Square Body Chevy Interior Upgrades

Square Body Chevy Interior Upgrades

Last Updated August 7, 2023 | Alison Smith

If you drive a Square Body truck, you’re driving a piece of Chevrolet history. Produced from 1973-1987, the C10 Square Body trucks had a boxy design with contrasting rounded lines throughout. But just because your truck is from the 70s or 80s, that doesn’t mean you have to keep the outdated interior.

When it comes to sprucing up your inner cabin, you can choose to restore your C10’s interior or opt for modern aftermarket upgrades. Unless you want to keep everything stock, upgrading your Square Body’s interior will give your truck a new modern feel and added comfort.

If you aren’t sure where to begin your Square Body Chevy interior upgrades, here are some ideas.

Square Body Gauge Clusters

New gauge clusters can give your C10 an updated look plus the convenience of modern technology. Many products fit directly in the factory bezel and don’t require any modification. You can even go full digital if you don’t like reading the traditional analog gauges. Choose from black or white gauge faces depending on your style preferences.

Square Body Chevy analogue gauge clusters with blue letters on a black gauge face

Square Body Seats

When it comes to upgrading your Square Body seats, you can go in two directions: bench seats or bucket seats.

Square Body Bench Seats

Bench seats are the perfect combination of modern and classic. Many classic trucks and cars originally came with bench seats. Although bench seats have mainly become a thing of the past, there are modern bench seats available for your Square Body. They come in several different styles and are designed to be more comfortable than the original factory seating. Extra padding and molded seat foam provide more cushion.

Square Body Bucket Seats

Bucket seats didn’t start appearing in automobiles until after World War II. Eventually replacing bench seats, bucket seats have a sportier, more modern look. Bucket seats are made for one person and are contoured for extra comfort. Some bucket seats come with a center console for additional storage and cup holders. They’re also better for performance driving as you won’t be sliding around in your seat as much.

Looking through window of white C10 to see modern Square Body Chevy interior upgrades

Square Body Door Panels

If you’re working on upgrading your Square Body interior, don’t forget the interior door panels. Designed to replace the factory originals, aftermarket door panels are easy to install and will add a modern touch to your truck’s interior.

TMI makes door panels that match their seats and dash pads for a cohesive look. They even maintain the integrated armrests found in the stock panels. TMI’s door panels are available in premium padded black vinyl with several choices of stitching colors.

Black Square Body Chevy door panel with chrome handle

Square Body Dash Pads

If your dash area needs extra attention, a new dash pad can make a big difference. Dash pads will give your entire dash area a fresh, new style. These are direct-fit components so you can easily swap out your factory dash pads. Try coordinating your dash pad’s color with your new gauge cluster. You can also choose stitching and grommets that will match your seats and door panels.

Square Body Steering Wheels

Steering wheels add the perfect finishing touch to your revamped Square Body interior. There are several different styles available, from three-spoke to six-spoke steering wheels. Stick with a wood-grain design for a more vintage look or go modern with black leather or foam.

A new steering wheel will not only complete your inner cabin's look, but it offers ergonomic benefits as well. Since you have to use the steering wheel each time you drive, you'll want something that is comfortable and feels good in your hands.

Enjoy Your Upgraded Square Body Interior

After you’re done with all your Square Body modern interior upgrades, you’ll have a custom cabin that’s both stylish and comfortable. Pair your new interior upgrades with cheap Chevy C10 mods and those long Sunday drives will be far more enjoyable. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay updated on all the latest deals and product offerings for your Square Body Chevy.

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