What Is the She Country Special Mustang?

What Is the She Country Special Mustang?

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The She Country Special is undoubtedly one of the more unusually named special-edition Mustangs produced by Ford. The She Country Special was a 1967 Mustang created by Ford and Ann Goodro of William Goodro Inc., a Ford dealership located in Denver, CO. The name was inspired by the Ski Country Special, a special-edition Mustang previously sold by that dealership that paid homage to the abundance of excellent skiing in the area. Goodro believed a Mustang specifically designed for the professional women of the era would be a big hit with female car buyers, and Ford agreed. Ford nicknamed Goodro “Uncanny Annie” for her highly effective sales technique that Ford headquarters was eager to share in its newsletters to Ford dealers.

She Country Mustang

A Host of Female-Oriented Features

The She Country Special had a decidedly feminine design flair, beginning with the vehicle’s color. Goodro ordered 48 She Country Specials for her dealership, including 12 each in the pastel colors of Limelite Green, Bermuda Sand, Evening Orchard, and Autumn Smoke. Each vehicle came with an orchid corsage and a personalized nameplate mounted on the dashboard that included the engraved name of the purchaser. Goodro took the female theme a step further by installing the first women’s waiting lounge in her dealership that she decorated with colored lights and stuffed animals.

The She Country Special Became a Hit in the Denver Area

The She Country Special was a rousing success, as it helped Goodro increase the dealership’s sales by 12 percent. The success led Goodro to work with Ford to develop a special-edition Mustang for men in 1968, a Stealth Black model she appropriately dubbed the He Country Special.

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What Is the She Country Special Mustang?

The She Country Special Mustang was a 1967 Mustang created by Ford and Ann Goodro of William Goodro Inc. This limited edition was designed specifically for professional women of the era. This Mustang has a decidedly feminine design flair featuring a pastel color exterior and personalized nameplate on the interior.

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