Ken Block Mustang Specs

Ken Block Mustang Specs

Last Updated February 5, 2020 | Drew Goodman

There is only one Ken Block.

A famed rally-car driver, drifter, and stuntman extraordinaire, the great Ken Block has dazzled auto enthusiasts across the globe, either in person or on various media platforms.

Block is a man of many talents and has competed in a host of extreme sports over the years, including motocross, skateboarding, and snowboarding, but cars have always been his true passion in life. Whether it be racing, drifting, or any extreme driving circumstances, Block has never shied away from stepping behind the wheel and throwing caution to the wind.

Ken Block

The Long Beach, California native competes professionally as a part of the Hoonigan Racing Division. Block and company annually partake in some of the top racing events around the world, including the FIA World Rallycross Championship, the Global Rallycross Championship, and the World Rally Championship events.

In addition to the motorsports circuit, the team at Hoonigan Racing also puts on an annual Gymkhana event, which allows Block to let loose and attempt eye-popping driving maneuvers in a more stress-free environment.

Because he has always strived to be the best and to give his fans something to talk about, Block has always had a series of Ford racers and unique project vehicles to play with. Some of his most notable builds include a 1978 Ford Escort Mk2 RS, a 2015 Ford Fiesta ST RX43, a 1991 Ford Escort RS Cosworth, and of course, a one-of-a-kind Ford Mustang, called the “Hoonicorn.” As you can imagine, there is no Mustang quite like a Ken Block Mustang!

Block’s Hoonicorn Mustang is a heavily-modified 1965 Fastback that certainly stands out from the pack, both visually and performance-wise. In addition to being an AWD Mustang, the Hoonicorn features a wide variety of modern and race-inspired amenities to a classic pony. Block debuted the initial special edition ‘Stang in 2014, before launching the Hoonicorn V2 several years later.

This article describes both Ken Block Mustang builds and what went into the making of the Hoonicorn V1 and V2 models.

Mustang Hoonicorn Version 1

Gymkhana SEVEN was truly one to remember.

In 2014, the team at Hoonigan Racing took to the streets of Los Angles for the latest Gymkhana show, and the masses could not wait to catch glimpse of the all-new Ken Block Mustang.

With unrivaled ingenuity and creativity, a crack team of engineers transformed an ordinary 1965 Ford Mustang into the ultimate, high-performance machine. Technically, it was still the body of a 1965 Mustang, but the addition of the Custom, ASD Motorsports-designed tubular chassis, the roll cage, the door bars, and underbody protection made the Hoonicorn look like something that was straight out of a science-fiction thriller.

Mustang Hoonicorn Version 1

As if the exterior modifications were not enough, the stack of throttle bodies protruding roughly a foot out of the hood certainly drew a few double takes. Speaking of the engine compartment, the real draw of the Hoonicorn Mustang took place under the hood.

If you were anywhere near the greater Los Angeles area on the day of Gymkhana SEVEN, you could have heard the roar of the Roush Yates 410 cubic inch engine. The instant torque delivery enabled the Mustang Hoonicorn V1 to put down a whopping 845 hp and 720 lb-ft of torque at 6500 rpm. The near- instant torque delivery combined with the innovative six-speed, all-wheel drive transmission allowed the Hoonicorn to burn rubber like there was no tomorrow!

Elsewhere on the build, the inaugural Ken Block Mustang featured custom front and rear suspension mounts, a hydraulic handbrake to assist in heavy cornering situations, and Recaro seats for the ultimate racing experience.

Even if you did not hear the engine growl at Gymkhana VII, you might have seen the smoke from the tires. The Hoonicorn sat pretty on a quartet of custom, gold 18” x 10.5” wheels with a set of 295/30/18 tires that absolutely tore up the streets of L.A.

When the dust (finally) settled after Gymkhana, the Mustang Hoonicorn V1’s legend grew and the custom build became a star attraction at automotive events. The AWD Mustang appeared at the Ford Booth at the 2014 SEMA show in Las Vegas, and several years later, Block took actor Matt LeBlanc for a spin inside the Hoonicorn on an episode of Top Gear.

Mustang Hoonicorn Version 2

In a normal world, 845 horsepower is more than enough, but for Ken Block, that number simply would not cut it.

Two years after the original Mustang Hoonicorn made its debut, Block sent the vehicle back to its designer, Vaughn Gittin, Jr., with the goal in mind of adding even more power.

They say that good things come in pairs, and Gittin granted Block’s request by way of a twin-turbo setup that pushed 21 lbs of boost into the 410 cubic-inch methanol-powered motor.

Mustang Hoonicorn Version 2

Block’s vision for the Hoonicorn reboot was to have twin turbos so imposing that the hood could not contain them, and Gittin took his request literally. The exposed, forced-injection setup increased the Hoonicorn”s horsepower capabilities from 845 to 1,400!

Not to be outdone, the second Ken Block Mustang increased its torque output from 720 to 1,250 lb-ft. In addition to the twin turbos, the all-new intake manifold is also exposed, which makes for one aggressive front-end. In regards to the exterior paint job, Gittin and his team kept the same grey-to-black fade as the original, minus a red, white, and blue addition to the hood area. The twin turbos contain drips of patriotic paint, which looks just awesome.

Aside from the gaudy horsepower and torque increases and the red, white, and blue hood, there is not much that differentiates the Mustang Hoonicorn V2 from its predecessor. The accent ratio of the tires increased from 30 to 35, but the second Ken Block Mustang features the same 18” x 10.5” wheels as the V1 edition.

The first Hoonicorn was certainly a tough act to follow, but unlike most sequels, Version 2.0 surpassed the original. The latest Mustang Hoonicorn dazzled auto aficionados at the Ford booth at the 2017 SEMA show and appeared on CJ’s list of Best Mustangs at SEMA for that year.

While most thrill-seekers begin to pump the brakes in their twilight years, Block only gets more extreme as the years go by. There is very little in which Block has not accomplished behind the wheel of a car, but if there is unchartered territory anywhere in the world, the Mustang Hoonicorn would be the perfect vehicle to help him tackle his wildest ambitions!

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Ken Block Mustang Specs

Ken Block's Hoonicorn is one of the most interesting, modified pony cars to ever hit the streets or the Ford booth at SEMA. Renowned racer and drifter Ken Block debuted the first Hoonicorn in 2014, and helped launch the second edition just two years later. CJ Pony Parts describes both Ken Block Mustang builds and what makes them so special.