What Is the Sprint Edition Mustang?

What Is the Sprint Edition Mustang?

Last Updated June 13, 2023 | Andrew Boyle

In 1966, Ford Mustangs were rolling out of dealerships in record numbers — except for the six-cylinder models. With gasoline prices averaging a measly 32 cents per gallon, vehicle owners had few concerns about high fuel prices, which helped to make the powerful 289 CID V8 Mustang the ultimate driving machine for those who wanted maximum muscle for their money. In an effort to stimulate lagging six-cylinder sales, Ford decided to capitalize on the remarkable popularity of the V8 Mustangs by producing a special-edition model known as the Sprint Edition Mustang.

Sprint Mustang

The Birth of the “Springtime Sprint” Edition Mustang

The result of Ford’s efforts was the Sprint 200, also known as the “Springtime Sprint” Edition, a vehicle that was targeted toward women. This six-cylinder Mustang was available in coupe, convertible, and fastback body styles and with a choice of two Sprint packages offering the option to select a manual or automatic transmission. Both packages included a center console with courtesy lights, a side stripe that matched the color of the interior, and wire-style wheel colors. Additionally, the Sprint 200 was equipped with a chrome air cleaner denoted by a special Sprint 200 decal.

Another package that was included with the Sprint Edition Mustang — and most 1966 Mustang models — was the Safety Equipment Group consisting of safety features such as emergency flashers, backup lights, and seatbelts for four occupants.

The Sprint Edition Mustang Was an Affordable 6-Cylinder Alternative

Remarkably, all of these extras didn’t serve to jack up the price of the Sprint Edition Mustang. The manual transmission model was available for less than $40 over the price of the standard Inline-6 Mustang, while the automatic transmission version only set car buyers back an additional $163.

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