Ken Block Mustangs

Ken Block Mustangs

Last Updated July 23, 2020 | C.J. Tragakis

Rally driver Ken Block has built several Ford Mustangs for his Gymkhana race events. Each one is a custom, one-off project designed specifically for high-speed drifting. Although they’re not available to the general public, they still inspire and impress Mustang fans.

Who Is Ken Block?

Ken Block is a rally driver and entrepreneur. He got his start as one of the co-founders of DC Shoes. He later sold his share of the business and moved into the automotive arena.

Ken Block With Hoonitruck

Block founded the Monster World Rally Team in 2010 and served as the lead driver. It’s now known as the Hoonigan Racing Division. Hoonigan is a mashup of the words “hoon” and “hooligan.” Hoon means to drive recklessly, while a hooligan is a disruptive, lawless individual. This perfectly describes Block’s style of driving (on closed tracks only, of course).

Though no longer a full-time racer, Ken is still actively involved in the scene. He hosts and takes part in unique Gymkhana events. Gymkhanas are essentially autocross events, but with a larger focus on drifting. He also creates a variety of other content and sells his popular Hoonigan apparel.

The Hoonigan team is affiliated with or sponsored by companies like Ford, Monster Energy, Can-Am, and Toyo Tires.

Hoonigan Mustangs

While Ken Block has put his name on over a dozen vehicles, his Hoonicorn Mustang builds stand out. "Hoonicorn" is derived from the Hoonigan name. The addition of "unicorn" indicates how unique and rare these cars are. Each Hoonicorn puts out immense power and is specially-suited for high-speed drifting.

Ken Block Hoonicorn V1 1965 Mustang

Ken Block’s first Hoonicorn was the V1. It was built on a heavily-modified 1965 Mustang platform. A custom ASD Motorsports-designed tubular chassis, roll cage, door bars, and underbody protection were added. The body of the original 1965 notchback was reinforced and seam-welded. This was necessary for the high amounts of power and aggressive driving the car was put through.

Ken Block's Hoonicorn V1 Mustang

The body was styled by Ken Block with RTR and Hoonigan. Vaughn Gittin Jr., a fellow Monster World Rally Team driver at the time, also assisted with the design. RTR supplied carbon fiber body panels, which are lightweight yet strong. The black and gray striped paint job featured decals from Monster, GoPro, Castrol, and others.

The car ran in Block’s Gymkhana Seven event in Los Angeles in 2014. At the time, Hoonigan claimed it was the only “all-wheel drive performance Mustang ever built.” For Block’s rally style of driving, it was a perfect match.

Bronco Sport Specs

Below are the specs for the Bronco Sport. Ford has not released the official MPG numbers, so we’ve included an estimate based on existing Ford models with similar engines. The specifications are subject to change with the actual production model.

Hoonicorn V1 Specs
SpecsHoonicorn V1
Engine Roush Yates Naturally-Aspirated 410 cubic-inch Ford V8
Transmission 6-speed Sadev SC90-24
Horsepower 845 hp
Torque 720 lb-ft
Drive Wheels AWD
Wheels Fifteen52 Forged 3pc Tarmac R43, 18” x 10.5”
Tires Pirelli Trofeo R tires, 295/30/18 w/ custom Ken Block compound

Ken Block Hoonicorn V2 1965 Mustang

In the quest for even more power, Block went back to the drawing board with Vaughn Gittin Jr. Their aim was to take the V1 Hoonicorn to the next level. Enter the V2 Hoonicorn with forced-induction. The team added two Garrett turbochargers which provided up to 21 lbs of boost. The result? About 1,400 horsepower. A custom Switzer Dynamics intake manifold was also added to distribute massive amounts of air.

Ken Block's Hoonicorn V2 Mustang

Larger tires were outfitted, but the wheels remained the same. Some red, white, and blue design was also added to the exterior. Ken Block used this vehicle on a perilous climb of Pike’s Peak in Colorado. The event, called Climbkhana, featured Block drifting through the hairpin mountain turns.

Hoonicorn V2 Specs
SpecsHoonicorn V2
Engine Roush Yates Turbocharged 410 cubic-inch Ford V8
Transmission 6-speed Sadev SC90-24
Horsepower 1,400 hp
Torque 1,250 lb-ft
Drive Wheels AWD
Wheels Fifteen52 Forged 3pc Tarmac R43, 18” x 10.5”
Tires Toyo Tires Proxes R888R, 295/35/18

Ken Block Hoonifox AWD Mustang

The Hoonifox gets its name from the Fox Body Mustang on which it’s based. This car is still in the concept stages but should make a big splash upon release. CGI mock-ups of this planned vehicle debuted in April 2020. Taking style elements from the Hoonicorn 1965 Mustang, it will be the widest Fox Body ever. It also adds some sweet 80s style, like window louvers and louvered taillights.

Ken Block Hoonifox Concept Mustang

There will be a rally-spec AWD system, but the engine remains unknown. It could be the 410 Yates motor from the Hoonicorn or maybe a twin-turbo V6 EcoBoost. Either way, it’s sure to inspire those looking to make their own Fox Body drift build.

Other Ken Block Vehicles

Ken Block has designed and modified over 20 vehicles. These include quite a few Ford hatchbacks such as the Focus RS, Fiesta ST, and Escort RS Cosworth. In the past, he’s also worked on Subarus.

On the truck side, Block has built both classic and modern projects. There’s the Hoonitruck, a 914 hp 1977 Ford F-150. He also made the RaptorTRAX, an F-150 Raptor with snowmobile tracks instead of wheels. He even customized a 1974 Bronco just for his wife. It uses a Coyote 5.0 engine.

What’s Next for Ken Block?

The next big launch for Ken Block will be the Hoonifox Mustang. Though the concept made headlines, there's no set release date.

Apart from that, another souped-up classic Mustang would be in Block’s wheelhouse. It’s possible we could see a Hoonicorn v3. If not, another Ford hatchback project (possibly based on the newest Focus ST) would also be fitting.

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Ken Block Mustangs

Starring in a number of Ken Block’s Gymkhana racing videos, the Hoonicorn Mustangs are well-known for their horsepower and drift capability. Learn about their specs and what’s next for the Hoonigan driver.