What Is the Predator Mustang?

What Is the Predator Mustang?

Last Updated August 8, 2023 | Andrew Boyle

For four years, between 1983 and 1986, the Predator Mustang was manufactured and sold through select dealerships across the country. The brainchild of Tom Solomon, a legendary designer involved in the creation of the original Shelby and Cobra Mustangs, the Predator Mustang is one of the rarest and most sought-after pony cars from the Mustang's Fox Body era.

Predator Mustang


Production of the 1983 Predator Mustang was limited to just eight units, although Ford's reaction to Solomon's mods was strong enough to ensure its sale at selected dealerships. Of the eight cars produced, all were white hatchbacks and featured special Shelby striping. Under the hood, the Predators sported a Cobra air cleaner, roll cage and Monte Carlo bar, upgraded SVO suspension, a hood scoop, eight-spoke spinner wheels, wooden shifter knob, and other enhancements.


The following year, the order for Solomon's Predator Mustang was upped significantly, with somewhere between 125 and 130 being produced. For 1984, the Predator got a functional hood scoop and slightly different badging. Also introduced this year was the Predator Cobra, which combined the best features of the Predator and the Cobra, and the extremely rare Predator R. The R, which stood for "Race Model," added a modded engine, fiberglass hood, and an upgraded axle with either a 3:73 or 4:1 ratio.


1985 saw between 135 and 140 Predator Mustangs produced and sold at dealerships across the country. The R model was offered again, adding underdrive pulleys, Le Mans striping, and a 140 MPH speedometer to the package. The standard Predator was more or less unchanged, except for a new four-spoke Enki wheel. For the first time, the car could be upgraded with a number of dealer-installed options, including harness seat belts and a three-spoke wheel.


The standard Predator continued to be offered in 1986, although that year saw the end of the R type, as the production of the car was cut to just between 18 and 23 units.

How to ID a Predator Mustang

To ID a Predator Mustang, look for the distinctive Solomon America nameplate, which can be found on the front driver's side inner fender.

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