Ford Mustang VIN Decoder

Ford Mustang VIN Decoder

Last Updated September 12, 2019

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Whether it’s out of curiosity or for finding some cold hard facts about your Mustang and it’s factory options, your Vehicle Identification Number or VIN can tell you a lot about your pony car. Found in various areas around your Mustang, the one area you can always find it is on the bottom of the windshield on the dashboard on the driver side. You can also find it on the door tag on the driver side door sill. Once you have your Mustang’s VIN on hand, you’re ready to use our handy decoder to understand what came on your Mustang from the factory.

Using the correct VIN number is important when it comes to buying parts for your Mustang. An example being if you have a 1980s Mustang, there are many different trim levels that offer different interior colors and packages. If you’re not familiar with what kind of package or trim level your Mustang came with from the factory, then there is a possibility you could pick up the wrong part for your Mustang. That’s why many automotive part suppliers start by asking for your VIN number so they can ensure the part you’re buying for your Mustang is correct.

A VIN decoder can be helpful in restoring a car back to its original condition. Not as much a need for newer cars, but for example, if you pick up a ‘82 Mustang with missing interior bits and other important parts of the car, you’ll be able to find out what’s needed to replace it. For example, if it’s not obvious already, you may need some help identifying if your 1982 Fox Coupe is a L, GL, or GLX. Using the VIN number and this decoder from CJ’s is the perfect way to figure out what your car actually is, so you can find the right Mustang parts to get it back on the road. If you have a first generation Mustang and are looking to decode its data plate, you'll want to check out our Mustang data plate decoder.

Mustang VIN Decoder

For 1981 to 2019 Years Only

Invalid VIN
  • World Manufacturer:
  • Model Year:
  • Make: Ford
  • Body Model: Mustang
  • Restraint System:
  • Engine:
  • Assembly Plant:
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Ford Mustang VIN Decoder

Almost everyone has at least written down or seen the VIN number to their Mustang at least once. Whether it was on the Bill of Sale or on the paperwork when you signed the title and adjoining paperwork from the dealership. However, each VIN number means something when you boil it down to each particular character. Since 1979, the Federal Government mandated how VINs should be regulated and modeled off a particular template. You’ll be able to find your 1981-2019 Mustang’s VIN info right here in CJ’s Resource Center.

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