wrangler wheelbases as well as the figures for older models including the Willys Wagon and Wagoneer.

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Jeep Wheelbase Chart
Jeep Model Wheelbase (Inches)
JL Wrangler (2018-present) 96.8
JL Wrangler Unlimited (2018-present) 118.4
JK Wrangler (2007-2018) 95.4
JK Wrangler Unlimited (2007-2018) 116
TJ Wrangler (1997-2006) 93.4
YJ Wrangler (1987-1995) 93.4
Compass 103.7
Commander 109.5
Comanche (MJ - long bed/short bed) 119.9/113
Grand Cherokee (WJ/ZJ) 105.9
Cherokee (XJ) 101.4
CJ-8 (1981-1986) 103.5
CJ-7 (1976-1986) 93.5
CJ-6 (1972 - 1981) 103.5
CJ-6 (1955 - 1971) 101
CJ-5 (1972 - 1986) 83.5
CJ-5 (1955 - 1971) 81
J10, J20 long bed/short bed 131/119
Wagoneer (1971 - 1991) 109
Wagoneer (1963 - 1970) 110
Jeepster (1972 - 1973) 104
Jeepster (1967 - 1971) 101
M-715 126
J-3800 132
J-3000 126
J-2000 120
GPW, MB, CJ-2A, CJ-3A, CJ-3B, M-38 80
Willys Truck 118
Willys Wagon 104
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