What Is the Mustang Sidewinder Special?

What Is the Mustang Sidewinder Special?

Last Updated August 8, 2023 | Andrew Boyle

The 1970 Mustang Sidewinder Special was one of many territory specials created during the first generation of Mustang. While most of the territory specials debuted in the late '60s and were aesthetic packages, the 1970 Sidewinder has the shape of a Boss mustang, and from a distance might be mistaken for one.

Though you may have expected the Sidewinder Special to be an Arizona or Nevada special, those being the states where you can find a sidewinder rattlesnake, it was actually a Nebraska/Iowa special.

Ford offers very little in the way of information regarding the brief and relatively undistinguished history of the Sidewinder Special. According to AmCarGuide.com, Ford produced only 40 of these vehicles, and only seven remain in existence today. The vehicle was noted for its distinctive stripe kit that included a snake-on-wheels decal on the rear panel.

Sidewinder Mustang

The Result of a Special Ford Promotion

The available information indicates the Mustang Sidewinder Special was actually intended to be a promotional vehicle. According to Ponysite.de, dealers could order the Sidewinder using a special manufacturer’s code. Standard Sidewinder features included a 351 4V engine, sportsroof, comp suspension and the Ford automatic transmission known as Cruise-o-Matic. Ford built the vehicles in Dearborn and shipped them to the dealers with the stripe kit packed in the trunk, to be mounted by the dealer’s body men.

With only seven remaining, the Sidewinder Special is without a doubt one of the rarest Mustangs.

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