Make-A-Wish Child, Caleb, Visits CJs!

Make-A-Wish Child, Caleb, Visits CJs!

Last Updated February 5, 2020

Caleb climbing out of Mustang

Within the last few weeks, many in the local Mustang community have had the opportunity to meet Caleb, who is a three-year-old Make-A-Wish child from our local area. Caleb’s been fighting heart problems since before he was born, but he’s developed a true passion for Mustangs. With that passion growing, we had to have him out to visit CJ’s, so we could give him a special Mustang experience for his upcoming 4th birthday. 

Caleb, along with his mother, Elizabeth, and brother, Carson, came out to CJ’s for the morning on June 16. The CJ’s team and some special guests from local Mustang clubs and organizations stopped by to give Caleb a welcome he’d never forget - more than 25 Mustangs, lined up as he arrived, and all for him to check out! 

Caleb running to the next Mustang

And, boy, did he check them out! Caleb and his brother, Carson, spent more than an hour exploring each of the Mustangs, many of them multiple times. Both boys jumped behind the wheel, beeped the horn, hit some buttons and enjoyed the beauty of all of the cars in attendance. Several drivers also took Caleb and his family out for a short spin, too, and, for more than an hour, this Make-A-Wish child never stopped smiling and dashing around the parking lot from car to car. His enthusiasm and energy made him hard to keep up with! 

After a while, with the heat building outdoors, it was time to bring Caleb inside to cool off and enjoy a few of the other surprises we had for him. His 4th birthday is Sunday, June 21, so we had to get him a Mustang-themed cake, a card signed by the entire CJ’s team, some CJ’s swag and his own toolset as a gift. However, with so many Mustangs around, he was more interested in enjoying the cars - the gifts can be played with later!

Caleb working in the video studio

Caleb’s next stop was CJ’s video studio. We took him over there to show him another new 2015 Mustang, and so he could assist with his own install! Caleb and Carson each helped Bill install a set of caliper covers on this V6 Mustang, with both kids handling nearly all of the work themselves, under Bill’s careful supervision. 

Before he went home, it was time for one more ride. Bill took the family out in his personal 2015 Mustang, then it was time to pack up all of the gifts and head for home. 

We want to thank Caleb and his family for stopping by today - his passion for the Ford Mustang was infectious, and fueled our fire to not only stay passionately involved in the Mustang community but to continue to support the betterment of our community, one Mustang enthusiast at a time. 

If you’re looking to get involved and support Caleb, check out the Eastern Shore Mustang Cruise and Car Show, or simply make a donation to Make-A-Wish in Caleb’s name.

Caleb Birthday Card

Caleb in Orange Mustang

Caleb in CJs Showroom

Make-A-Wish Child, Caleb, Visits CJs!

CJs and a couple special guests from local Mustang clubs set up a special car show for Caleb, a three-year-old Make-A-Wish child from the local Harrisburg, PA area. Caleb was able to check out over 25 Mustangs all lined up. He also spent some time in the video studio and got to go on a special ride with Bill.

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