What Is the DUB Mustang?

What Is the DUB Mustang?

Last Updated August 8, 2023 | Andrew Boyle

A unique collaboration between Ford, Roush, and DUB magazine, the 2011 DUB Mustang takes that year’s base V6 and adds a number of upgrades to make it a leaner, quicker and overall more aggressive machine. Although it’s rare to see a performance kit based around a stock V6 that offers no tweaks under the hood, the DUB Mustang takes full advantage of the already powerful 3.7L V6, which puts out a more-than-respectable 305 horsepower and 280 foot-pounds of torque on its own.

DUB Mustang

The DUB Mustang is offered as a convertible or a coupe, which is available with Ford’s new glass roof option. A six-speed manual gearbox comes standard, although drivers have the option of swapping it out for an automatic if they desire.

Here’s a look at what the DUB Mustang brings to the table:

  • Roush body kit: At the heart of the DUB Mustang is a set of ground effects by famed customizer Roush. An aggressive new front fascia with fog lamps and a splitter, a black billet upper grill, and a windshield banner are included. The convertible Mustang gets a black billet lower grille while the coupe gets a set of quarter window louvers.
  • Upgraded suspension: To improve the already-impressive ride quality of the base Mustang, the DUB edition adds a set of Roush lowering springs, a refined 3:31 rear axle and an EPAS steering rack.
  • Wheels: The DUB Mustang includes a set of four 20” TIS rims with a black and machined finish and Pirelli performance tires.
  • Color and striping: The DUB Mustang is available in Black, Grabber Blue, Race Red and Ingot Silver. To further distinguish the ride from other V6s, the DUB Mustang gets a custom stripe package and decaling.
  • Interior: The car’s all-black interior features the DUB logo embroidered on the front headrest.
  • Hood scoop: Last but not least, a Ford Racing hood scoop adds an extra element of visual flair to the car’s exterior.


The DUB Edition Mustang was available for the 2011 model year as a special order from dealerships across the country. Pricing started at an additional $3,599 above list. For anyone interested in purchasing one today, used DUB Mustangs can usually be found with a quick Internet search.

Image Credit: MotorTrend

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